Garlinge Primary pupils embrace Science Week

Science Week at Garlinge Primary

Garlinge Primary School and Nursery has been buzzing with excitement as pupils entered the realm of scientific exploration to celebrate British Science Week.

From conducting experiments to delving into active maths and art, the children showcased their curiosity and creativity throughout the week.

Under the guidance of teaching staff, the pupils embarked on a journey of discovery, planning and executing various experiments that ignited their scientific curiosity. From exploring reactions in fizzy drinks to investigating chromatography, from crafting sand timers using water and plastic bottles to observing the setting process of jelly with different fruits added, the students eagerly immersed themselves in hands-on learning experiences.

The integration of active maths into the curriculum added an extra dimension by linking mathematical concepts to real-world scenarios, such as time and calculations. The students not only honed their mathematical skills but also gained a deeper appreciation for the practical applications of mathematics in everyday life.

Art also played a significant role in the week’s activities, with lessons inspired by renowned artists like Salvador Dali, whose works often feature surrealistic interpretations of time. Many children also entered work into the British Science Week’s poster competition.

One of the highlights of the week was the visit from ‘Gooey Stewie’ of Wizz Pop Science, who captivated the young minds with his interactive demonstrations. Through engaging experiments, ‘Gooey Stewie’ showcased the effects of air on objects and imparted valuable lessons about Newton’s laws of motion, sparking a sense of wonder and fascination among the students.

Reflecting on the week’s activities, Andrew Shepherd, class teacher and Science Subject Lead at Garlinge Primary School and Nursery, said: “It has been a fantastic week. The children have truly embraced the spirit of exploration, opening their minds to new ideas and concepts.

“The teamwork, enthusiasm, and smiles on the pupils’ faces have been incredible to witness.”

Head of School, Stephen Cope, added that Science Week has been a huge success and the buzz around the school has been palpable.