Photos: Crowds turn out for Ramsgate’s first Pride Parade and family festival

Ramsgate Pride Photo Denise Bottali

People enjoyed the first Pride in Ramsgate event yesterday (June 1) organised by Sugar Rush from their new premises in the old WHSmith in the High Street.

The celebration for pride day, with the Progress Pride flag raised on the seafront for Pride Month, embraced diversity, protest and joy, starting with a children’s storyteller in Ramsgate library, then a colourful walking parade, where people lined the route and local businesses showed their support by decorating windows and coming out to cheer.

Photo Sue Fewings

There was participation from businesses large and small, local people, the mayor of Margate, councillors, Pride representatives from other towns, and lgbtq+ people from all over Kent and even further afield.

There was a picnic with free food supplied and prepared by SE Kitchen, a free family festival where children and adults learned circus skills, dancing, free face painting and glitter hair, and a fantastic and Drag Queen Story Time with TV’s Poppy Love.

Photo Sue Fewings

There were community stages with live music in Macies bar, a stand up comedy stage in the Wooden Box Cafe and powerful poetry and art in the Wooden Box Gallery. The day ended with a riotous after party featuring drag acts, a top DJ, vocalists and more stand up comedy. Team Sugar Rush organised the entire event in three weeks and say they were thrilled with how it all went.

Photo Denise Bottali

Heidi Moran, Director of Sugar Rush and SDA CIC, said: “We could not have pulled this off without the support of the people of Ramsgate and the wider area, from tiny tots to our older population. We were definitely feeling the love, and it’s been such an affirming and emotional day for our lgbtq+ community. We have laughed and cried and had so much fun! “Now we are going to carry on renovating our building and building Thanet’s first community theatre!”

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Genevieve Pepper, co director added: “It was a wonderful, magical day and we are absolutely buzzing. However, there is so much still to do in order to make lgbtq+ people safer, equally treated and celebrated! Pride is so important and the people of Ramsgate showed us in their hundreds. Watch this space – there is so much more coming!”


  1. “Drag Queen Story Time”?
    Why are drag queens SO preoccupied with telling stories to infants?
    I know a few Bears who are REALLY uncomfortable with LGBT being hijacked by precisely the sort of people who made the decriminalising of homosexuality such a difficult fight. To convince the Establishment and Media that it was something for consenting adults and not anything else.

  2. Where do these people come from and how dare they claim the people of Ramsgate support them? I see nothing to be proud of and I do not regard “pride” being a suitable cause for families. Even less for children.

    • Hello Robert. It’s people like you that prevent people from living their best lives. I stayed in a marriage to a man for twenty years because society taught me that that was ‘normal’…. But much as though you’d hate it, I’m going to marry my wife this year, and I don’t give a toss what you’d think. I own a business in Ramsgate, and you are most welcome to avoid it – Pride flag stays up all year around as notice to all that they are accepted within.

      • Ramsgate is not a planet. Besides, I reserve the right to oppose Pride displays. I find them silly, ridiculous and grotesque. You may think differently and that is your prerogative.

  3. I’m simply fed up withhaving rammed down our throats all the time. – not literally, of course.
    Just give it a rest!

  4. Oh no it’s not!
    If you can’t tell the difference between one or two dames amongst the entire cast of a pantomime following a traditional script and story, on a stage distanced from the audience and a person born a man in women’s clothing in close proximity to a group of children telling a postmodern tale about gender; then I hope for any children’s sake that you are never a parent.

  5. Absolutely lovely day, we came over from Deal Pride to stand shoulder to shoulder with Ramsgate Pride. This was done wonderfully and it’s so exciting to see the amazing space Sugar Rush are making for the community of Ramsgate!

  6. Jeez some scared and insular people in Ramsgate. Chill it’s a pride event. It’s a big colourful world. Enjoy it, or simply ignore it.

    • Bingo,

      Very difficult to ignore something that is being rammed down our throats every time we turn on the TV, read a newspaper or walk down Thanet’s thoroughfares.and being told we should ‘embrace diversity’.

  7. I have visited many Trans/Gay bars though out the UK and a few overseas they are a fantastic bunch of people living their lives and enjoying it.
    I think 95% of those who find that this type of way of life disgusts them are people that are actually Gay or Trans themselves and just can’t accept others doing what they really want to but can’t so live inside a closet and hide away living a massive lie, such a shame really and should be pitied.

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