Newington pupils record their best ever Red Nose Day total

Red Nose Day at Newington primary

Newington Community Primary School pupils in Ramsgate swapped their smart blue uniforms for a sea of Comic Relief red.

Pupils and staff recorded their best ever Red Nose Day, raising around £500 for the charity.

Red hair in a variety of madcap styles, shiny noses and red and white clothing including official Comic Relief tee shirts were everywhere.

And students shared jokes with each other as part of the daft day. Head teacher Cliff Stokes said: “The best – or worst – joke I was told was “Why did Cinderella get kicked of the football team? Because she couldn’t get to the ball!”

Mr Stokes added: “As a non-uniform day it was great fun, but our children were very aware of the underlying reason that Comic Relief exists on a global basis.

“We always support good causes with all our enthusiasm and we are proud of our Newington Charity Champs.”