New Cabinet member at Thanet council to focus solely on parking issues

Cllr Kristian Bright is now Cabinet member for parking

Thanet council leader Cllr Rick Everitt has appointed a new Cabinet member to focus solely on parking issues in the district.

Viking ward Labour councillor Kristian Bright has been appointed for the role meaning Thanet council now has seven Cabinet members.

Highways responsibility – including road maintenance – sits with Kent County Council but the district council oversees on-street parking on KCC’s behalf and also manages its own car parks.

Cllr Everitt said: “Parking is a big issue for many residents in Thanet, whether that’s the impact of visitors around the coast, the level of enforcement activity or the condition of some of our car parks. The council is also carrying out a major parking review and significant works are required at Mill Lane in Margate and Leopold Street [Royal Harbour] in Ramsgate.

“Kristian has made a big impression in the year that he has been on the council and I am certain he will be a valuable addition to the cabinet line-up. He will also bring a Broadstairs perspective to the table, and I am looking forward to working more closely with him.”

Cllr Bright said: “We know that residential areas, particularly those nearest our beaches, have often been negatively impacted by inconsiderate parking so my aim is to work with officers on a joined-up approach, which might involve increased enforcement, better signage and improved alternative transport options.

“Outside of seasonal issues, I will be looking at how we can improve safety and traffic flow in our town centres by maximising the convenience and use of our off- and on-street car parking assets. I will also explore how we can work more effectively alongside Kent County Council via the Joint Transportation Board.”

Parking was previously part of the “neighbourhoods” cabinet portfolio, which is held by Cliftonville West Labour councillor Heather Keen. It includes community safety, the youth council, multi-agency and regulatory services, cemeteries and the crematorium. The portfolio will now be renamed “community”.

Cllr Everitt said: “By removing parking from Heather’s portfolio, I intend that she will be able to help the council to build on the significant work we already do to support the more disadvantaged members of our community. I know she is passionate about these issues.

“This cuts across a number of portfolios and includes things like benefit take-up, housing and energy-saving initiatives, but I believe there is more we can do with additional focus and that this is one of the differences having a Labour-controlled council should make.

“A council can have up to ten cabinet members in total, but we believe seven is an appropriate number for Thanet.”

However, Thanet Greens believe the remit for the new role is too restricted.

Thanet Green Group spokesperson Cllr Tricia Austin said: “We wish Cllr Bright well as a Cabinet member, but are concerned about the limited nature of his new role. Our group proposed broadening its remit to deal not just with parking in isolation but with travel and transport generally across the Isle – but sadly Cabinet did not take this on board.

“In our view, the new Cabinet role should crucially address road safety, but also encompass public transport and Active Travel, working with KCC, as well as parking, including the vexed issue of pavement parking that causes so much distress and inconvenience.

“An expanded role of this kind could have helped address several related issues that directly affect residents, as well as making Thanet more welcoming for visitors. Trying to tackle one aspect without considering the rest seems to us short- sighted and simplistic.”

The additional Cabinet post will mean more funding is needed for the councillor allowance scheme.

A report to councillors says: “Democratic Services have been informed by the Leader of the Council that he will be making Cllr K Bright a Cabinet member with a portfolio of Parking from the date of the Annual meeting of Council.

“Currently there are only four Cabinet Portfolio Holder special responsibility allowances (SRA). In the event that Council agrees to the additional allowances, then the allowances scheme would need to be amended to increase the number of Cabinet Portfolio Holder SRAs and consequently the number of opposition spokespersons both by one.

“An additional Cabinet Portfolio SRA is £9,306 and an opposition spokesperson SRA is £3,278.

“Adding these amounts to the total means the allowances scheme would increase by £12,584 taking the total cost to £448,019.”

An alternative would be to combine the current four Cabinet Portfolio Holder SRA’s and divide that total by five, giving a lower  amount of £7,445 each. The same calculation for the opposition spokesperson’s roles would give an SRA of £2,620.

However, the report, which will be discussed at a council meeting tomorrow, does not recommend lowering the rates.


  1. Very pleasing to hear. Margate high street is a no go area after 4pm because of all the cars parked there picking up food deliveries. I literally cannot get in and out of my flat because of them. Large groups of eastern block blokes hanging around waiting for orders is very intimidating.

