Tory county councillor quits party to defect to Thanet Independents Group

Cllr Trevor Shonk

Kent County Councillor Trevor Shonk has quit the Conservative Party to join the Thanet Independents Group.

Cllr Shonk was elected to the county council as a Ramsgate representative on a Tory ticket in 2021.

The former Ramsgate mayor had been a member of UKIP prior to joining the Conservatives.

Last November he and fellow Conservative county councillor Linda Wright were suspended from the Tories for defying a party line on housing policy.

At the time defiant Cllr Shonk said he wouldn’t “grovel” to be accepted back into the Tory fold.

Both members had sided with a Green Party motion on KCC’s policy regarding developer money put towards community improvement, known as section 106 contributions, as part of planning permissions.

The Tory group had voted to oppose the motion in advance of full council but Cllrs Wright and Shonk had decided to go against the party line.

Trevor Shonk

Now Cllr Shonk has quit the party, voicing his disappointed over leadership and the building on farmland.

He said: “We are in a dire situation at KCC. We need more transparency and more scrutiny. The leadership at KCC  just doesn’t listen to backbenchers, especially backbenchers from Thanet.

“I can’t just stand by and watch our farmland disappear forever. Like many voters across Kent, I feel the  Conservative Party has let our farmers down, especially here in Thanet.

“Local residents trusted us to protect the farmland. But despite all the rhetoric from senior politicians it just hasn’t happened. People are fed up with “concrete , concrete, concrete.”

“In spite of the establishment trying to stop them,  Thanet Independents are the only effective opposition to TDCs Labour leadership, who have singled out  Jonathan Tapp’s  farmland for non-farming purposes. So they need  the support of like-minded councillors.  I look forward to working with John Worrow and his team.”

Thanet Independents leader John Worrow said: “I am delighted to welcome Trevor Shonk to Thanet Independents. I have known Trevor for many years and I have always admired his independent minded approach towards local politics.

“I understand his disappointment with the Conservative leadership at KCC, whose housing policy is just as detrimental to our farmland as the approach taken by Thanet  District Council’s Labour leadership.”

Thanet Independents have three members at Thanet District Council after the rest of the party’s remaining members were wiped out at last year’s election.


  1. If UKIP hadn’t insisted that the Local Plan reserved Manston for aviation only use, several thousand of the houses now being built on farm land could have been built there.
    At the time that decision was made, Mr Shonk was a UKIP member.

    • Please stop repeating this naive rubbish. TDC will allow building on farm land regardless – building on the airport would be in addition to, not instead of.

      As for Trevor, he’s always been a man of principle rather than one to just do as he’s told. A good man.

      • There is a Local Plan, which is a document agreed by the government. This document spells out just where and where not various activities can be carried out in Thanet.
        The government requires TDC to build 17000 houses. Since none of them can be built on Manston, because of the Local Plan engineered by Trevor Shonk’s UKIP, several thousand have been or will be built elsewhere, including farmland.
        The LP (agreed by UKIP) details areas of farmland that could be built on.
        It’s not naīve rubbish. It’s fact.

        • Andrew – I’m not disputing that. What I AM disputing is your statement that TDC wouldn’t allow any ADDITIONAL building on farm land IF Manston was made available in the draft plan. They don’t care.

          • “What I AM disputing is your statement that TDC wouldn’t allow any ADDITIONAL building on farm land …”
            I made no such statement.

          • Actually, that’s not even vaguely true.

            I’m absolutely certain that no one within the Thanet Independents contributed a 20 page submission to the National Planning Policy Framework consultation (the only way for local politicians to effectively feed into changing national legislation regarding planning) asking for direct protection for agricultural land at a central level, in order to ensure that Councils aren’t forced to use it when the centrally required housing figures remove all available brownfield. I did.

            I’m also entirely certain that they haven’t, as TDC administration, directly contacted the Secretary of State to ask them to make direct decisions on farmland in order to protect it, so that our decisions aren’t overturned on appeal. We did.

