Cliftonville youth record label Tonetic Records invites applications for artist programme

Working with Tonetic Records Photo Oliver Goodrich

Cliftonville based youth record label Tonetic Records is looking for young people to take part in an 11 month artist programme.

The record label, which works in partnership with youth charity Arts Education Exchange, aims to help young people aged 16-25 by giving them the resources, knowledge and support they need to realise their artistic vision and shape their future in music.

Those taking part will be able to gain live performance experience,  connect with other creatives and access vital industry knowledge.

Photo Ella-Louise Gilbert

Every Monday, as part of the Tonetic Artist Programme, participants will have access to the in-house recording studio. They can rehearse, rework, and record  music with professional music software including Logic Pro and Ableton Live and a wide range of instruments and music technology.

The Tonetic team will be on hand to help write and produce tracks, with a dedicated studio engineer available for all studio sessions.

Tonetic will host industry masterclasses throughout the year to meet and participate in talks with music industry professionals.

The young people will get the help needed for recording, releasing and promoting music.

The programme is for those who consider themselves a music artist/band, who feel that they can’t/don’t have the means to support their music or the tools to create it, have faced economic and/or social barriers to making music or learning about music and the industry or are interested in learning about the music industry.

Applications must be made by April 24. Email Tom Postgate at [email protected]

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