Project to prepare for port operator and ferry services at Ramsgate branded as ‘madness’

Ramsgate Port Photo John Horton

Plans to spend ‘up to £12 million’ on port infrastructure at Ramsgate in readiness for a ferry operator have been branded ‘a vanity project’  forced on officers due to ‘a political decision made by the last administration.’

Councillors at a scrutiny meeting last week raised a number of concerns about pursuing the port project – part of the £19.8m Levelling Up programme with funding granted by government in 2021.

Some £9,615,100 has been earmarked for port projects with £3.5 million of this for improved port infrastructure.

However, a report to councillors says port infrastructure work is likely to need £10m, far exceeding the £3.5 allocated for site clearance and remediation; improved breakwater and new berthing infrastructure.

The Port Infrastructure project includes the refurbishment of berths 2 and 3, and land based works needed to support ro-ro ferry operations, including facilities for UK Border Force.

Ramsgate Port plans

Berths 2 and 3  were the subject of refurbishment works eight years ago with a value at the time of £1.2m. Three years later, Berth 3 was decommissioned to reduce the cost of routine maintenance.

Berth 2 remains operational and since the last refurbishment has handled trade car arrivals generating an income of just over £1m, although the council hasn’t listed revenue costs during that period.

The report says: “The port infrastructure project is currently estimated by officers to be £10m +/- 25%.”

But councillors at a scrutiny meeting last week cast doubt over the scheme with Cllr John Davis questioning whether it would be a repeat of the Seaborne Freight debacle which was awarded a £13.8million government contract in December 2018 for extra ‘Brexit-resilience’ crossings despite having no ferries.

In 2020 the company went bust owing almost £2 million.

Seaborne Freight began negotiations to run a Ramsgate-Ostend ferry service in 2017 but the service did not materialise on the proposed March 2018 start date.

During the 2018 Christmas period news emerged that Seaborne Freight had been awarded a government contract worth £13.8million to provide extra ferry capacity to UK ports in the event of a no deal Brexit on March 29 – despite having no ferries and no track record.

By January Britain and Ireland’s largest union, Unite, called for then transport secretary Chris Grayling to resign in the wake of the ‘no-deal Brexit’ ferry service contracts.

In February 2019 the government contract with Seaborne was terminated.

Cllr Davis (Conservative) said: “Einstein’s definition of lunacy is to keep doing the same thing expecting a different outcome.”

He questioned why Berths 2 and 3 were yet again earmarked for funding after having £1.2m spent on them in 2016, why Border Force was needed for unaccompanied freight, why £100,000 was being spent on a condition report when funds had been used to maintain the berths already and branded the port and ferry proposal “a vanity project.”

Cllr David Green (Labour) questioned disparities in the report over the project’s funding gap, saying “The figures do not make sense to me. Is the funding gap £2.25m or £7m?”

Cllr Green also asked when an Environmental Impact Assessment would be undertaken to look at how increased port operations would affect the town.

Council officer Louise Askew said the exact funding gap would not be known until a costing report was finalised in June. Funding may be moved from other schemes, such as the restaurant plan for the Smack Boys Home which has now been shelved, which could transfer to the port.

Cllr Becky Wing (Green) said officers were being “forced down a track that was put in motion by the previous administration” and questioned whether it would create further liabilities for taxpayers similar to the lease with Brett Aggregates that binds the council to maintaining the company’s berth until 2054.

The aim of the port work is to prepare for an operator to bring ferry services back to Ramsgate.

The last ferry to operate from Ramsgate was TransEuropa Ferries which went bankrupt in 2013 and left Thanet council with £3.4 million in unpaid berthing fees.

A council report says: “The Port Infrastructure project is designed to invest in the infrastructure at the Port of Ramsgate, to enable the reintroduction of scheduled Ro-Ro ferry services operating from berths 2 and 3, with an initial focus on unaccompanied freight.

“The project includes both marine based works, including the refurbishment of berths 2 and 3, and the mooring spine that links the berths, together with land based works needed to support Ro-Ro ferry operations, such as Border Force facilities.

“It is clearly essential that this project is coordinated with the already approved work to secure a new operator for Ro-Ro operations at the port.”