            There’s a huge difference between actually working on this issue and grandstanding on it.

          • This is a reply for ‘she did’, Labour Councillor Helen Whitehead, Deputy Leader of the Thanet District Council.

            Have you had a good look at what the Leader of the Opposition, your Labour Party Leader, Sir Keir Starmer says and then denies? I have!

            There is a huge difference between having knowledge, a working understanding and lifetime experience of British Politics and Communications and the rosette wearers who believe that they are the only brain in their political village.


      • You are right on the mark, Ms. Pink. The cowardice of housing supporting politicians in Thanet, is repulsive and speaks volumes for the absolute distain they hold towards the tax paying residents of Thanet.
        I haven’t met a single person who supports this relentless, soul destroying housing development in Thanet.
        The politicians on all levels are willfully and deliberately ignoring what the majority desire.
        No wonder local election turnout is 25 percent. They don’t care, so neither do we.

    • I don’t think councils want thousands of new houses, especially when they’re being built on farmland. If they weren’t mostly skint, they wouldn’t need to give planning permission to many housing applications-especially as the government got the maths wrong apropos housing need.

      • No council wants more housing unless its to house the people it wants to house, locals don’t want more houses again unless its formthe people they want housed. But the country has a shortage of homes and we’ve been allowing huge numbers of people into the country , who need housing. Then people complain about the cost of housing, which will always be high where you have constrained supply.
        So the government has done the obvious thing and set housebuilding targets/quotas. Yes they may well be in excess of what locals believe is required but on a national scale are.
        Thanet is being seemingly disproportionately affected as its had such little development relatively speaking over the years and its time has now come.
        Disscussing housing on its own is pointless, you need to include immigration and in turn the countries appalling levels of productivity and the ever increasing levels of poor health, low educational attainment , the millions not working at all and the many more milllions only working part time.
        But as the associated issues are a bit too difficult formthe politically dogmatic to engage with everyone just shouts about over development, then in the next breath says we need more housing , but only for the people we want housed.
        The situation is daft.
        Finally , the actual owners of the farmland aren’t having compulsory purchase orders used against them , they are quite happily selling to the developers, so to prevent the building would not only fail to deal with housing need but also interfere with property rights.

    • Are you really that much of a full that you think if they had built on manston they would have then never built on any other land and would have just left Thanet alone?

  2. We need more councilors votes for our farms pleased to hear that councillors are voting for those who elected them because of their constituency and area (thanet rather than party policy (not tory or thanet independents).

    • Just where developers can build, and where not, is detailed in the Local Plan. This is a document produced by the then UKIP administration, and approved by the government.
      Thanet is not alone in being built over. Many parts of the UK are suffering the same fate.
      If you want to know why, ask the Housing Minister – the chap who a couple of years ago received a £100,000 donation from a very wealthy property developer.

      • Andrew yes I know all that about the local plan, yes and the fact it was a carve up, wasn’t it the government said we had to build so many houses because the original plan was sent in late and we had no choice but to go by what the government ordered? Correct me if I’m wrong please. I know this has no bearing on the local plan but is there not a problem with the ground chemically wise that would make housing on some or all of the old airfield unsafe health wise for permanent housing.

        • On Social Media platforms, it is mentioned from time to time that the land at Manston is “contaminated” and would need vast amounts of remedial work, before it could be used for housing.
          I haven’t ever seen any sort of authoritative report to sustain this point of view.
          The old gas works site in Ramsgate ertinly had contaminated land, but this has been fixed, and houses are now being built.

        • Andrew I agree that it can be made safe for housing and I have seen paperwork and it is factual as far as I could tell, but it makes no difference unless everything changes completely with the plan for the old airfield. But the way housing is being built throughout the country we will need a cargo hub to bring in the food we won’t be able to grow through lack of arable farm land. To me it’s senseless as we will cause more damage to the climate through the changes being brought about by the use of the farm land for housing.

