Thanet Earth is building a new greenhouse – and taking on more staff

Thanet Earth is building its sixth  greenhouse – shortly after completing the fifth structure at its site in Barrow Man Road in Birchington.

Just weeks after the latest greenhouse at Thanet Earth began production of its tomato crop for 2017, the company confirmed construction of another greenhouse.

The greenhouse plot is expected to be operational in less than 26 weeks, with the first concrete posts installed this week. It will be planted with a mix of speciality tomato varieties,  selected to suit the requirements of the UK retailers,  adding a significant amount of volume to the site’s production each year.

Fitted with the very latest in horticultural equipment and technology, the sixth greenhouse at Thanet Earth will also be thermally-linked to the other greenhouses on site.

This is a new development designed to make the site more energy-efficient. It provides a way to move the heat generated by the Combined Heat & Power units between the greenhouses, increasing flexibility.

Tomato harvests

The greenhouse will also feature sodium grow lights throughout to ensure that the classic Thanet Earth proposition of 52-week UK tomato harvest continues into the new production space.

As with the existing greenhouses, the new production facility will make use of rainwater capture and biological pest control to maintain the site’s environmental credentials.

It will also increase the number of people working at the Thanet Earth site from 500 to around 830, further reinforcing Thanet Earth as an important employer and contributor to the area.


Thanet Earth’s Managing Director, Des Kingsley said: “Adding more capacity for British-grown speciality tomato production will make Thanet Earth an even stronger partner for our retail customers. Their consumers are huge supporters of UK-grown products and the demand for British produce is expected to increase.

“The Thanet Earth name is well-known and respected in this regard.

This additional 52-week production of British tomatoes will be a very welcome boost to retail shelves.”

The first production from the new greenhouse is expected in October.