In March last year Thanet council agreed on a multi-purpose Port Hybrid option where the council would retain management of part of the Port, splitting the commercial activity by the type of operation. The council would retain control of non-ro-ro traffic, with ro-ro cargo and traffic managed by a third party.

Brett Aggregates

Agreements with Brett Aggregates and wind farm operators would remain in place. There will be negotiations with Brett Aggregates about expanding on a further two acres of land. The existing aggregates site occupies two acres of land and is served by berth 4/5, which was replaced in 2022.

The port infrastructure project also includes funding for capital dredging to restore the depth at the port to that required for cross channel ferry operations.

However, Cllr Davis said any potential operator should be asked to provide details of vessels and schedules for the port, adding that: “The vessels do not exist on the shipping register that are of a standard that we would want. We do not want a harbour full of tramp steamers dumping rusty unaccompanied freight trailers.”.

He said the longest vessel to have used the port since 2016 has been the Gefco car transporter at 157 metres long. He said a report commissioned from Infrata by Thanet council last year referred to vessels at 180m being tested at the port, including the Pride of Burgundy, but both vessels were now scrapped.

Cllr Davis said the council’s decision to try and revitalise the port was ‘madness’ based on a commissioned report containing “fake information and falsities.”

Councillors were told interest in being a port operator had been expressed but ‘commercial sensitivity’ meant no names could be released.

Rick Everitt at the Ramsgate Levelling Up session held last year

Following the meeting Thanet council Leader Rick Everitt described the comparison made by Overview & Scrutiny Panel members with Seaborne Freight and the project to replace berths 4/5 at the port as ‘a false one.’

He said: “Seaborne Freight was a government exercise to procure a ferry operator.It was in no way a Thanet responsibility.”

“The council is looking to appoint an experienced, substantial, and existing port operator, who will take on the risk of any ferry operation. We have received substantial interest on the basis of the actual situation at the port of Ramsgate.

“ It is reasonable to assume that the potential operators have the knowledge and expertise needed to make an informed decision about their own business.

“The council had to replace berths 4/5 because it had a contractual obligation to do so. We are not obliged to operate a port and have not committed to the works to allow a new ferry service.

“We won’t do so until we understand the costs in full and can make a decision on the basis of firm interest. If it doesn’t work for Ramsgate and Thanet we won’t do it, but we need to follow the process to find out.”

Architect plans for the port and harbour

A ‘port narrative’ published in 2022 said: “The objective of re-establishing a cross channel RoRo operation is to create jobs at Ramsgate and ease the significant risks for UK PLC when moving freight to and from the continent.

“A service from Ramsgate will offer an alternative route to the logistics sector and importantly, will create local jobs. A new cross channel service will make the port more sustainable in the long term – for the council and for the district.

“The plan is to allocate 48% of the site for RoRo operations. 22% is already allocated to existing port related businesses, and a further 5% will be retained for shared site access within the port estate.

“This creates potential for the remaining 25% to be released for new maritime related opportunities, including the Green Campus site.  This remaining space at the Port should be used to help support the economic regeneration and growth needed in Ramsgate.”

The Port of Ramsgate, at 34 acres, is owned and operated by Thanet District Council – some of  the site is Crown land. It is one of 23 municipal ports in England and Wales and is currently used by a variety of maritime businesses.

Plans to find operator for ferry services from Ramsgate approved by council Cabinet members

Council takes next step in bid to attract cross-channel freight operator to Ramsgate Port

Thanet council leader Rick Everitt: Ferry proposals for Ramsgate Port are far from ‘pie in the sky’


  1. Would it be possible to see the market research stating that there is commercial viability for reinstating ferries in Ramsgate? Figures from an un-biased independent study please? And how many jobs are planned to be created by Brett’s expansion, as opposed to a maritime village attracting tourists, bringing much needed cash to the local economy? Thank you for answers.

    • Facebook “experts” think the port is viable, just like they think a hub airport in the corner of the country is viable – if not where will RSP run their electric barges up to London from !!! 🙂 🙂

      • Airport for air freight is very much needed learn how products get to the uk from likes of China and else where bring the air traffic direct into the uk rather than Europe will help and bring in a lot of money

    • I think that a “maritime village” is a dreadful idea. The port should be a place for industry, not wildly expensive housing , which is what “maritime village” seems to mean.

