Salmestone and Dane Valley traffic order for 20mph scheme in 42 roads comes into effect today

20mph proposal

Kent Highways says 20mph zones on 42 roads in the Salmestone and Dane Valley areas of Margate will become a permanent fixture.

The scheme encompasses residential roads including those  outside Salmestone, Drapers Mills and St Gregory’s schools and roads off from Victoria traffic lights – not inclusive of Star Lane and College Road between Ramsgate Road and St Peters Road. Part of the zone covers the Hornby model factory and museum area.

Salmestone Residents’ Association carried out an informal consultation in 2019 which showed 94% of respondents in favour of the 20mph speed limit.

County Councillor Barry Lewis requested the scheme and gained an ‘in principle’ agreement in 2021.

Surveys were undertaken in a sample of roads in September 2021 and these showed the average speed of drivers was already low at around 24mph.

The 20mph proposal was advertised during July and August 2022 with consultation resulting in 66 responses: 35 in support and 31 against. Some of those against the idea said it would cause congestion, wasn’t needed and would be wasting money. There were also concerns that the speed limit would be ignored and not enforced.

However, the speed restriction has now been made permanent.

Kent Highways say: “Following the statutory consultation period, the scheme has been reviewed and the decision has been taken to make this Order permanent.”

Reasons for the decision are listed as avoid danger to persons or other traffic using the road or any other road or for preventing the likelihood of any such danger arising and for preserving or improving the amenities of the area through which the road runs.

Cllr Lewis said: “Road safety is of paramount concern to me. Residential areas need to be safe for pedestrians and cyclists so I am delighted that after a long campaign  the residential side roads around Margate hospital will become 20mph.

“Hopefully more areas in Thanet  will become safe roads in the future.”

The Order was made on 29 February and comes into effect today (March 1).


    • 4 years to be precise and what’s wrong with reducing speed and reducing accidents? I know it is against the liberty of the citizen.Balderdash.

    • The reality is that the people causing the accidents are going way over the existing speed limits and will continue to ignore the new speed limits making the whole exercise pointless. The drug drivers, the drunk drivers, the people who actually cause the accidents wont stop because the speed limits have changed and to think otherwise is simply ludicrous.

      The only people who will suffer are the law abiding majority whose journey times will now increase meaning more time away from their families. This is just another expansion of the nanny state. If you really want to stop the fatalities and accidents, the police need to start doing more drug testing, more alcohol testing and perhaps parents could actually teach their kids the green cross code.

      The anti car brigade are simply punishing the majority with zero chance of proving if the new limits are actually working or not and wont be happy until we are all sandwiched into filthy public transport with the drunks, crack heads and feral scum.

  1. “Hopefully more areas in Thanet will become safe roads in the future.”
    What’s not to like about that?

    • It’s only as good as it’s enforced. I was in a car going through a lengthy 20 mph zone in Herne Bay yesterday, and we were the ONLY one sticking strictly to the speed limit… to the frustration of all the other scowling drivers behind us!

  2. This is a very good thing. Although tbh the ridiculous traffic situation in Thanet means that most drivers are held to 20mph or less no matter the speed limit 🙃

  3. Only ones who hate this are the ones speeding!

    Standard of driving has gotten worse and if investment was made in policing the roads, then the amount of fines would cover it and make a profit!

    • Scott,
      The only thing that has become worse is your grammar!
      ‘Gotten’ is an American slang, and is derived from the past participle of the English verb ‘get’.
      I do not speed, full stop, but I detest this arbitrary, woke law imposed on us by the Labourites at TDC completely unnecessarily.
      Speeding? Enforce the current regulations, they are perfectly adequate except near to local schools.

      • “arbitrary, woke law”

        Being woke means standing firmly against racism and injustice. A phrase that has been in common parlance since its creation by black civil rights activists in the 1930s.

        What issue do you have with a phrase aimed at solidarity between black civil rights activists?

        • Anon.

          These days woke is used to describe those who wish to control the masses in all walks of life, viz: ‘Thou shalt do as I tell you because I say so and it’s good for all humans and the planet” Sick and tired by being dictated to, by those who think they know better, by those who tell me how to think, by those who wish to control my every move, all in the name of a perceived dystopia.
          As for ‘Black Lives Matter’, they have been proved to be a corrupt organisation so don’t conflate equality with them. Their equality works one way only – theirs, as long as they can get richer out of it.

  4. Well done to Cllr Lewis and the ward councillors of Salmestone and Dane Valley. Twenty really is plenty when it comes to preventing accidents to kids, the elderly and folk with disability etc. The “home zones” in the Netherlands are good role models for this

  5. So just to clarify. A traffic survey revealed that cars were already driving, on average, 6mph below the legal speed limit of 30mph but a campaign ensued to get the speed limit reduced to 20mph ? So the point of this is to get drivers to reduce from 24mph to 20mph ?

