Great Big Green Week In Thanet

Dane Valley Woods walk for Great Big Green Week

Great Big Green Week is the UK’s biggest ever celebration of community action to tackle climate change and protect nature. Every year, people come together to unleash a wave of support for action to protect the planet. Great Big Green Week has been running in the UK since 2021 and is co-ordinated by the Climate Coalition.

The week has all kinds of events taking place linked to enjoying and protecting nature. Local Green Weeks – Great Big Green Week community hubs – celebrate local activity, raise the profile of climate change and show why it is relevant to the community and local decision makers.

Thanet has been taking part in the Week since it started, with different organisations across the Isle running events, all shared on Facebook’s Big Green Week in Thanet  page

In 2024, Great Big Green Week is taking place from now until June 16 and there’s a huge variety of activities on offer in Thanet, from walks to talks, bike rides to seashore safaris, yard sales to flea markets and a Repair Cafe to a beach party.

One of the local co-ordinators is Tricia Austin from Thanet Green Party who said: ‘At a time when everything seems to be about the General Election, please be assured that this week isn’t political at all! It’s about having fun, doing something you enjoy and learning a bit more about nature or how to live more sustainably.

“We’re delighted with the range of activities on offer for this year’s Big Green Week, with over 20 different events happening  in Ramsgate, Margate, Cliftonville, Broadstairs and Birchington, all run by different local organisations. If you know of other events during the week, please add them to the Facebook page – and please do come along and have a go!”


  1. Make the most of the greenery, until multiple times failed airfield fails again and by the time it does, the rest of the farm land will be built on.

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