General Election date announced for July 4th

PM Rishi Sunak,

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced the date for the next General Election as July 4.

The announcement was made outside Number 10 Downing Street today (May 22).

Mr Sunak  confirmed he has asked the King for the dissolution of Parliament.

Mr Sunak has been PM since 25 October 2022, replacing Liz Truss after her very short time at the helm of the country. Mr Sunak was previously appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer but resigned as chancellor on 5 July 2022, citing economic policy differences with then PM Boris Johnson.

In the 2019 General Election Conservative Craig Mackinlay took the South Thanet seat with more than 56% of the vote.

He polled 27,084 votes, some 10,587 ahead of nearest competitor Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt who gained 16,497 votes.

Veteran Conservative Sir Roger Gale, who has held the North Thanet seat since 1983, was elected with 30,066 votes – equalling 62% of the poll. Labour’s Dr Coral Jones took 12,877 – 27%.

However, polls for the coming election are currently predicting Labour wins for the new East Thanet and Herne Bay and Sandwich Constituency.

Candidates for both Thanet seats have already been announced by Labour and Thanet Green Party, as well as both Conservative incumbents announcing they will also run.

Mr Mackinlay made his announcement earlier today during his return to Parliament after eight months following a battle with sepsis and the subsequent amputation of his arms up to the elbows and legs up to the knees.

The dad-of-one received a standing ovation from colleagues as he attended Parliament for PMQs. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said he was “in awe of (Mr Mackinlay’s) incredible resilience” while Labour leader Keir Starmer paid tribute to his “courage and determination” and “deep sense of service.”

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  1. GET THE TORIES OUT, the mission is NOT ONE TORY MP in Westminster, a vote for a tory is a vote for more of the same dross. Remember their claims of tax cuts means they will introduce a tax somewhere or increase taxes elsewhere or both to cover a multi billion pound tax income loss. That will be the poorest and hard working that will suffer not the wealthy. Vote for anyone you want, not a tory.

    • Steve – grow up and look around you. Do you honestly believe another Labour Government will improve our lot. I think not and very little will change except different snouts in trough.

      • The definition of madness is to repeat the same thing again and again and expect different results. So you grow up, seemingly you want to continue doing the same thing which has only worsened the country and expect improvement, you are the personification of what is wrong with this country, blindly following the same group no matter the disaster being caused. You vote for who you like, doesn’t have to be Labour just not tory, after close to 15 years and more PMs most of which haven’t been elected by the voters, it’s clear, they are woefully inadequate. Or are you a Russian spy a saboteur, perhaps most of the Tories are?

  2. As a working class Conservative voter, I’m delighted that there’s an incoming Labour government. Because millions of Brits under about 40 are going to learn two valuable lessons; 1, what a massive disappointment Labour can be in government. And 2, what a powerful force The Conservatives can be in opposition. I predict a massive Tory landslide at the 2029 election!

    • Tories in opposition? they are going to be lucky to have representation in Parliament. No thank you, Tories have been as bad as the Black Death for this country.

    • Only if we get a real conservative party in 2029, but otherwise yep get the annihilation over and done with let labour run us into the ground for 5 years and aee what rises from the ruins. A cynical ploy in such a short election campaign period as it means reform will have little chance of putting up much of fight.
      As i’m effectively politically homeless in this election i’ll be spoiling my ballot.

      • The current Tory party has run us into the ground for 14 years. but labour are terrible..ok, please stop smoking crack

        • It doesn’t need the implication of drug taking, my opinion differs from yours it really is as simple as that.

          • And its an opinion that has kept idiots voting tory .. good luck with your Conservative views

          • Again you can’t help but throw around insults, which rather undermines the validity of your opinion, if you can’t be reasonably polite and expressive does this not reflect poorly on your and your political ilk?
            It’s only an election, in which your or my opinion is effectively worth nothing, why get so uptight?

      • Really, so having come from a working class household where my parents worked from age 14, one still working when they passed away the other finally stopping at 80, and everything i’ve achieved being purely on the back of manual work and lots of 84 hour weeks, i can’t choose to support a political party that tends more towards self reliance and reward for putting in effort over a party that nelieves it can spend my earnings better than i can and that i should be prepared to give more to those who wouldn’t understand the concept of effort and learning.
        Thank you for pointing out the error of my ways.

