QEQM emergency department transformation  complete after three-year project

QEQM resus area

By Liz Baker

A three-year, multi-million-pound expansion of emergency departments across East Kent finished this week as the final area was handed to clinical teams.

The two new resuscitation bays at the Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital in Margate were the last areas to be finished as part of the project, funded by the NHS nationally.

They take the number of resus bays in the new, expanded department to seven – each with sliding doors to ensure privacy and dignity and to reduce the risk of infections spreading.

At QEQM, the department was remodelled with a two-storey expansion into a former courtyard, providing dedicated space upstairs for staff to work, learn and rest.

Children’s A&E

Downstairs, there is a new rapid assessment and treatment unit, mental health facilities, new children’s emergency department, new entrance and waiting area, new treatment area for adults and a new relatives’ room.

It will help the team care for the thousands of patients who come through the doors each month.

Joanna Williams, head of nursing for urgent and emergency care at the QEQM, said: “We are thrilled to bits with the new department, and it is a joy to work in.

“Each area has been designed with staff and patients in mind, to ensure everything we need is close at hand and the patients are comfortable.

“It has been a long road and I’m very grateful to our fantastic staff who have continued to do their best for our patients as our department was remodelled around us.”

The work at QEQM has been carried out by Thanet firm WWMartin.

At the William Harvey Hospital, there is a large new ambulance entrance, nine resuscitation bays, dedicated areas for patients with mental health needs and 12 rapid assessment and treatment bays.

The expansion also created a new children’s area, new treatment area for adults and new staff facilities. The work on both sites cost £30million.

Lead nurse for trauma Fernando Carballido worked with teams on the design for both sites and played a key role in ensuring the spaces were set up for staff and patients.


  1. At least the surroundings will look great as you’re sat there for 12 hours waiting to be seen.

  2. Good. Now maybe the security guards could focus on stopping people smoking by the A&E doors and main doors and on hospital grounds. Rather than standing with them and vaping themselves.

    • I 100% AGRRE WITH THIS COMMENT, non Smokers should not have to Endure the Smell of a cigarette or vape & it couldn’t be any more ant- social ! Then outside A Hospital Entrance.

  3. That’s great, now all QEQM needs is a large increase of money from government. Won’t happen however, as the government wants to cut NI contributions so we can all have 1.40 more in our pockets. So to summarise less money for the NHS, 1.40 more in your pocket but you will still be 7.50 worse off due to coming tax hikes. What a government, what a country. My advise to anyone under 35 or over 65 is move abroad, this country is going down the toilet with this bunch of clowns running it.

  4. Now just need some reasonably paid staff to run it- Taking pictures of it empty means nothing – Looks very good, well done to all involved.

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