Community news: Motorholics, Line Rangers and authors’ event at Baker Street Bistro

Motorholics meet at The WonderWorks Photo Sam Bradley Photography

Motorholics automotive club

Photo Sam Bradley Photography

A car enthusiasts club in Thanet is hoping to attract people along to its meets either as owners or simply to come and have a look and enjoy a day out.

Motorholics automotive club was created by Ramsgate resident Mike Stirrups last Summer and has already garnered hundreds of followers.

The 26-year-old accounts manager is a classic Mini owner and said he felt there was room for a responsible local meet.

Mike (black T shirt) Photo Sam Bradley Photography

He said: “We spoke to local venues such as The WonderWorks, RAF Manston History Museum, Whitstable Castle & AquaTec Wash Centre, all three agreed to let us host our meets there.

“We change it up at Motorholics meets, sometimes doing “acceptance meets” where we get everyone to send their vehicles in and pick the cars that will come (with some reserves), whereas sometimes we just do open car meets and let everyone turn up on the day. This gives us plenty of variety and lets different people in each time.

Photo Sam Bradley Photography

“We run a tight ship, no burnouts, no drifting, no loud music, no revving, we like to keep it peaceful. We’ve had some great success running it like this and everyone has said how great the meets have been. This year we are hoping to grow and do some bigger events, maybe even a full sized car show, who knows!

“At all our meets there are places to eat, at Whitstable Castle they kindly did both breakfast and lunch for people to buy and WonderWorks, RAF Museum and AquaTec all have fantastic cafes to eat at.

“We have a fantastic group where people can post their cars, ask for advice or just have a browse. We are getting close to 1000 members.”

Photo Sam Bradley Photography

Motorholics meet each month in the Summer with some meets in the winter months. Vehicles range from classics to American muscle cars, Japanese vehicles and supercars.

Mike said: “We like locations where people can come and look and bring the kids or older people might like a browse and have a day out.”

Motorholics also sell merchandise such as t-shirts, stickers, hoodies which helps to pay for trophies, rewards and other things to make the meets more fun.

Mike and partner Megan Dunn also sell the items online.

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Find the Motoholics group on facebook at:
photos were taken by Sam Bradley Photography

Line Rangers

The Line Rangers held their Spring social at Birchington Village Centre on Friday 5th April with 40 people attending.

A good time was had by all and the charity raffle raised £238 for Fight Bladder Cancer.

Pictures show Maureen who sold the raffle tickets, Theo and Janet Loyla who organised the event and the dancers in action.

Line Rangers Line Dancing

Mondays – Birchington

Tuesdays – Westgate

Wednesdays -Monkton

Fridays – Birchington

Members of Everything Linedance Association ELD

Tel 01843 833643  Mob 07751 997420

Baker Street Bistro Ramsgate

Young author Sofia Haq has published a colourful book

The Baker Street Bistro, based at Ramsgate’s Petticoat Lane Emporium, will be hosting a local authors’ book signing event on April 11th and 12th.

Meet authors Julie E A Leonard, Chris Horn, Kat McDermott, Peter Erlam and Sofia Haq at the event which runs from 10am to 4pm both days.