  3. Whatever the result elsewhere, Polly and Helen don’t stand the remotest of chances of displacing Craig and Roger.

    • Whitehead certainly has no chance, Billington might run things close to the wire and conceivably take the seat. But needs to get the Stamer charisma transplant reversed first to do so.

        • He’ll keep the vote of the faithfull, but he’s no Gale and his approach to his work as an MP did’nt gain much popular support in his constituency. His epic tale of grit and survival aside ( unless it’s made a massive change to his outlook in terms of civic duty) might well be what keeps his seat, but surely he has too many personal battles to fight to really want to be an mp for a full term.

          As for Maggie, she understood the basic reality, that there are huge numbers who just want to work hard , be allowed to run their own lives and make decisions that improve the lives of their kith and kin.
          Can you imagine what her views would be on the state of the nation with its addiction to getting fat and doing as little as possible for as much as can be squeezed from the state.

        • As brave as he is – people must remember that he has been totally ineffectual and has shown utter callousness with regard to the plight of the residents of Thanet.
          Billington clearly has a real passion for the area and should absolutely be given a shot!
          TORIES OUT!

          • Bluntly Honest – Billington chosen by local Labour Party? Look at her background and where does her knowledge local area come from? I am afraid she was parachuted in from London HQ as no local candidates suitable.

          • Bluntly Honest…Billington has a passion for getting her “champagne socialism”snout in the trough.Another opportunist.

          • Right, she’s a career politician wanting to climb the greasy pole, placed here by the labour party because she toes the right line, as smug and self serving as most politicians of any party .
            None of them care what the voters want beyond a pretence to do so in order to gain power, and when so having it they do what they were going to from the outset.

          • Yet again your unpleasant nature rises to the fore, whilst many were aware that Craig had had a considerable period of time in hospital with severe problems, how many were aware of how bad until his return to parliament? Effectively he’d returned to his workplace and was congratulated for doing so by his colleagues, if the return wasn’t televised and picked up by the media, how many of us would still be unaware of what he’s endured? Doesn’t strike me as if there’s been any cynical use of his plight, but you choose to cast your aspertions none the less.

    • Time will tell! At present Labour is ahead in the polls in both East Thanet and Sandwich and Herne Bay constituencies.
      However, nothing can be taken for granted, those who want change, not more Tory chaos, need to get out and vote Labour on 4th July.

  4. The biggest downside will be any leadership debates between Sunak and Starmer. At least Johnson and Corbyn had a bit of charisma!

    • I doubt Sunak will still be leader after the election. Could well be Penny Mourdant, and she’ll make SIR Keir look like what he actually is: Ultra conservative (small c), Harold MacMillan in trendier trousers, who will be despised by the left.

        • It’s not a hundred per cent certain that the leader of the opposition will be a Conservative. Could well be the Reform guy!

          • No chance! You’ll be telling us that we’ll have a Liberal government next.

            Having said that, the Tories big hope would be that Farage leads Reform, and they then form an alliance. Now that WOULD be fun!

      • The pillock ZMPs in the country are the extremists the far left the far right, the reality is most the parties know you have to be middle of the road, that’s where the battle is won.

      • Mordaunt is predicted to lose her seat, so most likely won’t be around to lead Tories of whom there may be very few left!
        The Tory breed is on the brink of extinction!

  5. Just watching Starmer droning on about the General Election in July. This man has about as much charisma as a dead slug. His delivery is without any passion whatsoever. Dull, dull, dull.
    I shall not be voting Labour in July.

  6. Doesn’t matter who gets into power.From where I’m sitting both parties are disappointing.
    All this rubbish about our economy growing .02% better than France and a slightly lower inflation rates.
    Do we have 26 High Speed Trains,beautifully roads without potholes,2 hour lunch breaks,next day visits to the doctor, the whole of August a holiday to many workers,clean rivers,litter free,sensible housing prices and workers rights.Oh apparently we have twice as many start up billionaires as France.What they don’t tell you though is we have 6 million more people on or below the breadline.

