Quex Estate tells visitors to ‘get lost!’

Can you complete the Maize Maze challenge?

The Quex Park maize maze challenge is back.

Bringing the maze craze to the historical country estate, staff will unravel the mystery when they open this year’s Maize Maze on July 22.

The maze is an intricate network of twists and turns carved into over five acres of Maize.

The Quex Maize Maze and Field of Fun team hopes to challenge the wits of those seeking to find the one exit from the mind-boggling puzzle.

Though the correct pathway can be walked in under 15 minutes, most wandering maze-goers will require about an hour to travel through more than two miles of twists, turns and decision points. As a tribute to the location, the first maze is designed as the continent of Africa and the second as a tractor.

In addition to the two huge interactive mazes, this year Quex has a range of other activities to enjoy, including barnyard games, a woodland adventure trail, coin operated mini tractors, tractor rides and the only Jumbo Jumper Air Pillow in Thanet.

When and how much

Quex Maize Maze will give visitors the chance to ‘get lost’ from July 22 until mid-September, from 10am- 5pm.

Admission is £5 per person, a group ticket for 4 people is £16.50 and a season pass is £32 – so you can return again and again!

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit www.quexactivitycentre.com , 01843 848824, [email protected]