  3. Is this the same Shonk who voted for all the reactionary policies of UKIP and accused campaigners of wrecking his garage, only fir the Police to repudiate this nonsense? If he is such a principled man, resign and letc the electors of Ramsgate see if they still want him as a rep -I suspect not!

    • Keith, I don’t think they’d want a member of the Thanet Everright Party either. The Labour Party at TDC who rewarded a bullying CEO with a golden handshake and a free crack at a self-congratulatory press release from TDC are just another bubble in a foamy sea of the international collapse of civilisation.

      Without proportional representation in the UK I believe this is the election for ‘none of the above’.

      Thesedays at least you know ideologically what the Tories stand for.
      Calling Starmer’s Party the Labour Party, if it were an actual product would be against the trades description act.
      The Thanet Labour Party has eschewed any notion of being the Party of the many who they selectively call – hard working people, and has abolished socialism from their vocabularly and ideology. If this bunch of shallow hypocrits had been in power after WW2 we would not have had the NHS and welfare state which was demanded by the survivors who did not want to live as they had been forced to endure by the wealthy elite.

      Since 1979 certainly in the UK we have been rolling down the equality and caring big dipper to the stagnant pond at the end of the ride. Democracy no longer works – so what next?

    • These councillors just look for where they may get the most votes at the time so they can get back in. No principals to call their own. If believed by the constituents voting, then once they are back in it all changes. I guess everyone knows where Shonk’s heart lies by now. It makes no difference to which party he belongs to.

  4. Here we go again. Resign and call a by election – of which Councillor Shonk should pay the full costs if he stands for a different party.

    Fed up of local councillors being elected on a party ticket then changing colours shortly after. It’s an insult to the electorate.

    • Not really; if it helps educate people to the fact that you can’t vote for a party, you can only vote for a person, it’s perhaps not a bad thing.

  5. Can anyone tell us what he has ever done as a councillor. Apart from taking lots of selfies..!!
    What has he ever done to protect farmland in all his years as a councillor..?

  6. I,m sure that the government quietly dropped its requirements that had been imposed on local areas to build certain numbers of houses. Or was this just confusion on the part of Boris Johnson who was PM at the time the insistence was dropped? So, are local Councils really forced to allow huge numbers of houses or not?
    If not, and Thanet itself really only generates a need for limited extra homes, mostly small affordable homes or places for rent, why can,t TDC just decline all the increasingly outrageous plans for thousands of houses that are out of the price range of most local people?
    Just what power has the government got to force more concrete all over Thanet?
    Even if they have an ability to penalise TDC for not applying Conservative policies ( regardless of the fact that local voters actually selected Labour/ Green/ Independent councillors) why can,t we accept that there will be a new Labour government this year so the Conservatives will soon not be able to threaten Thanet with ANY punishment for not doing what we are told.
    I know that the Starmer administration will just continue with Conservative policies for a lack of insight and imagination. But , at least we could delay all the building over the countryside until common sense prevails.
    Again, why the rush to build? Who are we afraid of?

    • That is true Keefogs, the policy WAS quietly dropped. Now, can someone tell TDC please?

      Fortunately it doesn’t affect me too much,

      • I would point out that the language you used when referring to Ms Rees in a recent coment(screen shot taken) is libellous.
        I don’t see that anyone has misgendered you. Either you call yourself Ms Pink, or you call yourself Peter Checksfield. Chose which seems appropriate.

    • The phrase ‘The Starmer administration will continue with Conservative policies’ will be beginning many thousands of sentences over the next few years.

    • The policy was quietly dropped through Gove I read a couple of years ago under orders from Boris. Only trouble is that the Planning Manager still thinks Thanet needs all these previously quoted numbers and the Local Plan has not been amended.

  7. What I find hilarious is the fact that people believe Herr Shonk who has a track record of racist policies. An ex-kipper who joined the Tories because he realised UKIP was finished.

  8. Trevor is a man of principle which is more than be said for many other councillors in the Conservative and Labour cliques.
    Andrew GROW UP Manston Airport is an airport and no matter what you or Dawes say it will be an Airport not an housing estate.