  2. Fairly sure our new parking supremo will do an excellent job Hard working and very committed. Won the previously safe Tory ward of Viking by excellent campaigning. Parking and car use is a nightmare in most seaside towns but at least we can focus time and resources on.

  3. Where do you start a department that knows very little about honesty,
    Ticket issued by an officer that came out of their house at 9.15pm and ticketed a vehicle.
    Appealed on grounds officer wasn’t in uniform or on duty.
    Appeal declined but no evidence to support the leaglity of the ticket
    Appealed again, letters ignored for 6 months
    Constantly call , eventually do a Subject Access request
    Tdc and their agents seemingly did’nt know who was holder of the data.
    Finally get a reply to earlier letters but still no evidence from them to prove officer was on duty and in uniform ( she was’nt because she was seen).
    Eventually get the Subject Access request but this has now been delayed sufficiently to exclude calls made earlier in the process. The call recordings turn up as audio files not transcripts as requested.
    They turn up 10 days into the 28 days you have to go to tribunal, ( despite tdc taking 7 months to answer a letter).
    Constant toing and froing as you have to write to the agents up north who then return letters to thanet, the agent then says they are awaiting a reply.
    Totally dishonest from start to finish.

      • It was on double yellows in a quiet side street whilst attending a plumbing call out. No problem with the ticket had it been issued lawfully, it was’nt the off duty warden only saw the vehicle because they came to the door to collect a food delivery. The law has to work both ways.
        Tdc said they didn’t need to prove the officer was on duty, which is incorrect.

    • The more politically minded feel that more can be achieved with lots of management than actual boots on the ground , hence the huge numbers of back office staff in the nhs and staff shortages on the front line.
      The reality being that it’s often just a case of job creation for those considered worthy.

  4. Should be hitting the parents dropping off and picking up children from school at all schools as they think they can park anywhere causing traffic blockage. They have no consideration for there children’s safety or other traffic

  5. One of the priorities for Kristian Bright should be to stop vehicles parking at junctions blocking drivers vision of oncoming traffic traffic from safely pulling out. Yellow lines should be on ALL CORNERS not just one or two and enforced. There is far too much inconsiderate parking in Thanet and it needs to be stopped.

      • Not entirely true. Blue badge users still can’t park where they cause an obstruction (they just think they can).

    • The absence of yellow lines doesn’t mean it’s OK to park. You can’t park on a junction, for example.

  6. Well it is a good idea that Rick Everitt is attending to the matter of parking in Thanet; however,the poor soul whose task this is will be facing a problem without a solution.
    In the 20th century Britain grew from under 10,000 cars on the road to around 30 million,with an infrastructure worthy of Georgian Britain.That is true especially in Ramsgate.
    At around 32 million cars, which are 25% bigger than those built in the 1970’s and with greater numbers of SUVs,the problem is getting worse not better.
    Any solutions the new Cabinet member proposes will be opposed by at least one group of residents who will consider themselves hard done by,so he is on a hiding to nothing.
    I wish him well, but transport needs to be given a holistic approach,instead of focusing on one aspect of getting around.

    • An holistic approach is exactly what is needed, but I fear the potential for revenue is greater than the application of intelligence and design. Revenue is their first priority not people and amenity.

  7. Yet more empty spin from Thanet District Circus (home of the clowns).

    This is yet another claim that will go no-where. and it doesn’t matter what the bottom-feeders in the council chamber say, the minute it is in the hands of the useless, lazy and unsupervised council staff it will go ignored.

    I reported a car to TDC car-parking dept. – parked on double yellow lines, with no tax, no MOT (and therefore no insurance) – it’s been there three days so far, has not been ticketed and will continue to stay there no doubt as the parking wardens are no doubt working from home still.

    TDC.. way to go wasters.

  8. The need is there to reduce or eliminate town centre parking charges.
    No wonder the High Streets are dead now when wWX has free parking.
    I will not use the towncentres now unless I really need to for this very reason.
    Money, money, money and who cares what the residents would really like to see? – vibrant High Streets.

