TY-8 restaurant in Cliftonville shut ‘until further notice’ after car crash through front of building

Emergency services at the scene Photo Roy Foord

TY-8 Thai restaurant in Cliftonville is closed until further notice after a car smashed through the front of the building.

The crash took out the front of the Northdown Road restaurant at around midnight. It is understood a vehicle hit a taxi which then went into the property.

Photo Shaun Luca

It is reported that a driver left the scene. This is yet to be confirmed by Kent Police. The taxi driver was attended to by paramedics.

Emergency services were at the scene into the early hours of today (June 9). Gas company workers have also been called in to deal with a leak following the incident.

Restaurant boss Ceci said she is still in shock but also feels ‘lucky’ as if the crash had happened 10 minutes earlier her husband may well have been hit while he was clearing the rubbish.

She said: “It was shocking. We live above, it is a family run business. At the time my husband was still in the kitchen tidying up but 10 minutes earlier he had been putting the rubbish in the front so he would have been hit.”

Ceci says police helped find someone to board up the front of the business but the family will have to wait until tomorrow to get in contact with the insurance company and get builders in.

A Kent Fire & Rescue Service spokesperson said: “Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called at 00.15am to reports of a vehicle crashing into a business on Northdown Road.

“Crews were there to assist Kent Police and SECAmb.”

Kent Police and South East Coast Ambulance Service have been contacted for further details.

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  1. Talking of restaurants what a disappointment the THANET Toby carvery is the beef was more fat than meat the roasted potatoes with roasted so well it was difficult to cut into them and the food was cold. Be a long time before we go back there. Shame about TY 8 one of the best restaurants in Thanet. Local family owned places are far better than the national chains who could not careless.

    • There are some really good restaurants in Thanet, but I’m loath to mention them on here as I don’t want any riffraff turning up whilst I’m feasting.

  2. Hope the family and their business recover from this and seriously hope the scum who caused the accident and then fled the scene gets caught and sent to jail where they belong.
    People who flee after an accident are the lowest of the low. The taxi driver could have potentially been seriously injured along with anyone in the shop. There are plenty of cameras in that area, let’s just hope the ahole gets caught and imprisoned.

  3. hope the family ate OK and has gotten it sorted hope they caught the scumbag probably fled cause they was drink driving they need to be caught n locked up for a very long time and should be made to pay the damage they’ve caused and more

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