      • Aren’t you moving to Wales?
        Manston will NEVER reopen.
        It’s simply not viable and not needed.
        Great opportunity for people to make a fortune selling snake oil to potential US investors though.

      • And there it is, the truth that the cargo lovers pretend its not there. They dont care about mitigating unemployment for ‘the youth’, they just dont want to have to travel to London to catch their flights to Estepona.

        Virtue signalling, me thinks.Particularly when a) they shamefully didnt use the airport enough when it was open, and they let it fail; b) they forget Thanet is poor (thanks to the policies supported by the cargo-supporter MPs), so it would be most unusual for thanetians to fly frequently and c) Labour will not approve anything sanctioned by the Con party (thats it, if they had to which is really not going to happen as the judicial review will trash the cargo proposal, and 1 month later Labour in power)

    • It’s not down to me, nor Ms Dawes. Nor 26,000 people claimed by SMAa to want the airport.
      The outcome of the DCO will depend on the outcome of the JR.
      And, even if the SoS grants the JR, for the reasons expressed by the Planning Inspectorate and confirmed by OveArup (experts commissioned by the SoS), it most probably won’t succeed.
      And what, I wonder, will RSP do with hundreds of acres of development site?

    • There hasn’t been a working airport at Manston for years. You might as well say that Poundland in Ramsgate is still Woolworths.

      • Faith can move mountains but not build airports based on boosterism and a lot of wild promises.I suppose if you want to attempt to fly to Málaga by glider, that might be possible from Manston even now.Bit cramped though and very little in-flight entertainment.

      • MM Rees – an airport has been on this site along time before you landed in Thanet. It’s success or not in the future will not involve one penny from your pocket. Investment will be from private funds.

      • My reply was to Bill’s comment. not to Peter Checksfield/Ms Pink, who has called me a”Welsh whore”.on one of these comment threads.

      • Interesting how the road signs to ‘Kent International’ have been kept so clean and well-maintained!

  9. So Trevor Shonk (who left UKIP to join the Conservatives and has now left the Conservatives to join Thanet Independent Councillors) to work with John Worrow (who left Labour to join the Conservatives, before leaving and being rejected by Labour and joining the Thanet Independents).
    What principled characters these carpet-bagging political pygmies are!

  10. Bluntly Honest, you need to go to SpecSavers. What would you do if you were being ignored by the leadership of a party you were in? Turn a blind eye and keep quiet and just go with the flow not acting behalf of your constituents but keeping the party you don’t agree with in power? Lazy or what?

  11. I took my granddaughter to Monkton Nature Reserve this afternoon.

    It is a magnificent hidden gem in an old chalk quarry at the junction the main roads (with noisy traffic) between Thanet and the rest of Britain.

    I met Trevor there, he has been a committed volunteer and Chair of this fantastic wildlife oasis for many years.

    There are very few local politicians that are so involved in developing a natural resource, offering wildlife protection, museum and educational amenity for all, especially our children whose unhealthy contact with fake grass, concrete driveways, contaminated sea and rivers etc al. is affecting their mental wellbeing.

    Trevor Shonk is one of the few remaining politicians who works hard and genuinely supports his community. We can agree and disagree on many issues but I have no doubt that this councillor’s focus is for the best for the people of Thanet. Which is more than can be said for a number of the self-serving career politicians who inhabit TDC’s Chamber.

    He has made a very reasonable decision leaving the Tories. What is happening in this country for the worse is as a direct result of their Government, with a Labour Party echoing the same policies to the point where the Tories are allegedly nicking a couple of the handful of policy commitments Starmer has mustered.

    Our democracy is seriously broken. Proportional representation would help, but basically what the people need and want are not on the elites agenda.

    Well done Trevor, maybe more will be brave enough to refuse the Party Whips and start addressing the real needs of our population.

  12. All local councillors should be independent so vote for what is best for their local community rather than having to follow central party politics which may well not be appropriate for their local area.

