Southern Water calls for votes to make sewer fatberg Lego idea a reality

Southern Water's Lego creation

Southern Water is hoping its Lego creation could be on shelves at toy shops soon.

The water company needs to reach 10,000 votes for its project, ‘Sewer Heroes – Fighting the Fatberg’.

The creation, depicting a business’s sewer fatberg, was first uploaded to the Lego ideas online portal in June 2023 by the company’s Network Protection and Enforcement Team – and has since received more than 8,000 votes.

If it can reach its 10,000 target, it will be reviewed by Lego’s master builders and potentially become a commercial set.

Stephen Williams, Network Protection Enforcement Manager at Southern Water, said: “As a lover of Lego myself, I saw a similar Lego model online and approached the designer and went from there.

“The model, if it goes live, will be a fantastic education tool for use in schools to help children understand the importance of disposing of fat, oil, grease and other unflushable items, in the right way; and for demonstrable use at meetings, conferences, and outreach workshops.”

Southern Water employs a dedicated Network Protection team to stop fat, oils and greases (FOG)getting into the sewer network.

The Network Protection team is formed of five former police officers, and they investigate pipe blockages, sometimes using cameras. The team have helped reduce the number of blockages by finding repeat offenders.

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  1. This is incredible. Rather than silly games, they could invest their profits in a proper water and sewage service. They are top of the list of price increases to customers at 63% increase. Why should we pay? Privatised water has been a complete disaster. England is the only country in the world to deliver its water services by private companies. Vote for public ownership.

    • you realise it wouldn’t cost them a thing to make this and LEGO would shoulder the burden of manufacturing, right?

  2. I’d vote for a Lego North Foreland Sewage Works complete with discharge pipe to drop brown Lego bricks down into the Lego sea! They could also make Lego aeroplanes to transport the £4bn profit that Southern Water owners, the Australia-based Macquarie Bank, made last year!

  3. If we all vote online will they then leak our personal details to cyber hackers ?

    Clown company.

  4. I would vote for a Lego depiction of Edward the second’s stay at Berkeley castle in the 14th century,starring the CEO’s of Southern water and Maquarie bank who by the way was also responsible for the poor condition of Thames water,with a caption of ‘How do you like those
    fatberg’s lads’!

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