UPDATE: Man reported missing from Manston found safe

Image Kent Police

UPDATE:  A 23-year-old man reported missing from Manston on Monday 29 April has been safely located

Police officers had appealed for help to find Max Whalebone after he was last seen in the Acol area at around 4.30am today (April 29).

He has now been located.


  1. Yes ,surnames are interesting . This name is not that unusual and maybe it could be more respectful and considerate to keep one’s opinion on an irrelevant fact to one’s self when a person is missing .

  2. So he was missing. That is not the same thing as being physically attacked or murdered. Many people are reported missing and later turn up after staying away somewhere.
    Missing in action during wartime is an entirely different matter and deserves the reverence due to it.
    But, please, commenting on someone’s surname is not a big deal. I posted a comment on here that reflected my initial response. I make no apology for that and, further, reject your pompous moralising attitude. The fact that we continue to discuss the matter indicates it is not as irrelevant as you make out.
    Whalebone is an odd name and your insistence that it is not indicates something seriously wrong with your cognitive processes.

  3. Hooray – let’s await long diatribe in the steps of cognition ,cause , function , impairments etc blahhhhh
    Pompous moralising , yes you are quite good at it .
    Missing person , family friends distressed – cor blimey what a funny name eh
    Any relation to Moby you muted ,hilarious ?

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