    Seems like a monumental waste of time. I haven’t even mentioned the complete lack of enforcement which will now take place.

    • “Salmestone Residents’ Association carried out an informal consultation in 2019 which showed 94% of respondents in favour of the 20mph speed limit.”
      You forgot to quote this but.

      • I would focus more on the formal consultation where the outcome was 35:31 for/against. I have no idea what the “informal” consultation looked like, how it was worded and how many people actually responded.

        I’m not against the scheme per se but I do like things to be done properly where taxpayers money is involved.

    • I’m interested in how the scheme is going to determine “success” or otherwise.

      What is the baseline period you will be comparing to ? How many fatalities were there in that period that can be attributed to people driving over 20mph and was the excess speed the primary cause of death ?

      Once we know that then we can see the outcome of fatalities based on the new speed limits over a similar period and see whether the scheme has had the desired effect.

      I’m assuming that all of this evaluation methodology is already in place ready ?

    • You’d achieve infinitely more by having a couple of kent police traffic cars operating one night a week at random and actively looking for the speeding, drunk , drug drivers and then prosecuting them to the full extent of the law. Let alone catching the uninsured, no mot, non licensed drivers on the road.
      These are the drivers that cause the mayhem on the roads, not those driving at 30. But better to virtue signal with pointless schemes that’ll rarely be enforced and just inconveneince those that do drive well.

    • A Thanet councillor will take critisism???? That’s a laugh!

      You (collectively the TDC council chamber) have ruined Thanet and destroyed the quality of life for tens of thousands of residents. The over-development on this tiny island bringing thousands of migrants to Thanet (with zero jobs waiting for them), which equates to thousands of cars, all trying to find room on Victorian infrastructure.

      The Margate traffic disruption scheme means there are tailbacks and traffic-jams everywhere. I usually join the morning tailback into Margate seafront at Garlinge – a seemingly never-ending queue of cars averaging about 5 MPH and all pumping out exhaust fumes.

      Did I mention the pedestrian traffic lights on the seafront? Two sets of lights this morning turned red of their own accord, another daily occurence.

      Way to go Barry useless Lewis.

  6. It’s not the traffic passing the schools that is the biggest problem, it is the lunacy of alot of the parents in the way they park when dropping kids off.

  7. Unless you have speed cameras every few hundred yards,it will not work or stop the speedsters,who don’t care,about power limits of speed jumps I totally agree with the limit around schools and colleges .Will Thanet become a part of Wales ,and God help this country if Starmer,and his cheating staff(council house cons)and their chancellor cannot budget on living £200000 a year .what hope is there and the Tories don’t get me started on them

  8. This is just the start, but, in my opinion, it’s a very good idea, we have 20mph on Nethercourt, but as someone has said earlier, how will it be Policed, just wait for the Thanet ULEZ scheme, when Labour win, at the next Election, Thanet Council Coffers, will be topped up by the most poorest in Thanet.

  9. Ray the bread, this scheme are roads around Salmestone school, st gregorys school and margate hospital. Unlike wales it only covers side roads and not RAMSGATE road. Also it was implemented with backing of over 90 percent of the Salmestone road residents who took part in the residents association s ballot. Did you vote ray, assuming you live in the ward of salmestone.

    • I live in the qeqm hospital and not seen one sign stating the new speed limit ,or by salmenstone school

      • The process is for the order to be advertised, then implemented after said time, in this case to will see signage in ABOUT 2 months .

        • If signs aren’t up, that means any caught doing over 20 in the meantime will have their fines quashed before they reach court as its entrapment and legally unenforceable.

          That said, literally no one sticks to 20mph down the seafront in Margate. Not buses, ambulances, fire or even the old bill. Christ, I’ve had an electric bike over take me and pedal cyclists keep pace with me along that stretch passed Dreamland…

          Logicians and cynicists amongst us will realise it is a quick “look at us” policy that requires minimal spend and is being used to inflate political capital in an election year.

          In an era where air quality is a hot topic, just think of all the extra fumes and particulate matter pumped out from having to drive in lower gears at higher revs… That was considered, right?

    • How many residents of the Salmenstone area voted, how many people live in the area ,because 90% sounds high ,but if say 100 voted ,it would mean many didn’t or couldn’t be bothered,but it 10 voted it makes it not a good vote If you are stating percentages ,the amount who voted would help.Just for clarity

  10. Bearing in mind that this online news journal remorselessly reports multiple car ‘accidents’ every week,perhaps traffic calming in measures are overdue.
    The number of inanimate objects that get bashed and run into is legion.There appears to be an epidemic of trees, lamposts,and walls that jump into the road, and when no one is looking replace themselves in their original positions.
    By the way ULEZ is for emissions not speeding and if civilisation ever reached Thanet it would fund new bus services.

