Thanet photographer and aurora borealis enthusiast presents ‘40 frames for 40’

Rebecca presents everything from lockdown to chasing the aurora-borealis Photo Rebecca Douglas

Thanet branding and nature photographer Rebecca Douglas is holding a free one day photography exhibition and then a series of talks and workshops to mark her 40th birthday.

The 40 frames for 40 events will take place in April. The exhibition will be hosted by the Joseph Wales Studio in Margate on Saturday 6th April while a series of photography talks and workshops will be held at Margate Caves on Sunday 7th April.

Spanning travels around Thanet to the sub-zero Arctic, expect an eclectic collection of images and stories from behind the lens. From thrilling aurora chases and breathtaking bird’s eye views from the skies above, to intriguing tales of the sea and the serene depths below the surface.

Known locally as the woman who ‘chases the aurora’ Rebecca has been a guest speaker on the topic of photographing the aurora at national events, from The National Space Centre to The Photography Show. Rebecca’s work regularly features in local, national and international publications and has been published in many books across the world.

One of her images (pictured above) forms part of the national archives at The National Portrait Gallery’s Hold Still – a collection of portraits documenting life in the UK during Lockdown.

Lockdown Life – Paul & Simon, taken at Arlington House in Margate, received the recognition of Director’s Choice and was exhibited across the UK and at The National Portrait Gallery in London.

Rebecca’s journey with photography began in the 90s, developing 35mm film at Lawn’s Newsagent in Broadstairs. For more than a decade, she captured love stories across the UK and Europe. Her career pivoted in 2020 and the storytelling tread is woven through her lifestyle and branding photography.

As a native coastliner and nature lover, Rebecca says her mission is to empower and capture radical expression of people, purpose and place.

The 40 frames for 40 exhibition, which opens at noon on Saturday 6th April, will be her first solo photography exhibition.

Rebecca said: “As a radically authentic brand and lifestyle photographer, I perceive light and connection with an almost sixth sense. Not a day goes by without a moment of gratitude for the privilege of living out my life’s purpose through my craft.

“For my 40th birthday, I felt the pull to create something that was a celebration of my love of my motherland of Thanet, of nature and in dedication to my lifelong passion of photography and chasing light, which I feel overwhelming gratitude I get to call this my job. And so ’40 frames for 40′ was born.

Rebecca Douglas Photography

“Often, as is the case with me, my idea escalated. The original idea for an exhibition turned into a weekend event with a lovingly created series of workshops and talks which will take place at Margate Caves on Sunday 7th April.

“With a programme brimming with some of my favourite topics, to inspire and ignite curiosity in others, I can’t wait to share my stories, insights and photography.”

Rebecca Douglas Photography

Entrance to the one day exhibition is free. There is a small charge for the talks and workshops on Sunday, with 10% of profits from the ticket sales donated to The Margate Caves Community Education Trust.

Rebecca added: “I’m excited to welcome everyone to the exhibition and to be sharing some of my favourite topics and stories in the workshops and talks – what an inspiring location to gather as a community.

“Why not build an adventure around the workshops and explore Margate Caves too! They’re open from 10am until 5pm, with last admission at 4.30pm.”

Rebecca Douglas Photography

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40 Frames for 40

Saturday 6th April

40 frames for 40 photography exhibition, Noon to 8pm, Joseph Wales Studio, 2a Dane Hill, Margate.

Sunday 7th April 

Workshops and Talks at The Community Rooms Margate Caves – 1 Northdown Hill, Margate

10am – Her future vision – Engaging girls in photography (Free)

This free session is for girls who have an interest in photography and want to hear about how to gain experience, build a portfolio and start a career in photography. This talk is open to girls under 18, a parent/guardian must be in attendance.

11am – Late diagnosis ADHD & me – A candid talk about my journey of discovery (£9)

Rebecca will share her story about how she realised she has ADHD, what the journey has been like since her diagnosis in 2021 and what this has meant for her life and business.

Noon – Chasing the aurora borealis in Thanet & beyond (£9)

Aurora Borealis over Thanet Rebecca Douglas Photography

Rebecca’s favourite subject so it had to make the list. In this talk she will share what causes the aurora, how to experience this epic celestial phenomenon right here from Thanet and tips on how to shoot it on your phone.

1.30pm – Rewild your connection to nature (£9)

Rebecca Douglas Photography

This talk aims to ignite and inspire your curiosity and rewild your connection with nature. Rebecca will share some of the creatures and scenes she’s encountered along the way as well as hints and tips on how to know when epic things in nature unfold on your doorstep.

2.30pm – Into the blue: Introduction to underwater photography in Thanet & UK seas (£9)

Lions Mane in Walpole Bay by Rebecca Douglas

There are so many amazing encounters to be had with nature, just a few metres from the shore. This talk will take you through what kit Rebecca has in her snorkel and camera bag, what to look out for in our local sea and waters around the UK and how to snorkel with jellyfish.

3.30pm –Taking to the skies – A guide to getting into flying drones (£9)

Rebecca has been flying drones since 2017, she’s shot commercial projects across the UK and Europe and has been interviewed by National Geographic about flying drones. If you’ve been thinking about drone photography, this session will take you through a kickstart guide on how to get started.

5pm – When the world goes dark – Night time photo adventures along the Thanet coast & beyond (£9)

So many spectacular adventures in nature await us after dark. As summer approaches, this talk will explore what to look for to see and shoot bioluminescence, noctilucent or ‘night shining’ clouds and how a UV torch can make for epic rock pooling by night.

6pm – Chasing the aurora borealis in Thanet & beyond (£9)

In this talk she will share what causes the aurora, how to experience this epic celestial phenomenon right here from Thanet and tips on how to shoot it on your phone.

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