  7. I had severe tonsillitis for 20 years and every year for 1 to 2 weeks I couldn’t go to work.I was told by my GP that an operation was not possible.Whist working in France pre Brexit the tonsillitis flared up.I got to see a Doctor the very same day and within 3 weeks operated on.
    Thankyou France for getting rid of a life time problem and keeping me working the full year.
    Interesting also that French people think we are to blame for all the immigration problems.They blame our interference in Iraq and the way it takes years to process an asylum claim.

  8. GOOD-Get these clowns kicked out 14 years off this Tory Government-COVID When Clownhead having a BOOZE-UP When people were told to keep to the rules. UTTER SHAME. Hope u got all u P 45s READY.

  9. There seems little point in suggesting a likely outturn to this election, when the audience here consists of a demented mysognist transvestite who appears to want to turn the conservative party into a version of Roderick Spode’s black shorts and that rare species ‘the working class conservative voter’s. Define working class and while you at it, explain why since 1979 tribalism in politics has faded away into a melange of identity politics and outrage.
    If I were fed up, Ewan Urzami, and the the pink Birchingtonian, I would do something about Southern water if you want the Tories to win.
    Every time those idiots (not the Tories this time, but Southern water), open their silly mouths, the government loses votes by the thousands.
    Like many I have no great faith in the Labour party, but anything has to be better than the shambles of the last 14 years.
    I think the mood of the country is for change, and if the Tories are to return they must move back to the centre.

    • You, George, might not be willing to predict an outcome to this election. But I am; Labour to win! And there’s nothing ‘rare’ about working class Conservatives. Some of us can see socialism for what it is: A middle-class fetish. Having said all that; As for me ‘doing something’ about Southern Water, I’d vote Labour if they pledged to nationalise the water industry (which they won’t).

      • Do people stop being working class when they become wealthy? Are Rod Stewart and Riingo Starr still working class? Not sure either way!

        • …and, if a formerly wealthy person becomes poor, and works hard at a “normal” job – do they become working class?

  10. I think I’d define ‘working class’ as someone whose skills might be aligned to a trade, rather than a profession. What do you think? Your particular definition will be respected by me, whatever it is.

  11. The Tories are intentionally passing the batten to Starmer … they want out. Did anyone else notice the “same day” the government announce this “general election” they also launch a new “Prepare” website telling people to stock up on food and essential supplies ….and I heard around late summer the UK government is going to announce public that we are at war with Russia … that would be a strange coincidence wouldn’t it?

    • What? The new Labour government are doing to start a war with Russia? Didn’t they learn anything from Iraq?

        • Better than letting Putin invade Europe, surely? After spending a few weeks in Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania, I can assure you they’re very worried people (I was in a nice Romanian seaside result not disimilar to Ramsgate, where we could actually SEE Ukraine!).

  12. They’ve been determined to start a war with Russia … look how much money these corrupt countries have been giving to that raging coke head Zelensky …guess Sunak doesn’t want to be a war time PM.

    • Anon – you obviously have never travelled or lived in other countries which are not blessed with free speech? I worked in Russia in late nineties and experienced it. Individuals like you, if identified, would have disappeared. Freedom is earnt and should be treasured. Silly remarks from clowns does not help!

      • Free speech!! I live in the UK in 2024 …there is no such thing as “free speech anymore!! You can now go to prison for the wrong opinion and told it’s “hate speech” …people on here will have a paddy if you say something outside the “norm”

        Ps Lots of things happened decades ago that don’t happen now …so that is a moot point

  13. They have left the economy, the NHS, Police,Schools, pensions,this country in general decimated. The large volume of debt borrowing the Tories have been doing mean the next 2 terms of government will be very difficult for any government, so they want out before people realise. War is something this country cannot afford economically or in reality sustain, we following years of a lack of government investment in the armed forces has left us unprotected. It’s all well and good adding a percentage or two of investment over the next 5 years, but missiles, bullets, tanks, ships, aircraft and training following recruitment takes at least a decade, in the meantime we are reliant on other nations good will, which there isn’t a huge amount of toward Britain following successive government antics internationally and the amateur nature of our MPs and government in the last decade.

    • If anyone thinks Starmer “the pedo protector” will do any better is sadly very deluded.

      Sorry to break this to you all – but we’re already at war with Russia …this dirty corrupt government just hasn’t had the decency to tell us yet …buckle up peeps, things are going to get interesting!

      Ps check the new government website that they launched yesterday …called PREPARE …lol

    • Steve.

