Crews attend garage fire in Margate

Fire crews at the scene Photo Frank Leppard

A garage fire in Margate is believed to have started accidentally today (May 7) after a lithium-ion battery charger caught alight.

Three fire engines attended Broadley Road just before 5pm and crews wearing breathing apparatus used hose reel jets to extinguish the flames.

A smoke curtain was also used to prevent the smoke from travelling into the main property.

No injuries were reported. Crews finished at the scene at 6.25pm.


  1. You are not allowed to say that or the green mafia will be after you! Just like the media did not report that the Luton Airport multi-storey carpark fire was caused by an electric car.

    • Interestingly, a hospital in Liverpool have banned electric cars from their car park due to safety concerns.

    • Not to mention the excessive weight of EVs, causing potholes and placing car parks etc under strain.

  2. Some time ago I noticed by chance, the battery charger for my Mobility Scooter gets very hot! I have changed it 2 times, but it still does this, so I place it inside a glass roasting dish when its on charge, and check regularly. I have concluded lithium ion batteries are a con! Until a couple of years ago I used a battery assisted bike, and over a period of 26 or more years, had to replace the battery at least a dozen times, at £300.00 a pop! Electric cars will have to do the same, depending on mileage, which means a second hand electric car may be close to needing to have a new battery after a few years. These seem to cost between £6,000 to £10,000 which will knock a big hole in the 2nd hand car market!

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