Historic Dane Park Lodge goes on sale market for the first time

Dane Park Lodge

Dane Park Lodge in Margate has gone on to the open sale market for the first time in its 100+ years history.

The historic property was originally the home for Dane Par’s groundskeeper and eventually bought by the family (without going to open market).

Dane Park – which was formerly farmland- was bought by John Woodward at auction in 1895.

Mr Woodward was a Margate resident and presented the land to the inhabitants of the town to form the park, together with additional land for forming and widening the surrounding roads and six acres of building land on the south west side of the park.

Dane Park was opened by the Lord Mayor of London on June 1, 1898. It had a substantial lake, rustic bridges, swans and peacocks, refreshment rooms and a bandstand.

A fountain was erected in the park by the corporation of Margate as a memorial to the Mr Woodward.

Now the former groundkeeper’s home has gone on the market for £600,000 with Gardners estate agent.

Marketing the property, which has no chain, the agent says: “This distinguished property, gracing the market for the very first time, offers three bedrooms, two reception rooms, a family bathroom and a convenient W.C, along with a generously sized private garden and garage accessed via a security gate.

“From the front room, you can watch the abundance of wildlife going about their lives around Dane Park offering a serene backdrop to daily life.

“The dining room presents an ideal setting for meals with loved ones, with the park becoming your backdrop while you are eating or catching up with family and friends.

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“In two of the bedrooms, you overlook the park, offering a peaceful view to greet each day and end the evening. Beyond its walls, a private garden awaits, with an array of trees and shrubs keeping you still private from the park and really is a great size. “Situated within the borders of Dane Park, this property offers a home with a connection to the local history.”

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From Thanet Hidden History

The first park-keeper was Stephen Fuller who officially took the role on June 1st 1898 when the Park was opened. He lived in the lodge in the park and died there in February 1905 when he was 64. He was born in America and had 12 children – six boys and six girls. His wife Eliza survived him, eventually dying at the age of 73 in December 1913.

Stephen Fuller was apparently quite strict, but a good father and had a good sense of humour.

Stephen is buried in Margate cemetery with his wife and one of his daughters.

The Lodge was sold in the 80s to the parents of the current owners. The parents had managed the nurseries at the rear of the property but when those were  closed the house was no longer tied to the job. The house was then purchased by the family through a court process.


  1. From the front room, you can watch the abundance of wildlife going about their lives around Dane Park offering a serene backdrop to daily life. Well that is one way of talking about the local drunks, muggers, sex offenders & general Ne’er-do-wells up to no good in there.

  2. Stephan Fuller was my Grandmother’s grandfather. She lived for years in Poet’s corner and eventually in Beatrice Road in Margate, Her house didn’t have electricity installed until the mid 1960’s because my grandfather got free gas and coal from the gas work where he worked in King Street.

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