Celebrating cultures at Newlands Primary School

Culture days at Newlands

This year children at Newlands Primary School have taken part in a new event where the school enables children to research, investigate, learn and appreciate a variety of cultures for one day each term.

So far, the children have explored winter festivals and the history, traditions and rituals of a wide variety of cultures.

On celebrating culture day last term, the children enjoyed a day full of fun activities learning about traditional arts in different cultures, from music to visual arts.

In Year 1/2 the children explored the folk art of weaving, by practising their weaving skills with paper. They also practised the body art form of Henna using icing.

In Year 3/4 the children learnt new folk dances, printing and painting different intricate designs from Celtic patterns to Chinese ceramic patterns. They have sculpted love spoons, created flamenco fans and made their own Gyotaku.

The children have been enthralled with their learning and all the teachers are beyond proud of how they have immersed themselves in the different cultures.