Double birthday celebration for Westgate lass Chelsea – and her ‘birth’ balloon!

Chelsea and her balloon are both 25!

Today is a double birthday celebration for Westgate lass Chelsea Monks and, erm, her balloon!

The social media worker is 25 today and amazingly so is the balloon given to her mum by her Aunt Laura on the day she was born.

Chelsea tweeted out a photo of her and the balloon taken last week before she jetted off to Lanzarote for a birthday holiday.

Former Dance Court pupil Chelsea said: “It is the balloon my aunt brought my mum in hospital when I was born and they found out that I was a girl.

“ Mum kept it as a keepsake thinking it would deflate but it never did!

“ I took the photo so that I could show it to my family on my birthday like ‘hey guys look at how me and my birth balloon have grown!’ Then I tweeted it too because I thought it was funny how the balloon has aged better than I have – it has way less wrinkles than me!”

Chelsea promises the balloon is safe at home and she didn’t attempt to pack it for a joint birthday bash in Lanzarote!

She said she would be celebrating with a pal while the balloon is safe at her mum’s. She added: “I’m spending the day eating pizza and sunbathing before getting dressed up and going dancing this evening.”

Happy birthday Chelsea!