Newington pupils record ‘The Reading Song’ hit

World Book Day at Newington Primary

A song celebrating a love of reading became a worldwide hit for Newington Community Primary in Ramsgate – and to celebrate its popularity the whole school and staff have now re-recorded a version for 2024.

Called simply The Reading Song it was originally performed by the choir – the latest version is a far more inclusive event with the recording capturing every child’s voice from Early Years to Year 6 and all of the staff.

Written in 2016 it has since been used around the world to promote reading in other countries, with more than 816,000 hits online via You Tube.

In less than 24 hours since recording, the new video was already viewed some 2000 times.

Music teacher Warwick Eldred

Music teacher Warwick Eldred said: “We regularly receive emails from around the world asking if our song can be used.

“It’s great for the children to know that a little piece of Newington is being shared by so many others.  We wanted to re-record and it and thought that World Book Day would be the perfect time.”

Written by Mr Eldred and former colleague Hanna Beech, the lively tune is a favourite with pupils, families and staff and has been used to promote literacy as far afield as India, America, Dubai, Canada and Australia.

The song has also been used by other schools particularly during the annual World Book Day celebrations.

Part of the lyric features this sing-along message:  “When I am reading, I am succeeding, I pick up a book and take a look, my mind just starts to grow.”

World Book Day was celebrated in style throughout the school. Assistant Head Teacher Gemma Clements led the Newington activities. She said: “It is vital that we use every avenue possible to promote a love of reading in all of our children.

“This year we have really focused on ensuring that every child has been given a book to take home and used the fun and excitement of World Book Day to get the whole school community talking about books. The day was a huge success.”

Head Teacher Hannah Tudor added: “It was a vibrant and exciting day and it really showed our community at its best.

“Everyone was involved and did their bit to make it a special occasion for our children. For example, the Early Years team in Nursery and Reception dressed up as the Hungry Caterpillar with all members of the group involved. I loved this and feel that it really captures a sense of team work that is so important to us at Newington.”