Kent first criminal behaviour order issued against Ramsgate woman for persistent rubbish dumping

Thanet Magistrates' Court Picture Google Maps

Thanet District Council has secured Kent’s first Local Authority Criminal Behaviour Order in Court. It is believed to be one of just a handful of these orders issued in the whole country since new legislation commenced in 2015.

The order was served to Jayne Royle of Grange Road, Ramsgate, on August , who was responsible for a staggering 69%  of all complaints made to the council for dumped rubbish in Central Harbour ward in Ramsgate.

She also repeatedly dropped waste in resident’s gardens, parks and open spaces, and causing considerable distress to her neighbours.

The order was a result of extensive work and collaboration between Thanet District Council’s Street Scene Enforcement, community safety and legal teams, who had  issued various other warnings and fixed penalty notices to try and put a stop to her behaviour. Evidence of this process meant Thanet Magistrates’ Court was able to issue a Criminal Behaviour Order to prevent the anti-social behaviour happening again.

Cllr Lin Fairbrass, Cabinet Member for Community Services at Thanet District Council, said: “The scale of the behaviour displayed by this individual, over such a significant period of time, is simply unacceptable and shows a complete disrespect for other residents living nearby. The dedication of the teams at the council who were involved in this case – in particular, their persistence to resolve the problem – has certainly paid off!

“I hope that those affected by this behaviour are reassured that this significant result is due to our team’s commitment to take strong and appropriate action when it is needed.”

Any further dumping of rubbish will result in Royle’s immediate arrest.


  1. Strange they can do this yet let the traveller’s who leave rubbish crap and vehicles on dane Valley and nothing gets done about it

    • It’s a good publicity story about one success but if you look across the isle, you’ll see mountains of litter that they are not looking at and they would not want the publicity for. People having to walk outside their houses to be faced with litter and dirty streets everyday. If that was photographed and put in the papers it would attract national news. But yes let those in power keep patting themselves on the back for catching one women who may have mental health problems especially if she is doing this everywhere and isn’t seeming to mind if people see her. It makes me wonder why it was so easy to catch her.

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