Thanet band Sun Messiah heading to finals of Metal 2 the Masses competition

Sun Messiah hope to win a slot at the Bloodstock Festival this summer

A Thanet band has stormed its way into the finals of the Metal to the Masses competition.

Sun Messiah is made up of four musicians from Margate and Ramsgate who are battling to win a slot at the Bloodstock Festival in Derby this August.

The festival is the largest independent event of its kind in the UK and attracts a crowd of some 20,000 metal music fans.

Sun Messiah musicians are Ross Harris, 41, from Margate on bass guitar; Keiron Sullivan, 36, from Ramsgate on drums; dad of two Sam Watling, 32, from Ramsgate, vocals and guitar and Dan Lloyd, 34, from Margate also vocals and guitar.

Dad of three Ross said: “We have been together as a band since the beginning of 2023 but we have 60 years experience between us of playing in bands and have played all over the south east.

“With the competition we are playing to a lot of people and the end goal is to get to play the festival in Derby.

“Along with that, the local scene is starting to ramp up again and there are lots of venues and bands focusing on alternative music in Thanet.”

The four piece, progressive metal outfit combine powerful riffs and melodic vocal features with the odd psychedelic curveball. Following the release of their 2023 3-track, recorded at Century Audio by Jason Frye, Sun Messiah now want to perform to even more crowds.

Dan also runs Messiah Riff Audio recording studio in The Centre, Margate.

The Metal to the Masses final takes place at Leo’s, The Red Lion, in Gravesend on June 22. Event page:

Ross said: “We have made it through to the final and would love to take the chance to promote heavy rock and metal music across Thanet! The scene is really starting to thrive with some awesome bands coming through.”

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