  9. From the comments seen here, my belief that Cllr Knight has an almost impossible brief has some truth behind it.There is someone banging on about a parking ticket,and others peddling the old trope that paying for parking is somehow anticompetitive and the reason for a decline in the high street.If that were true much of the main street in Margate would be booming and that is palpably not so.As Mary Portas tried to show you 10 years ago, it what the shops sell and how they are displayed is what counts.
    Yes,it is day light robbery on the parking front, but that is true in most towns.
    If however, there was a comprehensive,reliable, comfortable,and cheap public transport service, you could save money,cut congestion,and save the planet,but no instead the public want to drive their £40/50k SUVs into town and then winge about the cost of parking.Some of the current production.models are larger than those parking spaces, which is why you sometimes see them taking 2 spaces.

      • Not always viable. The buses from places like Reculver and Preston were axed because they were often empty, despite the government reducing fares from £6-£7 to just £2 and O.A.P.s with free passes driving everywhere. What else would one do to persuade people to use them?

    • George, I often get the No. 8 bus to/from Birchington to Canterbury. A single fare used to be £6.90 and has been reduced to £2, yet they STILL are often half-empty. Perhaps you need to get rid of your car and actually use them rather than just telling others to?

      • How do you know unless they are specialising in clairvoyance in Birchington? I thought that the residents of Birchington spent most of their time looking backwards instead.
        If you restrict car use,motorists complain that there are no alternatives.Its a chicken and egg situation,so initially you run some public transport (in this case bus services) and nudge motorists to change to a different mode of transport.
        I didn’t say it was simple,it means changing habits which have built up over decades and those of planners who persist in planning for unrestricted car use, to the detriment of all.

    • You’re right; the parking spaces ARE too small. But thankfully that’s an easy fix: It only takes a tin of paint!

  10. Oh no be careful what you wish for people, I can feel Khan coming on it’s only of time that Thanet will have a congestion charge and a ULEZ just like London. As most of our residents are now Londoners it will seem home from home to them.

  11. ULEZ exists because air pollution in London and several if not all its suburbs is very high, causing illness and sometimes death.

    • Yet there has been NO significant reduction in car use in London, despite the extra expense.

    • Very high in comparison to selected standards, in comparison to others the capitals air is better than it has been for centuries. It has had better air quality since around 1950 than it had in 1700. It’s got better ever since.

      But of course you believe all the gumpf you’re fed.

      • There is probably more pollution in some of the places I’ve visited in recent days (indoors as well as out – in the Serbian town I visited today, they still allow smoking inside bars and cafes!).

        • Then you’ll have checked out the link i posted and taken note. As a result how is having the cleanest air in over 300 years something that needs improving? And should we not instead be looking to improve the nations health in more obvious places ?

      • I don’t see the point of comparing London air pollution with anywhere else’s ,or indeed with !7th century pollution in London. There is still high air pollution in London and it needs to be reduced.

        • High compared to what baseline? If the air is already cleaner than it was before industrialization, what are you aiming for. The population of england in 1700 was around 5.2 million now it stands at around 68 million, how many would you wish to cull to get ourselves back to some notional standard of air quality?
          Which science do you listen to and do you give it any thought? What of the pollution we are offshoring as a result of our policies? Is it right to inflict it on other countries so that we as a nation can feel virtuous?

        • Of course you need comparisons, how else do you determine what should be considered as high? Given that the link shows air quality is better than it was in the 1700’s when populations were much smaller ( 5.6 million versus 60 million now), the better living standards not least of which includes warmer homes. The pressures on the environment in order to produce the goods and services we consume is it really possible to get to some imaginary air standard that betters that of levels already below the 1700’s
          The polllution scare stories are just the shenanigans of those with ulterior motives to push their agendas. Last but not least where is the justification for the pollution we “ offshore” in order to seem so virtuous?
          Hopefully this post doesn’t fall foul of the IoTN moderators, no idea why the lastdid.

    • If you really wanted to prevent illness and death you’d do something about excess weight. It’s surely odd that tobacco products are heavily taxed on the grounds of health concerns, given that passive smoling is pretty much non existent these days the health argument is aimed at those that smoke themselves. Yet these days excess weight kills more people than tobacco, so by extension we should be taxing poor quality food extensively. This would save far more lives than targetting vehicles and economic activity.

      • Kathy, you really will have to do something about Checksfield.He is changing identity again and believes he is in Serbia of all places.Must be like Birchington,same sort of potholes, and a backwards looking nationalism from the residents.Probably has more sunshine and Birchington hasn’t entered the Eurovision song contest yet.

