Aggressive man on train from Ramsgate arrested by British Transport Police

Image British Transport Police

British Transport Police have arrested a man who got on a train at Ramsgate and began threatening passengers while in possession of suspected drugs.

The man was arrested at Ashford station this morning (March 9). It was then discovered the man was also wanted for failing to appear in court in relation to assaulting an emergency worker.

BTP say: “We have arrested a male at Ashford this morning for possession of class A drugs. This was after a call to say he was acting aggressively on board a train from Ramsgate and starting on other passengers, whilst doing so taking a bag of white powder out.

“Having been arrested, checks were carried out on the male’s details and unfortunately for him it turned out he was wanted for failing to appear at court in relation to assaulting an emergency worker.

“He has been bedded down for 8 hours due to his intoxication and will be interviewed later today”


  1. well just shows his behaviour can’t be controlled otherwise he would have kept low key seeing has he already wanted let’s hope they keep him in over the weekend ready for court Monday and sent to prison

  2. I bet he didn’t pay for a ticket either! Why should we as travelling public have to put up with cretins like this? Jail time for him hopefully, but I won’t hold my breath.

  3. From Ramsgate ! Why hadn’t Thanet police rounded him up for non show at court?
    Do we have any police in Thanet?

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