Green Campus designs for Ramsgate Port to go on public display

Campus image TDC

Thanet council is inviting residents to learn more about its designs for a Green Campus at Ramsgate Port which will create spaces for training, enterprise and light industry along Military Road.

The project is part of Ramsgate’s £19.8m Levelling Up programme granted by government in October 2021.

The Green Campus aim is to make the most of Ramsgate’s maritime heritage, skills and location. It will include a mix of training facilities and workspaces, for both small and established businesses, with opportunities for expansion in the future.

Jan Kattein Architects developed initial design ideas for the Green Campus, which can be reviewed on the council’s website. Members of the public were invited to view the plans and give their feedback at an event which took place on Tuesday 18 July.

Green Campus early design by JKA

At that event Gabriel Warshafsky, from JKA, said: “There will be training and community facilities at the front, a ground floor café, rooms for training sessions and workspace units.

“We are hoping to have space for the Ramsgate Cadets to use and we are looking generally at smaller businesses in maritime and marine skills and offshore wind and green energy.”

The designs displayed in July showed the core of the Green Campus centred around a south-facing courtyard. At the north of the site, there will be training and seminar spaces and a canteen. Two ‘terraces’ of workspace will line the east and west sides of the courtyard which could be combined to create larger units for anchor tenants.

A public exhibition of the latest designs will take place at Arch 6, Military Road, Ramsgate CT11 9LG on:

  • Wednesday 1 May, 2pm to 7pm
  • Thursday 2 May, 2pm to 5pm
  • Friday 3 May, 9.30am to 12pm

There will be a number of boards on display showing the designs. The project architects and project management team will be there on the first day of the exhibition (Wednesday 1 May) to answer questions. The council’s project team will attend all three sessions.

Following the event, the boards will remain on display at the Military Road venue and can be viewed during two further sessions, on Tuesday 7 May, 2pm – 4pm and Thursday 9 May, 9am – 11am.

Port of Ramsgate Photo TDC

The feedback from the July drop-in session was reviewed and has helped to shape the revised designs now on display. A planning application will be submitted following the public event.

Some £9,615,100 has been earmarked for port projects with £3.5 million of this for improved port infrastructure.

However, a report to councillors earlier this year said port infrastructure work is likely to need £10m, far exceeding the £3.5 allocated for site clearance and remediation; improved breakwater and new berthing infrastructure.

The Port Infrastructure project includes the refurbishment of berths 2 and 3, and land based works needed to support ro-ro ferry operations, including facilities for UK Border Force.

Looking at the future of Ramsgate Port

Last year Thanet council approved an option for a multi-purpose hybrid model at the port  offering a concession contract with a lease attached to it. Agreements with Brett Aggregrates and wind farm operators would remain in place.

The option means the council retaining the management of part of the Port, such as non-ro-ro traffic, with ro-ro cargo and traffic managed by a third party.

Thanet council has been seeking expressions of interest from commercial port operators.

Early designs revealed for £19.8m Levelling Up Fund projects at Ramsgate port, harbour and Newington Community Centre


  1. its the ferrys we need back , not these type of things . its the first step to the port being covered in expensive luxury flats – mark my words

    • We really, really don’t. That land has been sat unused for years, may as well do something with it. Dover handles ferries much better than we ever could with better connections to the rest of the country. I’m not a fan of luxury flats either, but at least it’d be something – better than developing on green land right?

    • Yeah how about using the money towards opening the port itself! This is a boring idea and helps hardly any local people

    • Was it Mike Yarwood who did a wonderful impersonation of Harold Wilson on a state visit to France, giving a speech in Yorkshire-accented French about(among other things) Madame Barbara Château and L’Ovvercraft?

  2. The dinosaurs are coming out to play lol. That’s all live in the pasted and dream of a defuncted airport and ferry. Neither have made money.

    No wonder thanet is such a back water that dinosaur still roam and its a tory stronghold.

  3. To those saying open the port again, can you tell me how much money it lost when last open and has lost since?

    Could you also tell me how it will work this time round with running the much larger ferries that the port can’t fit?

    Would love to know as want to see how the minds or morons work

  4. I don’t understand the benefits to Ramsgate, of this project.

    Unlike the Future High St, Pier Yard, Clockhouse and Smack Boys. They are great projects. With glacial activity.

    This one seems like hopeful port dreams. What is it actually all about??!

  5. Typical response from the Labour Council, no mention of turning the Smack Boys building into a Hotel, what has happened to the Wet fish Market, so the Fishing Fleet in Ramsgate, can sell there fish at a decent price, instead of being ripped of by the Supermarkets, then there is the Maritime Museum, what’s happening to that, I suppose the Labour Council will focus on a Pizza Oven for Newington, have any of them walked through Ramsgate town centre, Karen Constantine keeps telling us, that if the Airport opens, it will destroy the Holiday trade, who the hell would want to come to Ramsgate, with a town centre like it is.