        • The above poster is not me… oh, and the roads in Croatia and Serbia (at least the parts I’ve seen) are far cleaner and in better repair than much England.

          • Ms. Pink
            As you seem so well travelled have you been to neighbouring Bulgaria and perused the roads there? Apart from the motorway they are far from pot hole free and leave a lot to be desired.
            I do not think they will be in any better condition generally anywhere in the former Yugoslavia or perhaps you are better informed than I.
            ………….not that has much to do with parking in Ramsgate but why not enjoy a good rant, eh?

          • Bulgaria will be in a couple of days time (just arrivd in beautiful Romania – reminds me of the Scottish Highlands!).

    • ULEZ is a money making scam. The statistics show the underground has much higher levels of air pollution than the surrounding areas of London. Today it was in the news that they have removed the Astrazeneca vaccine Worldwide after being forced to admit it can cause a “rare & dangerous” side effect …. This is the same product that the government have been telling us for the last 4 years was “safe and effective” …how can you trust anything they say?

      • The Astrazenica vaccine (which has nothing to do with parking in Thanet) was withdrawn because the covid mutations we are currently experiencing are not affected so much by the AZ vaccine.
        True, there was a very, very, very small number of adverse and serious reactions. But the AZ vaccine was responsible for saving millions of lives worldwide.

        • Well I find it interesting Nadhim Zahawi (former UK covid vaccines minister) has announced he’s stepping down just after the AZ vaccine was pulled. Pharmaceutical companies are also now facing massive class action lawsuits, plus CEO of Pfizer and Ursula Von De Layen are being investigated by the European district attorney. So again, why would anyone trust what these people tell us?

          I agree parking is horrendous but more from a personal perspective. The 1000s of houses their building is only going to make it worse. I don’t recognise Thanet anymore, it’s very sad.

          • He knows that the Tories will never be quite as right-wing as Labour now that they have Natalie Elphicke as a member.

      • Nope, Imperial did a study on the inner London air quality and found an improvement but don’t let data spoil a good rant on ULEZ and vaccines.
        I suppose the earth is flat as well.

        • George ULEZ is a scam … just like climate change, but you appear to have sucked up that propaganda hook line and sinker

          You sound like you get all your facts from the BBC. In light of your comment re “electric cars” ..,do yourself a favour and do some proper research. Electric cars require three times more fossil fuel to be produced one car, they are incredibly dangerous and they are horrendous for the environment. Hopefully you understand what that means.

          Also Look into the lithium fields and the fact electric cars cannot be recycled. Also the way colbalt is mined. 70% mined by little children in the Congo via slave Labour. 100% of the mined colbat is washed up in factory by “children”. So electric cars are basically produced on the back of slave labour.

          From somebody who was unvaccinated and saw through the BS straight away, I do feel for you guys have had the vaccine because you must feel like a walking ticking time bomb.

          • I’ve had several anti-Covid vaccinations and I don’t feel at all like “a walking ticking timebomb”. Nor do my family, friends and acquaintances.

          • Fortunately, electric cars are in decline almost everywhere. People are starting to see beyond the hype.

          • More nonsense about electric cars. Whilst it’s true that electric cars have a higher carbon footprint at the point of manufacture, in the UK this “carbon debt” compared to standard cars is paid off within the first two years of driving and they then become far more environmentally friendly to drive for the rest of their lifetime. But let’s not let facts get in the way of a good rant eh ?

          • M. M. Rees, i chose not to have any vaccinations and know others who equally decided they forgo them . We all feel fine and dandy too, statistically as equally worthless as your experience.

  12. Fact is, folks, that the UK have become fat and lazy slobs just like the yanks, and NOTHING will get people out of their cars. I’m currently touring eastern bloc countries (Croatia yesterday, Serbia today), and despite people being poorer, thy look far fitter, healthier, and more well-dressed.

    • I assume you are running there and not on a coach.
      I must say if I was on holiday I would not spend my time pontificating about the alleged failings in BMI in Thanet.I don’t suppose it has occurred to you that you may be fortunate in not putting on weight or do you eat nothing but porridge for sustenance?

      • Aeroplane and cruise ship, if you must know.

