Some properties in Thanet villages hit by water loss expected to have supply returned today

Water supply

Some properties in  St Nicholas-at-Wade, Minster, Acol, Monkton, Adisham, Ash, Aylesham, Bekesbourne and Bridge, who have experienced a loss of water supply should start to see some water return this afternoon.

More than 9,000 homes have been affected due to issues with the water treatment process at Wingham Water Supply Works.

Water loss and low pressure began across the properties yesterday (February 23).

Southern Water has put in place a temporary ‘rezone’ solution and is still working on a full fix to the issue at Wingham Water Supply Works.

Southern Water says: “As customers start to see water return it’s really normal to experience some low pressure, discolouration and other changes to your water. This is temporary.

“Discoloured water from your taps is normal after a supply interruption. This is usually temporary and disappears once the network settles.

“If the water is cloudy and white, try leaving it in a glass for a few minutes to see if it clears, this will be air trapped in the water as the pipes refilled.

“Chlorine smell or taste is perfectly normal and comes from the small amounts of chlorine that remain in your supply known as ‘chlorine residual’.

“If the water has a brown or black colour, run your tap for a few minutes and it should clear. If this doesn’t work, turn the tap off, wait 20 minutes and try again. It’s fine to use your water as normal when your water runs clear.

“Sometimes after a network has been emptied air locks can occur– running taps for a short while can help bring water through.

“We will continue to deliver bottled water to all customers impacted by this.”

Southern Water says that due to very heavy rainfall, raw water quality in the underground wells deteriorated, impacting the ability to abstract and treat to the required standard.

In the best case scenario a full fix could be implemented tonight, but it is possible that disruption could continue throughout this weekend. However, some customers who were impacted on Friday evening and Saturday morning now have supply. The plan is for all customers impacted to have supply back thanks to the rezone.

There are two bottled water stations open at New Dover Road Park and Ride, Canterbury and Aylesham Leisure Centre, Aylesham.

North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale said there is a plan to open a bottled water station at Manston airport.

He said: “Southern Water is now progressing with plans to move one of their bottled water stations to Manston Airport, and are hopeful that the move across to Manston Airport will happen overnight, ahead of opening tomorrow morning.”