Hartsdown staff and students sleep out to raise funds for homelessness charity Porchlight

Sponsored sleep out for Porchlight

Seven Year 12 students and five staff members from Hartsdown Academy successfully took part in a 12 hour sponsored sleepout, raising over £500 for homelessness charity Porchlight.

The event took place on the school premises, where students braved the elements to experience a fraction of what many homeless individuals face. Equipped with sleeping bags, cardboard mats and a determination to make a difference, the group spent the night outdoors, highlighting some of the harsh realities of homelessness.

Head of Sixth Form, Stacie Pollard said: “As part of their IBCP Service Learning, students wanted to raise awareness and contribute to Porchlight’s cause. They have shown amazing empathy and resilience, we are very proud of them.”

The funds raised will support Porchlight’s mission to provide essential services, including housing, mental health support, and employment advice, to homeless and vulnerable people across Kent.

Porchlight supports many in the county, and the contributions from Hartsdown Academy will help continue the vital work.

The sleepout not only raised funds but also fostered a sense of community among the students.

Year 12 student, Mason Smith said: “The experience reaffirmed my thoughts around homelessness and the struggles people face on a daily basis. The sleepout was a smaller scale experience for us, in comparison.”

The Year 12 team thanks everyone who supported the sleepout through donations and encouragement.

Find the fundraising page at: https://www.justgiving.com/page/sleeping-out-for-porchlight


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