St Gregory’s pupils in the hot seat of Government power

St Gregory's pupils with their visitor passes to Parliament

A visit to the country’s seat of democracy allowed children from St Gregory’s Catholic Primary in Margate to tour the imposing Houses of Parliament.

The fact-finding mission for the school’s Pupil Council saw them explore the culture and heritage of the centuries-old ornate Palace of Westminster.

A key part of the visit was a meeting with North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale who currently holds the senior Government post of Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons.

A question and answer session with Sir Roger involved a range of topics being discussed including the issue of climate change and the environmental future of the country, plus what the role of Deputy Speaker entails.

The visit gave children the chance to witness how hectic Parliament can be, with Prime Minister’s questions on the agenda for MPs and an all-important budget meeting taking place.

The Pupil Council also saw the House of Lords, the steps King Charles walked, the hot-seat green chair in Commons from which the Speaker keeps law and order during often heated debates, the spot when the late Queen Elizabeth II lay in state during the national period of mourning before her funeral.

Athanasia Papa-Adams, Head of Upper Key Stage 2, said: “The children were able to make links tied to their learning about democracy as well as the British values around laws and voting.

“They were in awe at the intricate details of the building, the wood carvings and the ornate decoration. It was a wonderful experience to be at the heartbeat of Government and to meet with such a senior politician as Sir Roger.”