        And I’m not “fortunate” – I eat/drink in moderation, and exercise alot (walked 8 miles today, exploring th town and surrounding countryside).

        Romania tomorrow!

        • To be fair, most places I have been in the UK and abroad have been cleaner, tidier and had better roads than the UK.

          But I’m guessing their public sector isn’t stuffed with people on big salaries doing non jobs that don’t benefit the residents.

  13. Something needs to be done ,vehicles parking everywhere, yellow lines, on footpaths, grass verges, it’s a bloody nightmare, my wife finding it harder to use her mobility scooter as footpaths are always blocked. that’s with out the people trying to get push chairs along paths too .

  14. Blue badge holders ( most are fraudulent and should be checked out) often park on yellow lines even if there is a parking space near.

    • Ann, keep repeating this unsubstantiated lie often enough and you may convince others of your libel and slander.
      As Dave has written, “where’s your proof?
      Chinese whispers are dangerous.

      • I did see a car with a blue badge who had parked in a spectacularly moronic place on Broadstairs seafront get a ticket the other day so it does happen.

  15. If you want a good (actually bad) example of where pavement parking is totally out of control just walk down Rumfields Road towards Northwood.

    Pretty much every pavement covered from the water tower onwards.

  16. More pressing issues are drainage and upgrades to the infant structures with all the extra housing being built

  17. Good luck comrade you will need it! if there was ever a poisoned chalice it’s this Cabinet position! You will be damned if you do and damned if you don’t! Residents parking permits, Controlled parking zones etc etc! The list is endless! Thankfully I personally don’t have to concern myself if the refuse or recycling can be collected anymore due to roads obstructed by parked vehicles on double yellow lines etc and that’s residents not visitors to the seaside! I gave up on Thanet and moved!

    • I’m trying hard to persuade my better half to do the same. North Wales or Isle of Man would be my choice.

  18. M M Rees – how about look into the sudden death and some of the people who had severe and adverse reactions to vaccines. My stepdad got a blood clot around his heart after his first Pfizer vaccine, and he died with 6 weeks of the 3rd jab. He was absolutely fine before then.

    It’s great that you’re still walking around and none of your family died or had adverse reactions , but many people have. The only way you can not know about adverse reactions to the vaccine is if you’ve been living under a rock for the last 4 years. There’s plenty of evidence out there if you choose to look for it.

    Do should do some research are looking to Andrew Brigden is trying to expose.

    • I guess it comes down to what was/is the greatest risk: death by covid or by vaccine. I do believe though that the panic over what – for most – was no more than a bad cold, was unjustified, and certainly children had no need for vaccinations.

      Myself? Being of a certain age and having minor health issues (I take medication for my heart following the fitting of a stent), I was on the “semi-vurnerable” list, so I had the vaccines. That said, I almost certainly caught covid on an Austrian trip in Decemember 2019 (spreading my germs in shops and restaurants), though within a week I was fully recovered.

    • The world-wide consensus amongst the scientific and medical communities is that covid vaccines have saved far, far more peoples lives, and shielded them against the debilitating consequences of long covid, than have done harm.
      Everything we do carries a risk. Every medical intervention carries a risk. Having a stent fitted, for example.
      I’m sure that no sane person would argue that life-saving operations should be abandoned because a very small number have bad outcomes?
      In recent centuries, no-one has died from a comom cold. Many millions world wide have died from covid; many millions more suffer the consequences of long covid.

      • The figures have been greatly manipulated. For example, during the height of the crisis, GPs often put down “Covid” as the cause of death for elderly in care homes – without even examining them, and regardless of what they really died of.

        A life-saving operation for some in imminent danger of death (as I was) is NOT the same as giving experimental vaccines to healthy children and young adults who quite clearly didn’t need them – yet these people are amongst the manipulated “lives saved” by vaccines.

      • Oh, and somtimes the very young, the very old, and the immuno-supressed DO still die of the common cold. Do a little reasearch before commenting.

        • In comparison with the total population of the UK, how many die due to contracting the common cold?