    • Over the past few summers I have met several visitors to Ramsgate who were enjoying their visits very much and intended to visit again. They were not particularly interested in shopping.

  6. tripod offered a few fair comments , who on earth would want to come here for a holiday , and mores the point what would they do when they got here ? it would be fine if they came for a fight or a stabbing thats well catered for in the town and seafront

  7. But who decided Smack Boys was unviable when the Yarrow proves otherwise, just down the road and arguably in a less attractive setting. And clearly offering more job opportunities than this proposal that appears entirely unclear to me.

    And who decided this green campus IS viable? This proposal doesn’t even make any sense.

    It is a port obsession at the expense of far more valued and relevant projects to Ramsgate and the residents.

    Meanwhile, what’s happening with Pier Yard, the High St, Clockhouse and Maritime Museum?

    • This is an opportunity to find out more and comment about the green campus. All the other projects you mention are continuing and there will be more news on them soon, but this event isn’t about them.

      The Smack Boys poses particular challenges because it is a listed heritage asset, which limits its adaptability, but it has not been forgotten. The green campus, by contrast, is a flexible space because it can be designed to purpose.

      • But to what purpose? We seem to consult on vague projects at the expense of those with clarity and clear benefit and impact.

        Such as Pier Yard, and the Maritime Museum and Clockhouse.

        Who decides the batting order?

        Why is progress almost zero despite the levelling up funds being awarded several years ago?

        What’s happened to the Future High St funds and improvements?

  8. I am afraid the idea of a ferry service is almost dead.I don’t think Dover and it’s population benefit much from the activities of DHB and in fact they suffer a lot of negatives.
    A pink hovercraft would be like a pink elephant,pink pointlessness.
    If the government encouraged short sea shipping instead of pouring yet more money on roads that are badly maintained Ramsgate might have a future.TDC would be better off cutting it’s losses and selling the port and forming a harbour trust for the royal harbour.As to this scheme, I cannot really see it’s benefit as it is again TDC allocating govt cash on its own estate.Levelling up is not a cash back scheme for indigent councils.What about the beach club idea for water sports, that would bring jobs and trade to the area,at relatively low cost.

    • Let’s not encourage the kind of water-sports which are a danger to other sea users. Jetskis and kite-surfing in particular.

      • No sailing, kayaking etc,but in any case the marina car park is away from the beach and a safer place for even those aquatic activities.
        I agree about cutting out the TDC factor every time.

  9. We once had a wonderfull beach used and loved by the preople of thanet ,it was a delight in every sense ,with a winding rockery to enter by car,challet,s rented by the locals ,a cafe . The beach it,self went right up to the harbour wall.Truley a place of the people. Destroyd for no economic gain and a contnuing council disaster

  10. We had the all singing and dancing Christchurch campus at Westwood, how much!!!! What happened there!!! So watch this new expensive initiative at the harbour! We need ‘realistic plans’ for our town and they don’t necessarily need to be highly expensive.

  11. Ramsgate made it onto DailyMail online a few days ago, all good then. EXCLUSIVE’The heart has been ripped out’: How a Kent seaside town is fighting a ‘huge’ AirBnB invasion with nearly 900 homes turned into holiday lets as furious locals say rich Londoners treat resort like ‘their playground’
    Back on topic. Ohh the port project, looks lovely (insert concerned emoji).

  12. Best thing is to knock it all down and start again, new apartments, shops , restaurants (and cafes) , etc , a place for locals and tourists, the ferry is a no go not suitable in the winter and the travel time to. Dunkiirk makes it less attractive than Dover where ships are large and built for the service. Someone should study what has been done elsewhere, Cardiff Bay for instance and even some American marinas, they know how to serve the public and give them what they want.

  13. Military road used to be full of workshops and skilled tradesmen teaching their skills to apprentices working on 3 slipways, TDC in their infinite wisdom gave them no support and let the slipways decline, now they are telling us about this new plan. Make what you like of that.

  14. I would advise youngsters who want to see the world and travel to find employment on private super yachts in the Mediterranean, leave Thanet say good bye to Mum and Dad and make your own life. Nothing to do with Ramsgate harbour but there are marinas in other parts of the world.

  15. The only way to make Ramsgate (or Thanet as a whole) successful is to remove TDC from any equation. No matter the political ilk, TDC have historically proved themseleves to be incompetent clowns in every single pie they stick their fingers in (and they try to stick their fingers in everything).

    Ramsgate has nothing to offer visitors other than a bit of dirty beach and a view of some boats. MM Rees has “met several visitors to Ramsgate who were enjoying their visits very much and intended to visit again…” thank heavens for those SEVERAL… we can all retire on the money they spend in the town.

    • And the fact that “They were not particularly interested in shopping” means they contributed little.

    • There are plenty of visitors to Ramsgate in the summer whom I’ve never spoken with, just seen on the beach and in the town. Presumably all the Air B and B users manage to find shops which sell food, if they are self-catering, as well as cafes, pubs and restaurants for the occasions when they want to eat out.

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