Filming of a romantic comedy has taken place in Broadstairs

Photo Carole Adams

Filming of a short, romantic comedy has been taking place in Broadstairs today (July 11).

Producer Michael Wearing and actress and director Elena Dapelo are shooting scenes for Clara’s First Reader. Ms Dapelo also stars in the movie.

Filming took place in Victoria Gardens and is due to resume tomorrow.

Thanet residents will also feature in the film after a call for extras was made last week.

Extras Meg, Alison, John, Chloe, and Lucy

One of those taking part is dad-of-two John Horton, from Margate, who said the process had “been fun.”

Thanet photographer Carole Adams also caught the action on camera.

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The film is Ms Dapelo’s (pictured in the gallery in red cardigan) third romantic comedy as a writer/director/performer, after award winning shorts Taking Chances and Something For You.

It tells the story of an unexpected encounter between two people- a writer and a thief- that are more similar than it seems on first appearances. This chance meeting offers them an unexpected opportunity for artistic collaboration and possibly romance.