    Well done Trevor, someone needs to fight against all the development in Thanet on good agricultural land. Our two local MPs should be fighting for this in Westminster – also making those in Westminster realise that as Thanet is surrounded on three sides by water, we cannot continue building homes to the same extent as other areas in the country which have more surrounding land.

  13. He always seems to think of himself, comes across as quite rude and a bit up his own arse. Aswell as being a total gammon. He is just an old man who doesn’t understand time’s have chang3s

  14. they will all start jumping ship soon , most to save face , even old teresa may is doing it . many more will – spend more time with the family , health grounds , time to give someone else a chance , all the old faithfuls

  15. Trevor gets fixed ideas and doesn’t really express himself in a coherent way sometimes.
    He was a good mayor who was popular in carrying out his civic duties, which is not always the case with some Mayors.
    He has rather jumped ship to often, and when that happens credibility is lost.
    East Kent and not just Thanet has suffered from poor spatial planning leading to urban sprawl, congestion,and an undetected level of pollution, because it’s not measured with any precision.
    Farmland is going under concrete because farmers are cashing in.Central Govt is setting the terms and TDC has to obey.If they don’t commissioners will be sent in as happened elsewhere.
    That said, there is a shortage of social housing and what is built could be built so that land take is minimised, and built with beauty and efficiency in mind.The badly built, pokey, dreary housing, delivered by housebuilders need not happen, if planning offices were not run by people whose objective was to work in the private sector.
    If a new government put Manston out of its misery, some of the housing target might be built there, but it would still be insufficient.
    As long as the green belt remains totally inviolate the problem is only going to get worse.
    However, we were talking about Trevor and I do think he is wrong in changing allegiance. The voters of Ramsgate voted for a conservative and their wishes should be respected until the next county elections.If Trevor stands under the TIG banner and is reelected the change will be legitimate, but not this way.

  16. I will vote for any party that will put a stop to property developers building on our farmland and reopen Manston Airport. Good luck Thanet Independents.

    • Re Manston and the Local Authority.
      Soon after the airport went bust in 2014, the then RiverOak Investment Corporation tried, twice, to form a joint venture with TDC, with a view to Compulsory Purchase of the site.
      The first time, the then Labour administration turned down ROIC’s proposal, because ROIC could not show where the rather large amount of money, necessary to indemnify the Council, actually was.
      A year or two later, UKIP was voted in, on a “Manston” ticket. ROIC approached the new Council, yet again with a view to a CPO. And once again the proposal was turned down by the UKIP Council, for the same reasons.
      So ROIC decided to pursue a Development Consent Order, a Govenment mechanism over which the LA has no say whatsoever. The decision ultimately will be taken by the Minster for Transport.
      So, your voting for this party or that party will make absolutely no difference to what happens at Manston.

    • Marie, you should be considering the pros and cons of having a local airport near Ramsgate, and the cons greatly outnumber the pros.

        • Ah, the true locals trope. Is that the true locals who left the airport fail before? Or the true locals who never talk about the health impact of the cargo fantasy? I wonder why they are the only people on Earth who never heard the planes, never smelled the fumes…

        • “true locals”

          The ones who didn’t utilise the airport? The ones that used it SOOOOOOOOOOO much, that I was on one of the last flights out of there to Manchester, with four other people on board, at £20 odd a ticket…

          So financially viable! HAHAHAHAH

  17. Mr Nokes, jumping off a sinking ship is very sensible in my view alongside all the other Tories who have steered it onto the rock.

    • Not if the lifeboat is made of plasticine and built by people who have the read the instructions upside down.

  18. How many political groups has he been a member of now, he is just a populist candidate and like a leach join any group or cause that gets him a vote, while demonstrating zero conviction or moral.