        • “Do a little reasearch before commenting”.
          No experimental vaccines were used in the UK. Anything injected into humans has to undergo the most rigorous testing at several levels before a needle gets anywhere near a private citizen’s arm.
          It’s a testament to what can be done in extremis when scientists, universities, pharmaceutical companies and politicians get together and all pull in the same direction.
          It’s not so much that covid vaccines were produced with indecent haste: more that production of pharmaceuticals usually takes (unnecessary) decades.

          • The “product” injected into people worldwide was not a vaccine. That has been proved scientifically. It is MRNA technology aka gene they. It has been proven MRNA delivers into the nucleus …. Something they proclaimed it didn’t do. This means the product is a “gene therapy” – not a vaccine. Therefore it should’ve been tested in a completely different way …. And that means the product that went out on the shelf was not properly tested. They were an experimental medical procedure, calling them a vaccine was basically false advertising.

            There is a reason that big Pharma tried to block the test results from the public, have you not considered that? Like Thalidomide, DMT, Asbestos, smoking etc etc.

            Oh and by the way, the British taxpayer will be paying the compensation for anyone who has been killed or vaccine harmed by the Astrazeneca jab. I’m not quite sure how that works, we pay for the funding to produce the product, they take all the profit, and then we the taxpayer pay for the people whose lives are left devastated by their dishonesty.

            Fat cats just keep getting fatter hey, let’s hope those with eyes will awake one day

    • Interesting that they kicked him out of the Tory party when he began exposing the excess deaths since the vaccines across the world.

      It took him 26 attempts for the speaker of the house to allow the debate to go forward. It was only after Andrew Brigden sent a letter to the current house of speaker reminding him of the Thalidomide scandal …if you recall, the government was exposed at that time as being aware of the dangers in 1961.. however, the speaker of the house blocked all discussion in the house of commons for 11 years … it was only in 1972 that it was Exposed that the government had wilfully unknowingly prevented any discussion on the severe adverse effects of the medication

      Ps anyone who thinks electric cars are the way to go needs to stop watching the BBC and do some proper “independent” research

    • “In April 2022, High Court Judge Brian Rawlings ruled against Bridgen, stating that he “lied under oath and behaved in an abusive, arrogant and aggressive manner”, was “an unreliable and combative witness who tried to conceal his own misconduct”, and “gave evasive and argumentative answers and tangential speeches that avoided answering the questions”. After losing the case, Bridgen …”
      A nice sort of chap.

      • The chairman of the Tory party gave a £26.5 million PPE contract to a “personal friend” who only set up the company on companies house “two weeks prior” to being awarded the contract.

        Since being give the money (£26,5 million!) – that company hasn’t submitted not one set of accounts since it was Inc in 2020. That company has tried to strike itself off Companies Hse multiple times which has been persistently rejected.

        It’s strange that they kick Andrew Bridgen out after he started speaking out on the excess deaths since Covid …. But stranger still that the chairman of the party hasn’t asked his “very good friend”, where our £26.5 million taxpayers funding has gone!

        In terms of wrongdoing I know who should’ve been ejected from the party …. Unfortunately, he’s still the chairman ….that’s how it works.

  19. Let’s hope yellow lines appear outside McDonalds near Asda, and how about fining people who park completely on pavements because there is a double yellow.

    • McDonalds needs bollards and barbed wire. It’s bad enough people eating such junk, let alone actually driving to one.

  20. Freedom to eat is the choice, if people want clog up their valves it’s upto them, perhaps paying for medical treatment if self inflicted could be the abswer

  21. Start with people parking on double yellow lines, on pavements and too close to junctions outside the st lawrence tavern ramsgate of a Friday and Saturday night and random days in the week, it’s dangerous and obstructive not to mention damages the footpath which wasn’t made to take the weight of vehicles.

    • I was going to say the same! Ashburnham Road and Southwood Road, as well as the junction of Herbert Road and King Edward Road are prime examples of selfish and downright dangerous parking.
      How do we go about contacting this new councillor with our concerns?

  22. How about, getting rid of yellow lines, have red one side and blue the other and have alternate weeks to park, allowing street cleaning to be carried out on a regular basis.

    • TDC don’t even clean streets with almost no cars. I’m currently in a run-down town in Romania, which looks just like parts of Ramsgate and Cliftonville – except with less rubbish on the streets.

  23. As usual Cllr. Tricia Austin makes a very sensible suggestion. I hope she is listened to and her suggestion is acted on.

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