Appeal after couple have bikes stolen from the back of Turner Contemporary

Turner Contemporary

An appeal is being made by two visitors to Thanet who had their bikes swiped from behind Turner Contemporary.

Judy and Keith Trotter, from Essex, were visiting friends in Broadstairs and decided to spend a day in Margate yesterday (March 23).

The couple, who are both cycling fans, rode over to Turner Contemporary and locked their bikes up in the rack behind the gallery.

Judy said: “We went over at about 12.30pm and had a look around the gallery.

“We came out, the bikes were still there, and went over the road for lunch for about an hour. When we came back the bikes had gone.

Someone had cut through the locks, which were lying on the floor.”

Both are Scot bikes, Judy’s cost £1,500 two years ago and Keith’s was around £900 when he bought it five years ago.

Judy’s bike is green and black and Keith’s is  blue, black and white.

Judy said: “We reported it to police at the Turner centre. We had come down for a few days cycling, we have done it often before, so are surprised and saddened.”

If you have information on where the bikes are email [email protected] or call Kent Police on 101.