  19. Setting aside the usual argy bargy over Manston, farmland will continue to go under the cement mixer because, farmers are selling their land, if they didn’t develop could not happen, TDC local plan or no plan.
    The Government may have gone quiet about housing numbers but they are still there.If a council does not have a good reason to refuse, the Planning Inspectorate will grant the application because the local housing target has not been met.The government is just being disengenuous as always.
    Both Labour and the Tories are in a fix. There is a housing crisis, but opposition is growing because developers are extracting maximum shareholder value and leaving a trail of dreary urban sprawl in their wake.
    You want to save farmland? Persuade Farmers not to sell farmland.Good luck with that one

    • St John’s College, Cambridge is the biggest seller next to me, followed by the estate of one of Christopher Powell-Cotton’s nephews with the Quex Museum Trust, followed by a butcher from Reading. In what way are any of these farmers. Oh and Thanet District Council.

    • Government are giving farm owners huge amounts not to grow crops but to wild large areas of their fields instead. Those are the farm landowners, the tenant farmers get nothing.

      Boris said we didn’t need all the numbers of houses built in areas like Thanet and those numbers could be a lot less. If TDC could change the LP than why haven’t they? I guess they want them.

      • You asked: “If TDC could change the LP then why haven’t they?”

        Answer: Because once the LP has been approved it can’t be changed. This one runs out in about five years or so. Then a new LP will have to be approved.

  20. Misogynistic comment from Ms Pink/ Peter Checksfield. I presume the”Witches of Ramsgate” include the person he called a”Welsh whore” recently.

    • What?! That’s appalling. I admit that I scroll straight past his/her posts without reading them but if they made that comment on these pages then they should be banned. Vile

  21. UKIP, Tories now thanet independents….

    Anything to cling to power.

    A man with no principles. No loyalty.

    Another McKinlay.

    • Don’t forget.
      Their ‘leader’ has a dark past (kicked out by the Tories for something very grim) and one of the TDC members was investigated for racist social media posts and calling for the BNP and EDL to ‘rise up’.
      Horrible, dangerous people.

  22. Is it any wonder that extremists like the Pink Checksfield are called out by authors like JK Rowling,when they call women witches and bang the jingo drum on immigration.
    I have tried really hard to understand and reason with they, but all you receive in return is abuse, Daffy daftness, and a spiteful hatred of women.
    I want to see a coming together between the trans community and women, but people like the Pink Checksfield only want to stir up pointless conflict and hate.
    The Pink Checksfield says they have faith, but what faith is it,that encourages violence against women?
    Kent has bred enough murderous mysognists in Wayne Couzens without adding to their number, by thoughtless sloganeering from someone who has no self control or respect for others.Kathy, I think you need to take a hand here, because this is not free speech, but hate speech.

      • No,Ms Pink.Rant is not the word and how do you discuss anything with someone who has fixed ideas and believes that women are witches.Illegal is also the wrong word because those landing on our shores do have the right to apply for asylum and that process should be done fairly, impartially and speedily,all things that this government has failed to do.
        Imagine if a rightwing dictatorship took over and sanctioned the arrest of all pink popular music fans in Birchington.Would you stay and face imprisonment or worse (in some countries being pink is a death sentence)? Would you instead appeal to right thinking people to intercede on your behalf, or would you seek asylum.
        Seeing that you are a person of self announced faith, perhaps the words of Pastor Niemoller are apt, when he states what happens when good people do nothing out of fear or complacency.
        In a country where democracy, free speech and the rule of law are well embedded, it is safe enough to be an alright jack or Jill and to decry and shout about those who you consider the other,but if the USA can lurch into a rerun of the civil war, so can ‘stable’ democracies like the UK, and pink people, minorities and women will be the first to suffer.

    • I would say that accusing anyone of being an extremist & comparing them to a convicted kidnapper, rapist & murderer is a much better example of sloganeering & hate speech.

      • Mr Brown- I am the woman who Peter Checksfield/Ms Pink called a “Welsh whore”. When someone on another comment thread csriticized him strongly, he responded with “LOL”

        • M.M.Rees- If that is the case then it’s inexcusable, but someone else replying with an equally inexcusable like for like comment is no better. A classic two wrongs don’t make a right.
          It would be far better for everyone simply to ignore any of the multiple infantile comments from this individual. They clearly thrive on any reaction their comments create & appear to love the attention, maybe if this wasn’t given it would be better all round.

