Nature with Nik Mitchell: A wedding venue with a love for nature

Chapel House Estate

I’ve been really fortunate to have been asked by Chapel House Estate in Minster to help them find ways to increase their wildlife and biodiversity on site.

Chapel House Estate is surrounded by 35 acres of picturesque landscape, there are plenty of meadows, small areas of woodland and even an apple orchard. The grounds surround an old chapel that was built in 1290!

After carrying out a wildlife survey I found lots of wildlife there including owls, buzzards, sparrowhawks, newts and so much more. They have some beautiful trees especially an old walnut tree in the final stages of its life, that they have turned into a monolith.

They have two ponds, lots of native hedgerow and several acres of wild meadows. It’s a beautiful place and has so much potential for wildlife. I’m really looking forward to discovering new things in the coming seasons.

So far we are installing, bat boxes, nest boxes, bug hotels, hedgehog highways, reptile mats, native hedgerows and various other enhancements around the site. It’s really great that they are embracing nature like this, all these efforts to help nature don’t come cheap.

But hey nature makes places more beautiful and full of love… Just what a wedding venue should be.

Chapel House Estate an open weekend this weekend, Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th March. To book email [email protected] or call 01843 881290.

Thanet nature expert Nik Mitchell runs the Get Wild page on facebook


  1. Let’s hope for the owners sake that this venture is more of a success than any previous ventures they have attempted. However, I applaud them for attempting to increase the wildlife and biodiversity on site.

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