Newington Fish Bar named in UK’s top 50 chippie takeaways – and recognised as Real Living Wage employer

Real Living Wage employer Nigel Derrett with staff members Summer Scholes (Left) and Sonia Booth (right)

Newington Fish Bar has been named as one of the UK’s 50 Best Fish & Chip Takeaways 2024.

And, separately, the venue has also been recognised as a Real Living Wage employer.

The top 50 title comes after two rounds of mystery dining visits by leading trade publication Fry Magazine in which judges inspected aspects including food quality, premises cleanliness, staff expertise, value for money, ease of ordering, and social media presence.

With the pass mark set high at 95.5%, Newington Fish Bar scored an impressive 99% with the mystery diner particularly praising the polite and professional staff, freshly cooked to order food and excellent value for money.

Owner Nigel Derrett said: “Our team of staff and myself are very honoured to once again made it into the top 50 best shops in the UK.

“We pride ourselves on quality of our food and service which shines through to the customers and keeps them coming back.”

Newington Fish Bar

Reece Head, competition organiser, said: “It is with great pleasure that we congratulate Newington Fish Bar on being one of the UK’s 50 Best Fish & Chip Takeaways.

“Despite the formidable challenges posed by inflationary pressures that have affected every aspect of the industry, these remarkable establishments continue to deliver top quality fish and chips using the finest ingredients.

“Their dedication extends beyond the plate, as they invest in cutting-edge equipment to facilitate seamless and swift transactions, coupled with rigorous training in customer service. Uncompromising in their standards, they are truly the best in the business and deserve their recognition.”

Real Living Wage

Perhaps even more of an accolade is the takeaway’s policy of making sure employees get the Real Living Wage as opposed to the national minimum rate.

The Real Living Wage is a voluntary wage rate set by the Living Wage Foundation. It is the only wage rate based on the cost of living, and currently stands at £12 across the UK and £13.15 in London.

The national minimum (or living) wage is currently £10.42 for those 23 and over. For someone aged 18 to 20 it is just £7.49ph

There are over 14,000 accredited Living Wage employers across the UK who voluntarily pay their staff the higher wage and Newington Fish Bar is one of them.

For staff member Summer Scholes, who is 19, it makes a huge difference.

Summer, from Margate, was struggling to make ends meet working at a cafe for less than the real Living Wage.

She now gets an accredited Living Wage after gaining a job at the fish bar.

Summer said: “Last summer I spent 7 days a week on low pay trying to pay my bills, leaving me unable to buy many essentials throughout the month.

“However, this year whilst being paid by a real Living Wage employer I have been able to pay my bills, get the essentials I need and save some for my future studies. Above all I feel I’m a valued member of the team.”

Analysis from the Living Wage Foundation found three in five low paid jobs in the South East are held by women (62.3%).

Nigel said: “When you have a staff team that works well together, interacts with the customers and makes them feel welcome, then when it gets busy go that extra mile to keep all the customers happy and served efficiently, you need to show that they are appreciated and paying them a Living wage or higher is just one of the best ways of doing this.

“When your workers feel valued it makes them more eager to do their best. Customers will soon pick up on contented workers which ultimately helps the business flourish. I feel if you don’t reward staff properly, they will look elsewhere for a better rate and I would lose a valuable employee.”

Newington Fish Bar opened in 1980

Newington Fish Bar will mark its 44th year in business this June. The Newington Road business was opened by brothers Ken and Nigel Derrett in 1980. In that time they have scooped numerous awards and are also involved in a host of projects for the RNLI and local football clubs and schools.


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  2. I only eat fish ‘n’ chips 3 or 4 times a year, but yesterday I bought it from Minnis Bay Fish & Chips (which is actually in Birchington), and it was excellent. I do wish shops down here would offer scraps though!

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