      • I don’t think anyone has.
        You’re free to call yourself whatever you like.
        What you can do is use the most appalling language to describe other people.

      • It’s childish Checksfield the mysognist, he/she has a colour fetish and has a split personality.

        • George- I can assure that the first part of you’re statement is certainly not true. In fact the idea is quite disturbing for me.
          I’m as frustrated with the constant deluge of inane comments as everyone else. They are mostly juvenile, tedious, relentless and more often that not, irrelevant to the subject.
          I would say that I may share some of their views but definitely not their method of sharing them.
          In fact it would be good to see some discussion’s with opposing views on various topics that arise here.
          This becomes impossible when yourself and others get into a tit for tat, back and forth of personal insults with this person. I believe this is exactly what they want.
          As I suggest, maybe just ignore them.

  23. Back to the point. I couldn’t care less whether Shonk is an absolute gentleman or a complete scoundrel.

    If you get voted in on the back of a particular party then decide to switch party mid election cycle then a by election should be held immediately and Shonk should pay the costs associated with this.

    It’s insulting to the voters who got him elected and it’s no suprise he has joined another political chameleon in his new party.

        • This must be a red letter day, because at last, we have stopped all the childish stuff and agree that swapping parties is a bad thing and should apply across the board. It’s only taken 50 odd posts to get to what should have been self evident from the start. Hallelujah! There has been an outbreak of sense

  24. Ukip was a reserve team for tories who got deselected by tory bigwigs. Trever shonk amongst others in Thanet are sidelined by the west kent tory clique at kcc and are ignored when they criticise Tory policy like Thanet parkway wastebof money and excessive road works on our small isle

    • You’ve always seemed like a decent councillor Barry Lewis. What do you think about the Thanet Independent ‘leader’ his murky past and his piggybacking on a farmer’s business to make a name for himself.
      Not to mention his online bullying of a female councillor?

      • J j jameson, in politics i play the ball not the person. Personal attacks shows a weakness in your political views.

        • So you won’t condemn the misogynistic bullying and online trolling of one you party colleagues?
          I’m disappointed.

          • I condemn all bullying online and offline . I can’t comment on something i have NOT seen as i do not follow those individuals.

  25. Barry is a decent hardworking Cllr and if you want a racing tip ,there is none better.
    KCC used to be full of good capable Cllrs, but the onset of social media trolls (as seen here) and cabinet govt in local government has led to the selection and election of more outlandish, poorly performing individuals in all parties.
    I don’t know about Worrall, but if the mysogny on this HYS, is anything to go by, you may have a point. The TIGs are a strange mixture of outrage, ignorance,and unpleasantness, I think Trevor, who is a genial sort of person,might not find them to his liking.Trevor to his credit did go down with his ship with UKIP, and did not join thr TIGs then. Perhaps Reform might be a better idea. They are barking but in a more organised way.

  26. Dear Trevor, you say “Local residents trusted us to protect the farmland”. Yes we did, back in 2015 when you and the rest of UKIP promised to stand up to the gvt and refuse to allow any more housebuilding. What did we get instead? More houses. It was you and your buddies on your utterly hopeless ‘ruling group’ that decided to give over all our farmland to those houses. Now it doesn’t matter who is ‘in charge’ we are stuck with houses on farmland. As for you and your new ‘leader’ neither of you can make up your mind what side of politics you want to be on. Except he has managed to change his underwear even more often than you have. So now you want to pretend to be ‘independent’ yet your so-called ‘independent group’ is a registered political party. Work that one out. Easy. It’s what UKIP changed its name to. You have just moved back to where you were before.

  27. Thanet Independents are all Tories at heart and ex-Tories. No difference really. You can change your spots but you can’t hide!

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