Life Skills Manor for Autism to hold careers day

Learning at Life Skills Manor for Autism

Life Skills Manor for Autism is hosting a careers day to give students the chance to find about a variety of roles in the workplace.

The event, with Education Business Partnership, will be held at The Baypoint Club on Ramsgate Road, Sandwich on June 18 from 10am to 2pm.

Representatives from EKC and Kent Police will join electrical engineers, Cummins, forensic scientists, social care and mental health groups and more.

Deputy head Mickey Capeling said: “Careers is at the heart of the school, and this plays a huge part in the development of all of our young people.

“A double stranded curriculum which focuses on life skills and core academic subjects enables students to achieve success throughout their journey at Life Skills Manor.

“We work very closely with businesses, colleges and The Education Business Partnership to provide the best possible opportunities for our students.

“A huge success of the careers programme at Life Skills Manor is our bespoke Work Placement pathway. This begins in KS3 with the exploration of different career-based opportunities including research, weekly lessons, guest speakers and visits to organisations. This is all linked into our intervention programme which provides students with the skills required to find success in the workplace.

“This base leads onto the KS4 programme which sees students complete work placements bespoke to their interests and skills and has included a variety of placements including landscape gardening, childcare, construction, mechanics, greenkeeping and graphic design.

“These placements are completed on a once-a-week basis for a set amount of time as opposed to a one week one off. This gives students the opportunity to really engage with the placement and gives the employer the opportunity to invest the time in the student.

“Life Skills is running a careers day for Independent Special Schools on June 18th. This will give students the chance to meet a variety of employers, complete mock job interviews and take part in talk shops throughout the day.

“The aim of the day is to motivate and inspire students to find a pathway of interest to undertake for their post 16 journey.”

Find out more about Life Skills Manor on the school website here

Or on the facebook page here

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