Child injured after being hit by bike thrown from overpass

Image Kent Police

Kent Police is appealing for dashcam and CCTV footage after a child was injured by a bicycle thrown from above in Margate.

The 10-year-old girl was walking along Newgate Gap with her father when the incident happened at around 7.35pm on Saturday 1 June.

She suffered injuries to her head, face, arm and back when the child-size bicycle, which was green and black, was reportedly thrown by an unknown person from Ethelbert Crescent above.

The victim has since been discharged from hospital.

Officers would now like to hear from any witnesses including anyone who may have recorded somebody pushing or riding the bicycle in the Ethelbert Crescent area beforehand.

Please call the appeal line on 01843 222289 quoting reference 46/90127/24. Alternatively contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or complete the online form at


  1. How terrible some brainless idiot could have killed the child I hope she recovers soon from her injuries. A similar thing happened some years ago when someone threw a traffic cone off the cliff seriously injuring a child.

  2. This is how low society has fallen in the last two decades, closure of government funded club’s and lack of investment into children’s services has not helped, however parents and schools need to take a lot of responsibility in the growth and development of these kids. A nation is measured not by its highest standards but it’s lowest and the UKs lowest standards with things like this happening, knife crime, cross counties drug gangs, immigration and lack of investment for the sections of society and the departments which require it is evident. Shame on this nation for creating these morons. An analogy would be a dog is only as good as the way itvis trained and treated, same applies to the youth.

    • This is nothing new. Can well remember kids & local yobbos dropping large rocks off of Tivoli Bridge in the 1980’s, as people were walking underneath.

  3. I grew up very poor (bread and dripping sandwiches or sugar on toast were my usual choices of lunch during school holidays), but I can assure you I was never tempted to do this! The only person who needs to take responsibility is the moron who did this.

  4. Absolutely correct, but societies values have declined, you can see it in the behaviour of people when they are at pubs, or driving or in school, it’s obvious and has been for a long time now. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix, more money for investment in jails, policing, schools and other societies are needed with a coherent joined up approach of zero tolerance to tackle such incidents and begin to reverse the mentality of these louts the tory policyof national service is the first good idea to come from that party in over a decade, however so not to upset young voters they have caveat the policy by saying it’s not compulsory but a voluntary arrangement however if you do not choose national service you must volunteer one day a month to a charity, so what is the punishment for not doing either, specially if your out of work? The policy makers are as big a group of morons as the louts, louts with ties and rolled up shirt sleeves, another ill conceived poorly thought out no depth headline grab for votes in the hope the electorate doesn’t think about it too hard to see the floors. It should be a hard policy at 18 irrelevant of your ambitions, you must complete a full two years, a year or 9 months national service, failure to do so without medically proven grounds, will result in loss of benefits, or community service for 3 years treated as a parole, failure to attend adds time to the service and risk prison.

  5. It was a BIG mistake banning corporal punishment from schools. This happened halfway through my secondary school education, and even as someone who was occasionally on the wrong end of a plimsoll or ruler (I never actually had the cane) knew even then that this was a bad idea! Do kids even get detention or forced to run around the sports ground as punishment now?

    • At my school we were given the choice when caught misbehaving; the cane or writing 100 lines. Nearly everyone chose the cane, because it was all over in a few seconds, and writer’s cramp is worse, and more humiliating.

    • Your right, if a parent objects to a punishment, It generally won’t happen in a lot of schools cannot make a brat run round a playing field, it’s against the brats human right. We have a society of snow flakes.

      • “We have a society of snow flakes.”

        Do we, Steve? Or do we have a society full of boomers who get off on beating children to make themselves feel better and ethically more upstanding than those that “need” the beating in your opinion?

    • It was still allowed in state schools until 1986, I never got it & was in school for many years by that point.

      It mostly relates to the parenting-by the time you get to school at five you can see who had parents that taught their kids respect, manners, basic things like how to read etc & those that showed no interest, used the kids as punching bags, lowlife boyfriend of the month kicking them about/teaching them their lifestyle etc.

    • A while ago ,you stated that I was wrong about kids safety in Thanet,and it is safe ,this and a flasher who has at least 26 convictions and still going to be able to walk the streets,when his short sentence is finished .Life is totally different from we were growing up to nowadays

      • Suspended GB News Anchor
        JUNE 3, 2024 AT 1:36 PM
        This is nothing new. Can well remember kids & local yobbos dropping large rocks off of Tivoli Bridge in the 1980’s, as people were walking underneath.

  6. Am lost for words-but not suprised-When i went to school in the 70s and 80s if u were badly behaved-it was the cane or a slap on the wrist-Who ever did this regarardless off their age-should be put away in prison-5 YEARS. Give them time to think what they done.

  7. Everyone knows for definite it was a youngster, and definitely not someone over 40. Of course, back in the old days everyone was well behaved and polite, which is why prisons weren’t invented until the 21st century.

    I’m certain everyone my age remembers the football hooligans of the 80s, most of which were adults who grew up with corporal punishment. Or how much violence there was when the mods and rockers invaded the beaches. They were the good old days.

    Every generation was bad, and every generation thinks theirs was better. Everyone is wrong.

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