Heritage Lab Ramsgate’s bid to take on East Cliff concrete sea shelters – and says residents’ ideas wanted

East Cliff shelters are being offered for lease Image Heritage Lab

Heritage Lab Ramsgate is aiming to secure the lease of the eight concrete shelters at the East Cliff.

The community interest company, which recently bought the Old Wine Warehouse (Age & Sons) in Charlotte Court, says it has been working on a project for the shelters since last year and  wants to hear ideas from residents on how they would like them to be used.

The shelters at the sea wall below the Winterstoke Gardens are being offered by Thanet council as a bundle at £8,000 per year, with a two year rent-free period to allow for refurbishment.

Thanet council says the shelters could be used for small food outlets, mobile light refreshment stands, spaces for pop-up performances and art, bases for fitness and wellbeing activities or lockable storage.

Sea shelters below the Winterstoke Gardens

Heritage Lab Ramsgate says: “We’ve been working on this project for over a year already, and first approached TDC last February about taking them on.

“If we are lucky enough to acquire the lease, we want to make sure that the shelters have a sustainable future and make a difference to the local community, ideally creating or sustaining new jobs.

“We are really excited about the idea of turning the East Cliff concrete shelters into something that benefits the local community.

“There are 8 shelters built into the cliff along the lower Eastern promenade in Ramsgate and (they) could be amazing Curiously Creative Places.”

The CIC says it has ideas for the shelters but would like to hear from residents too.

Thanet council has so far received 13 expressions of interest in taking on the lease and says  there is existing electricity and water infrastructure on the upper promenade level, “meaning that connection to utilities is possible, subject to the necessary consent.”

To share your ideas with Heritage Lab Ramsgate email  [email protected] before April 14.

Anyone interested in the lease can email [email protected]

Council receives 13 expressions of interest to lease concrete sea shelters in Ramsgate

Workspace, restaurant/cafe, bar and performance venue plan for former Age and Sons building in Ramsgate


  1. I’m confused. If Heritage Lab has been working on this a year, why has TDC put them out to tender? Did TDC not know?

    And why would anyone submit their ideas to Heritage Lab? Are they now subcontracting?


    And good luck to TDC running electric and water from the top of the cliff to the bottom. I’m not convinced it’s a great use of our limited funds.

    Why not get on with realising some of the existing, well funded, project commitments such as Future High St or Levelling Up? The years roll past…..

  2. I don’t really understand this. They have been working on a project around this for a year and want the lease but don’t know what to do with them and need community ideas ?

    What have I missed ?

  3. Why not make them “art shelters”? They’re more suitable for that than the shelters of Cliftonville, though being in Ramsgate they’ll never get Arts Council funding!

  4. Will be interesting to see what happens to the east cliff shelters in the above photo,
    heritage labs previously teamed up with ramsgate arts barge, Disappointed rag is no more.

  5. These shelters have been neglected for over 30 years. There hasn’t been a seat in any of them for most of that time. They are owned by TDC but as you can see they have never been maintained and never will be by the council. A community group come along and ask people what they want them to be, whether that be shelters or something else, Good luck to them. At least someone is trying to do something with them. Ignore the naysayers. Plenty of them in Thanet that’s for sure.

  6. Turn them into community banks as the numskulls at Nat West, Barclays, HSBC dont give a monkeys nut about people anymore.

  7. Here’s an idea…convert them into pissoirs…it shouldn’t cost too much…they already smell like them.

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