Palestine Action demonstrators blockade Instro Precision site at Discovery Park

Police are in attendance at the site of the protest

Eight activists from Palestine Action have blockaded all three access points into Elbit’s Instro Precision weapons factory in Discovery Park this morning (March 26).

By attaching themselves to each other via lock ons, they’ve shut down the site at Sandwich.

Instro Precision is owned by Elbit Systems, Israel’s largest weapons firm. Elbit Systems provide a range of weaponry for the Israeli military, including 85% of their military drone fleet and land-based equipment, as well as electronic warfare, bullets, munitions and gun components

Protestors say the action is to highlight the conflict and deaths in Gaza.

Photo Palestine Action

Instro Precision Ltd manufactures a range of military equipment for the purposes of warfare. These include weapons sights for infantry and heavy artillery, such as the XACT th64 sights – which have been sold in quantities of thousands to the Israeli military to be used in Palestine.

A Palestine Action spokesperson said: “Our commitment to the struggle for Palestinian liberations remains stronger than ever, which means it is our obligation to shut down the means of weapons production for the Israeli military.

“We refuse to continue appealing to the political establishment to end our collective complicity in genocide. Instead, we will take direct action to shut down Israel’s weapons trade.”

Instro Precision says it is a supplier and system integrator of support equipment for military and commercial electro-optical sensors in the world. It says it supplies ‘high precision military equipment’ and specialises in support equipment like tripods and manual pan and tilt heads for military observation equipment. Instro produces observation, surveillance and targeting systems.

In 2019 the firm moved to Discovery Park from Broadstairs, where it had been the target of numerous protests. There have also been several protests at its site in Discovery Park.

Kent Police officers are currently at the scene of the protest.

An armed conflict between Israel and Hamas-led Palestinian groups has been taking place chiefly in and around the Gaza Strip since 7 October 2023.


  1. Given the situation in Gaza and the West Bank this protest is very welcome.
    Thanks to all involved!

    • And if we lived in a civilised country this protest wouldn’t have been necessary, because our MPs, councils and communities would have made every effort to prevent a disgusting factory like this from existing in the first place.

  2. If only they went to this much effort to support BRITISH female pensioners and BRITISH farmers. You’d think at the very least all these grateful immigrants finding refuge in this country would do more to support BRITISH causes.

    • Ms Pink always trying to muddy the waters, supporting Israel killing thousands of innocent babies, children, women, elderly and disabled Palestinians! It is inexcusable, because Israel has kept hundreds of Palestinians hostage BEFORE the Hamas attack on 7th October last year!

      Claiming Israel has the right to defend its borders is a nonsense, if it means killing thousands of innocent people, and turning their homeland into a concentration camp! Over 2 million Palestinians are being starved to death by the Israeli’s, and disease is rife as food, and medical aid is being blocked from entering Gaza! Water has been cut off, so those few properties left standing can’t even flush their toilets! Electricity is limited, and what medical aid there is can’t go anywhere near demand!

      Hamas is not a homogenous group, it is made up of a number of Islamic militants, and Israel will never wipe them out, so why is Israel killing thousands of innocent people, and destroying their homes? Retribution is all, and whatever goodwill people practicing the Jewish faith had after the Holocaust, has been destroyed by this Israeli government!

      There is such a thing as the Quaker defence, that these protestors should use it means they can break the law if it means stopping a greater evil, which is what is happening here! The British people should be ashamed that we are supplying weapons to Israel to be used to kill babies, children, women and the elderly. Pray for them. People can donate over the phone to: Medical Aid for Palestinians on 020 7226 4114, and Action Aid who look after mostly women and girls on 01460 238000

      • Two wrongs don’t make a right, but why should this take priority over OUR people? There are pensioners and farmers in extreme poverty, yet the lack of support shown by others is astounding!

      • Nice long rant there, and im sure Ms Pink is grateful for you giving the name to all and sundry while you hide behind “Dumpton”

  3. All strength to the protesters. When will the West wake up to the utter criminality of Israel? The terrorist organisation is the IDF and its leaders are war criminals. One day Israel will be held to account for this mass slaughter. Free Palestine. The world demands it.

        • Anyway, they’re usually in my nightly prayers (just after my prayers for His Majesty, King Charles III and Her Royal Highness, The Princess of Wales).

        • which war criminal would that be, the Israeli Prime Minister or The leader of the terrorist organisation Hamas. Seems like youre supporting one of them too!

  4. I think the editor needs to do some editing here.Ms Pink is yet again skirting the bounds of fair comment and good taste.
    The subject is arms control.Should the UK allow the export of military hardware like this to Israel, when Israel refuses to accept the injunction by the UN on a ceasefire or a two state solution.Canada already has done so.
    I have explained to Ms Pink that two wrongs do not make a right, but to no avail.
    I am sure that no right thinking person denies that what Hamas or it’s affiliates did last October amounted to an atrocity, but the destruction of Gaza and the deaths of unarmed civilians by the IDF is also unacceptable.
    Most right thinking people would also say that unpleasant,racist and bigoted behaviour to any racial,religious, or social minority is equally abhorrent.
    Most of us want to live in harmony and peaceful coexistence with our neighbours.
    I would point out that this is the same Ms Pink that alluded to witches yet now bangs the gong about WASPI women.
    Ms Pink also shouts about immigration when I have shown quite conclusively that the majority are invited in by this government,and are not the bedraggled dinghy asylum seekers.
    As for farming as I said 61% of our food is produced in the UK, but many of us would agree that the supermarkets and wholesalers have much to answer for in terms of farm gate prices.
    The farming community would receive more support from the public if it understood public concerns and worked to deliver greater bio diversity and greater access to the countryside.Turning up in expensive shiny tractors and blaming the public will not get them what they want.I know that there are many farmers who understand that change is necessary, and as the son of a farmer, I can recall how farming has changed since the interwar years when farming really was in a period of depression.

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