Crowdfunder launched after thief steals custom bike from disabled Sanger’s Stage Show member in Margate

A bike was stolen from Sanger's Stage Show

A crowdfunder appeal has been launched to replace a bike stolen from the Sanger Stage Show troupe after they arrived in Margate this week.

Members of the last horse-drawn stage show in England completed their 200-mile pilgrimage to Margate from Stonehenge on August 1.

After hitting problems with getting into Tivoli Park, where they were supposed to be setting up camp, the show members moved to Dane Park thanks to help from Dane Valley ward councillors.

Margate Carnival members and Thanet council are currently organising a site for the rest of the show members’ stay.

The show is led by David Sanger, descendant of Victorian star Lord George Sanger, the founder of Dreamland predecessor, the Hall By The Sea.

David, who was one of the family members who officially reopened the Dreamland site in 2015, partner Amanda Chapman and baby Lord Sanger are joined by a procession of travelling actors, musicians and performers.

They are due to lead the Margate carnival on Sunday and then set up the show for performances at an after-party in Dreamland.

Photo Dane Valley Councillors

Despite a warm welcome from most residents the troupe were targeted by a thief who made off with a £1,000 custom bike belonging to a disabled member of the procession.

In a bid to raise the cash to replace the bike Councillor Gary Hillman has launched the fundraiser.

So far £196 of the £1,000 target has been raised.

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