Former military homes at Manston refurbished and on sale market

Former MoD homes now on the property market

Six former Ministry of Defence homes at Manston have gone on the sale market.

The ex-military family homes are being sold by Annington, the company responsible for refurbishing former MOD housing, and marketed through Your Move.

In 1996, the MoD sold all its housing for military personnel and their families, 57,400 properties, to Annington Homes for £1.67bn as part of a broader process of privatisation of state assets.

The deal made Annington the largest owner of residential property in England and Wales.

The MoD lacked funds to maintain the properties, and intended to rent the homes from Annington at a discounted rate, while allowing the company to sell properties the armed forces no longer required.

The three and four-bed Manston homes are being sold for £270,000 and have refurbished ahead of sale, with new flooring and carpets in each property and the majority featuring new contemporary kitchens.

Louise Saunders, Head of Sales and Marketing for Annington, said: “At Annington we specialise in refurbishing properties to give them a new lease of life, growing local communities and providing much needed homes around the country.

“We are proud to launch our collection of homes in Manston and join such a charming community. These spacious properties are a brilliant choice for growing families and are close to village life and with great commuter links.”

Matt Walker, Associate Director for Your Move Ramsgate, added: “We expect these homes to be popular with both first-time buyers and established families from the area. We’re also seeing a lot of commuters move to Thanet looking for a quiet spot with great amenities, and this development is a prime location for commuting and is situated close to the motorway.”

Prices start from £270,000 for a three-bedroom home and £310,000 for a four-bedroom property. Find out more from Your Move Ramsgate on 01843 584 848.

Annington is currently in dispute with the MoD after the department announced plans in 2022 to use the Leasehold Reform Act 1967 to reverse the privatisation deal.

The MoD exercised its leasehold enfranchisement rights over individual houses to acquire back the freeholds. This was challenged by Annington but that challenge was rejected by the High Court last May. The case is currently going through the  Court of Appeal.


  1. I believe Portillo was involved in this deal, gave away state assets for next to nothing, hence now deciding they want them back via the courts. Meanwhile a private company has made a huge amount of money. They paid £1.7Bn, now worth £7.6Bn with the MOD paying for all repairs and maintenance and rent!

  2. These will be nice & quiet next to the heliport & adjacent to the runway not forgetting the Migrant camp a short stroll down the road. they are reasonable though, Ideal houses for plane spotters.

  3. This is yet another scandal brushed under the carpet by wicked Thatcher, 57,400 MOD houses sold off cheap to Annington who have been laughing all the way to the bank ever since at the taxpayers expense. Surprise surprise the bods behind Annington have made considerable donations to the Conservative Party over the years. Channel 4 dispatches research team will know more.

  4. My brother was in the forces for 26 years and his family had a home. A home in which they were secure during the many long months my brother was away, often for up to 6 months at a time. A home where the wife/mother could phone for assistance with any problems or repairs whilst my brother was away and unable to do them himself. What security do such families have these days? None. Such homes should NEVER have been sold off.

  5. And we have many homeless ex service staff,why not let them have them,so they can get back on their feet

    • Former barracks should be refurbished for the homeless ex-service staff. The refugees are not happy living in them, but I’m sure our own homeless servicemen and women would be grateful.

  6. Surprised already these manston family homes have not been snapped up in a business 2 business arrangement with clearsprings, serco, mears etc. For dispersal accommodation of asylum seeker. Where hotels need to get refurbished and returned to to their owners.
    Just adding i mentioned manston and dispersal from my heart, thank you to all that served GB.

    • So would you suggest they were demolished? They’ve been there years , not a new development.

  7. It’s a shame that the houses were not refurbished whilst the military were actually living in them. Do the prospective buyers really know of the costs of them? The roads are private, not covered by the local council so are maintained at cost to the buyers, same as the waste water and sewerage as well as the cost of having street lighting.

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