      There’s an election in 6 weeks, yes?

      You want Labour to win, yes?

      You’re passionate to stop Manston, yes?

      Yet we don’t even know what Polly and Helen’s plans are for the airport, do we?

      In all honesty, I haven’t quite made my mind up, but the longer our Labour candidates avoid awkward questions, then the more likely I – and no doubt many others – will vote for someone else.

      • Steve? Steve?!

        Don’t tell me you’re voting for someone who’s “policies” remain a closely-guarded secret. That WOULD be silly.

  14. I’m stunned that people still eat up the propaganda …have the last 4 years not taught you anything!

    Ms Pink you are one of the few people who seems to talk any sense on here, the BS propaganda about putin “invading” Europe should be beneath you …

    • That’s not what the people in those East European countries I visited think (or at least the ones I chatted to). They’re probably a better judge than you & I, and have far more to fear.

      • Yes I can imagine they’re totally brainwashed by the propaganda …like you it would seem …. Anyone who gets their news and info from the TV and politicians is not someone whose judgement should be trusted

        • I think you’d be worried too, if you could SEE the Ukraine from your town – a bit like Russia invading France. More to do with hearing the explosions than listening to propoganda!

          • Have a look into the Ukraine “AZOG brigade” and see what they’ve been doing to their “own people” since the US funded coup in 2014 …

            And when Putin DOESN’T invade Eastern Europe, maybe revisit these messages and have a word with yourself …

          • Ps if you wasn’t aware, UK weapons have been used in military hits against Russian targets …which is why we’ve been dragged into this.

            Putin WARNED the UK they would strike British targets if we used our weapons against them …and those dirty rotten pieces of scum in Westminster went ahead and did it anyway ….

  15. Well about time I suppose. I am humbled by Craig Mackinley and in awe of his courage. I have argued tory policies with him and hope he will forgive my criticism of him in the past. Wishing him and his family the very best. Stephen

  16. Well said, anon. The Ukraine issue began in 2014 when the pro-Russian elected president of Ukraine was pushed out in a violent coup backed by the US. John McCain was there shaking hands with armed neo-Nazi groups intent on attacking Russian speakers in Eastern Ukraine.
    The Asov brigades are neo-Nazi and intent on shelling the people in the Donbass.
    Putin exercised great patience for years until he decided to defend the Russian-speakers in the Donbass and so we have the situation today.
    The main threat to world order is NATO intent on encroaching on Russia’s borders. Putin is merely protecting his borders. The US is doing what it always does: using Ukraine as a proxy in its global meddling. There’s your real villain of the peace.
    God bless Putin.

    • Hallelujah for Rob! Reassuring to know there are more people out there who know the TRUTH and can see past the BS rhetoric 🙂

      Seriously if any of you have sons and daughters now is the time to wake up …don’t let your children be used as cannon fodder by these Westminster cretins!

  17. Will be interesting to see the attitude of the left come Christmas time, when SIR keir becomes besties with some guy called Prezzy Dentrump!

  18. The entire country and the neglected consistencies of East Thanet and Sandwich and Herne Bay are crying out for positive change. Decent though the Green Party is, only Labour can deliver this change.

    Craig Makinlay and Roger Gale have been instrumental in the Tory chaos of the past 14 years and deserve to lose their seats. So good luck to Polly Billington and Helen Whitehead! With Labour ‘things can only get better’!

  19. It’s the same as everyone else’s views of the multiple times failed airfield, however some are deluded and don’t want to think about it. It’s doomed to fail AGAIN.

      • Exactly. At least voters know Roger & Craig’s stance on the issue. Helen in particular knows she’s going to lose voters whatever she says.

  20. The level of corruption seen in UK thanks to Tory camorra matches Russian levels of corruption, without a doubt. Anybody voting should think ‘where are my taxes going?’ And if by any chance the simpleminded go on about ‘forriners’ or ‘dole’, they should still google how much tax evasion is not pursued by HMRC and think ‘why?’.

    • From Kyiv with love – you obviously have no idea or conception of corruption by your silly remark. Travel outside of Thanet to Russia, Middle East, Africa etc as I’ve done for work and you will see the stupidly/ignorance of your statement. However, you can look up where your taxes are being spent with ease via internet.

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