Teen jailed for assault in Ramsgate where two victims suffered serious injuries

Jesse Connor has been jailed

A teenager who seriously injured two people following a late-night row in Ramsgate has been sentenced to six years and nine months.

Jesse Connor was part of a group drinking in a pub in Harbour Street on the evening of 6 April 2023, when they got into an argument with another group.

The other group, which included the two victims, left the pub at around 10pm that evening to move on.

Later in the evening, shortly after 11pm, Connor and his friends caught up with them in Harbour Street and, following a verbal exchange, Connor punched one of the group.

During the ensuing fight, Connor was seen stamping towards the head of one of the men, before taking a sharp object out of his pocket and using it as a weapon.

Both of the victims suffered serious injuries, with one flown to a London hospital with head injuries and stab wounds, and another suffering stab wounds to his back and arm.

East Kent CID launched an investigation into the assaults, which led to Connor being arrested and charged. The weapon was not recovered but Connor later claimed it was a key.

Connor, 18, of Meridian Close, Ramsgate, later admitted two counts of causing grievous body harm with intent and one count of affray.

He was sent to a young offenders’ institution for six years and nine months when he was sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court on Friday 8 March.

Detective Constable Rebecca Keeler, Kent Police’s investigating officer, said: “Everyone should be able to go out in Kent without fearing violence from offenders like Jesse Connor.

“Where offences do occur, investigators will work hard to track down and build a case against those involved, and I am pleased this case has seen a violent offender taken off the streets of Thanet.”


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  4. A few years ago Joe Shaw was kicked in the head at the same location I believe, and was left totally paralysed, and unable to talk. The attacker received 4 years I believe, which is less than this idiot got by far! Why is that, Joe will never be able to work, or lead a normal life, and his attacker is probably walking around free now. This si not justice!

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