Teenage girl in Minster and 12-year-old boy arrested in antisocial behaviour crackdown

Kent Police (Image Thanet Police)

A 16-year-old girl was arrested in Minster during a police operation to crack down on anti-social behaviour in Ramsgate, Sandwich and Deal on Friday (February 16).

The girl was arrested for breaching a Community Protection Notice (CPN) prohibiting her from being part of large groups or behaving in a way which could cause alarm or distress.

She was referred to the Youth Justice Team and will appear before a youth court in March for breaching the CPN.

A 12-year-old boy was also arrested in Sandwich and taken home to his family following reports of criminal damage to a car and shoplifting in the town.

Neighbourhood policing officers from Dover and Thanet districts worked with British Transport Police and the Special Constabulary around east Kent during the operation.

Uniform and plain clothes officers in unmarked vehicles carried out patrols around Deal and Sandwich and additional officers were deployed to Minster and around Ramsgate railway station, speaking to young people and reminding them of the impact of their actions on others.

Alcohol was seized from a number of children, five people were stopped and searched and 15 penalties were handed out by British Transport Police for travelling on trains without a ticket.

Sergeant Gavin Rolfe, of Dover Community Safety Unit, said: “Nobody wants to stop young people enjoying themselves. However, when their actions lead to shoplifting, assaults or the carrying of weapons, it is right that the police step in.

“Officers engaged with the teenagers they encountered during the patrols, warning them of the impact of anti-social behaviour. Where necessary, action was taken against individuals suspected of breaking the law.

“We will continue to carry out operations of this kind to address concerns raised to us by the community, and make sure everyone feels safe.”


  1. Now the police should be pro active in seizing e-scooters all of which are illegal unless used off road! And stop people riding bikes on the pavement! This is gross anti-social behaviour, and the culprits are flouting the law, and making the police look foolish!

    • Absolutely agree with this. As a pedestrian, I am sick of being shoved out of the way by e-scooters and bikes riding on the pavement. It is illegal for them to ride on the pavement and yet the Police do nothing about it. I’m sure that if a pedestrian pushed one from the pavement into the road, action would be taken, against the wrong person.

        • Yeah Paul I agree, I got run into by one a few years back my leg still hurts now, they ricocheted off my leg straight into a shop window. They had no remorse whatsoever and blamed me for getting in their way – No insurance as you can guess – Madness

  2. This shouldn’t be a special operation; it should be part of normal daily police activity. Perhaps then, we might have a better chance of having a better-behaved society.

    • You have hit the nail on the head.

      This random crackdown by one shift on one day has revealed some 25 issues. This illustrates the extent of the problems that are happening in every town, every day of the week.

  3. I went in to Margate police station about a year ago to ask what they’re doing about e-scooters. Reception told me that they cannot do much at all because they don’t have enough officers. I was in high dudgeon having just witnessed a particularly crazy rider putting pedestrians at risk. Receptionist got equally worked up – her frustration about this issue was obvious.
    More recently saw two officers on the beat watching an e-scooter rider whizz across road and mount pavement at speed while only just managing to dodge several pedestrians. I went over and stood with them, we all just stood there helplessly. Had intended to ask them what they were going to do about it but it was pretty obvious there was nothing they could do as indeed they eventually confirmed. These are agile machines – quite difficult for a police car to follow let alone police on foot. Probably only solution is to stop selling the damn things but they generate income and that trumps almost everything else in our little world.

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