  11. Traffic will produce more pollution at 20 than 30 so air quality will reduce, if all areas around schools had double yellow lines covering at least 100 metres in every direction would solve this issue and tickets are given out straight away for parking that would be cheaper and enforceable. Also seen to many times parents drop off the kids and then stand around chatting, parents are to blame for bad parking and not teaching road safety. Also the standard of driving is terrible in Thanet. Children should walk to school or bus if they live over a mile away it will also have the benefit of the keeping fit, parents should walk with them it would do them a benefit

    • Not so.
      “Research in Germany has shown that the greater the speed of vehicles in built-up areas, the higher is the incidence of acceleration, deceleration, and braking, all of which increase air pollution. German research indicates that traffic calming reduces idle times by 15%, gear changing by 12%, brake use by 14%, and gasoline use by 12% (Newman and Kenworthy 1992, 39–40). This slower and calmer style of driving reduces emission …”

  12. Unfortunately Chris,we live in a democracy not an autocracy, and we have to accept that people do silly things and act in their own interests.It is invariably true in life that there are very few things that can resolved in a simple way,and not cause a ruck.
    You try painting double yellow lines and moving on chatting parents without risking a riot.
    Walking, cycling and going by bus, might well be more beneficial for the environment and public health, but it must be done with care ,not by shouting at people.
    The trope about more pollution for slowing moving traffic is just that and merely an excuse to retain the status quo.In any case electrification will solve that problem in the long term.
    I know it is hard for motorists to accept that car use has drawbacks, but alas and alack it is so.

  13. Should be wardens on duty, poor and illegal parking is probably more of a cause of accidents than speed. If I could be one I’d make a fortune for the council.

    • There is any number of reasons for collisions happening.
      But the results depend on how vast the colliding objects (car-car, car-pedestr8an etc) were going.
      A pedestrian hit by a vehicle travelling at 30 mph is much more likely to die than one travelling at 20 mph.
      By all means, reduce the causes of collision. But put in place restrictions that will reduce the severerity of any subsequent collision.

      • You wouldn’t think so given the amount of people that think its ok to cross the queens house/waitrose corner whilst cars are traversing said junction. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had to slam on the brakes going round the corner because pedestrians simply DO NOT LOOK before they start to cross. Same goes for cecil square to union crescent junction in Margate.

        • If you have to slam on your brakes when turning into or out of Elms Road, then you are driving without due care and attention. When negotiating a junction, in town, near a supermarket, you can reasonably expect that there will be pedestrians crossing, and drive accordingly.

        • Pedestrians now have priority on street junctions. You are supposed to stop and let them cross. It’s all changed since you and many others took their tests.

          • Rule H2 now tells you to give priority to pedestrians not only already crossing at a junction but to those waiting to cross as well.
            I am not saying I completely agree with this new rule but that is what it is and we are supposed to keep up to date with them as drivers and pedestrians. Incidentally, I was almost ran down by a non urgent police car as I crossed a junction in Northdown Road last month as it turned into the street. Obviously they thought they had priority and didn’t know the rules, which they should have. Pedestrians do take their lives in their hands when crossing roads and are now (since 2022) even being expected to by these Highway rules changes. I am not prepared to keep walking when I see a vehicle coming towards me even if expected to.

  14. How!
    Oh look there’s a car coming let’s walk in front of it, or, there’s a crossing let’s ignore it and cross here.
    Limiting speed is fine but pedestrians as well as road users have to play their part.

  15. Pedestrians do “play their part”. If they didn’t, the death toll for pedestrians would be much higher. One could almost believe that we pedestrians are invisible to many car drivers.

    • According to the Highway Code, the responsibility lies most heavily on those road users that, in the event of a collision, do most harm.
      So: HGVs, lorries/coaches, vans, cars, motorbikes, cycles/horses, then pedestrians with the least responsibility because they are the most vulnerable.
      Fred’s lack of understanding of the Highway Code makes me hope to goodness that he doesn’t drive a vehicle.

  16. I do not agree with Fred. The onus is mostly on the driver, who is using a potentially lethal machine.

    The Highway Code is clear about this.

    • It is clear, its a “should” not a “must”. Ergo, isn’t legally enforceable, nor a points issuable offence.

      • This is a quote from the Highway Code:
        “Although failure to comply with the other rules of the Code will not, in itself, cause a person to be prosecuted, The Highway Code may be used in evidence in any court proceedings under the Traffic Acts (see The road user and the law) to establish liability. This includes rules which use advisory wording such as ‘should/should not’ or ‘do/do not’”

  17. But they leave the 40MPH section of the Ramsgate Road between Hornby and the Hospice as QEQM without reducing it to 30MPH like the rest of the road and still no sequence in the traffic lights at Enterprise Road for pedestrians to cross this 40MPH section. They call it safety measures but leave the most dangerous road untouched !!

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