Rogue roofer jailed for ripping off customers in Thanet and Sandwich

Terry Green has been given a six year prison sentence

A rogue roofer has been sentenced to six years after ripping off his customers with overpriced repairs.

Terry Green, 27, gained his victims’ trust by initially charging reasonable prices before telling them additional and far more expensive work was required.

Kent Police became aware of his offending in April 2022 when a resident in Westgate reported paying Green £1,650 for repairs that were then not completed.

The woman told officers she had agreed to the work after originally being quoted £45 to replace a roof tile, and then transferred the additional larger sum as a deposit for further repairs.

However, Green packed up his tools and left the property after she reconsidered and insisted on obtaining a second opinion.

Two months later Green revisited the home of an elderly couple in Sandwich who he had previously carried out work for, to ask if they wanted him to repair their damaged chimney.

He initially quoted £350 but later told them their entire roof needed replacing at a cost of £20,000, eventually settling on an agreed price of around £7,000.

The couple ended up paying a total of £3,090 before their bank grew suspicious and stopped any further transactions.

Green, of Mansion Lane in Iver, Buckinghamshire, was arrested in Minster on Monday 13 June 2022 and later charged with two counts of fraud.

He pleaded guilty to both and was sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court on Wednesday 1 May this year when a further nine offences were ordered to lie on file.

Detective Sergeant Adam Stallard of the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate said: “Terry Green could have earned an honest living as a roofer but made a conscious decision to cheat his customers out of their hard-earned money.

“Such criminals cause great financial hardship to those they trick into paying over the odds for substandard work, as well as a loss of confidence in the many honest tradespeople who work hard every day.

“Green cold-called at his victims’ homes to tell them their property was in need of repair. I would strongly advise anyone who receives a similar knock at their door to carefully consider their options before agreeing to any work, and to always seek a second opinion first.”


  1. I am in my 80’s now, and thought I had seen every trick in the book but got caught a couple of years ago. I had contacted “Bark” one of the check a trade agencies to find someone reliable to clean out my gutters. Long story short I was contacted by phone by someone who said they could to the job for £99.00 which I accepted. Two men turned up and said they had found some loose tiles, and they could fix it, and the gutters for £250.00. After about half an hour they said they had finished, and both men stood very close to me, in a threatening manner. Anyway, I paid up, and got onto Bark and told them what happened, but Bark said they didn’t have anyone on their books of that name!

    So, thats the catch, Bark contact people with a name that is registered with them, who contact the customer with a different name! This makes them untraceable! I paid up because the men did appear intimidating, and are no doubt carrying on their filthy business using Bark to find them victims! Best check with Bark before you agree to take anyone on for work, to see if they are genuine, before accepting any offer of work!

  2. Not my people know this, but by being extremely clever and removing the felt, you can often do a damn good job at repairing your own roof from inside!
    You can also go onto ‘my builder’ check references and various quotes!
    Always ask for quote, not estimate.

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