  2. If the previous administration made the decision to pursue this clearly pointless exercise, why doesn’t the current administration simply stop?

    Ramsgate needs sensible spend of it’s tax and levelling up. Things that would benefit our community would include all other levelling up projects apart from this one.

    And what’s the obsession in Thanet with mystery investors and mystery interested parties? If it isn’t mysterious shady overseas money trees waggling at the cargo hub debacle, it’s folks too shy to declare their boats are interested in using Ramsgate port.

    The merry go round at TDC and the endless blame game continues and meanwhile we’re awash with dog mess, a dying high street and reduced public transport. When will an administration simply do basic, common sense stuff instead of these vanity, ego, legacy endeavours.

    The harbour and the port would be better off having some residential development, the profit of which could fund the ongoing other regeneration projects needed in Ramsgate. Instead, we pour millions down the unblocked drains.

    • Unfortunately the Tory-led Council and the Tory MP put in the bid to Government for the money from the Levelling Up Fund. Ramsgate was awarded that money for the purposes set out in the bid including the Commercial Port. Changes cannot be unilaterally made by the Labour-led Council. The sooner there is a Labour MP working with the Labour-led Council working with the Labour-led Town Council the better and changes to the Ramsgate Levelling Up Fund awarded can perhaps be made.

      • Not if the cost of them getting here is more expensive to Ramsgate that the money they spend when they are here, no.

  3. Craig Mackinlay posted on X formerly twitter on 18 June 2021

    “I was very pleased to support the bid for the #LevellingUp Grant funding. It feels like there’s new enthusiasm taking root
    @ThanetCouncil with the change of administration
    @Conservatives Less hard-nosed posturing politics & real action to improve #Thanet #EastKent”

    On 27 October 2021

    Craig Mackinlay MP commented:

    “It’s fantastic news that the full Levelling Up Fund bid for £19.8m for Ramsgate has been agreed by the Treasury.

    “There’s also the opportunity to finally secure a new, permanent future for the commercial port.

    “By working with our Thanet District Council councillors, together, we can make lasting economic improvements to the local economy.

    “Great news for Ramsgate.”

  4. I personally would enjoy a quick trip to France like the old days. We used to have a lot of French tourists visiting Ramsgate for the day too.

  5. WOW!!! This is fantastic news, that along with the airport, will really put Thanet back on the map (all we need now is a return of the hovercraft port!).

  6. what do people want to happen, cover it in houses like the rest of thanet ? anything that might improve this area people just want to kybosh it .it appears to me they are mainly coffin dodgers like the airport opponents . perhaps they prefered it as a ” travellers ” camp , and we have not been told what that cost us during and after – including theclearing the rubbish they left behind

    • The airport is a huge red herring. The planning inspector and the government’s own consultants say there is no need. When it was an airport in its’ heyday it supported fewer than 500 jobs. The port is a massive mixed use opportunity which will be cash flow positive rather than a black hole. Nobody will run a ferry from Ramsgate. Barges full of waste and crap yes, a ferry, no.

      • And live animal exports Jon! The reason they could carry out this vile trade was they used a dilapidated old flat bottom ex Russian boat, made for inland use on lakes that could get into and out of Ramsgate Harbour! I believe they are using Dover Harbour now, to export live animals all over the EU where they will have their throats cut to satisfy the Halal market! Mackinlay was supposed to have ended this trade if we left the EU, yeah still waiting!

    • The people who endured living in the port car park for 2 and a half years were given the basic amenities!

      They were forceably removed and will now be stopping on roads and parks because of a lack of appropriate accommodation for them.

      The port is problem that will continue as such for generations.

      Much like the airport.

  7. Whoever has put this report together has no understanding whatsoever of the shipping industry and trends and future thinking for channel crossings.

    It’s laughable.

  8. I think this could eventually make financial sense. An airport, a ferry port & a rail link; all within 10 minutes of each other, could make freight & passenger services from Thanet viable. This could create jobs in an otherwise depressed area, & reinvigorate local businesses.

        • Thanet Parkway is irrelevant to a cargo hub and was not built for anything related to the cargo hub plans on the defunct airport site. National Rail has confirmed this numerous times. Cargo doesn’t tend to buy a ticket and pack itself off in a travel crate from St Pancras.

          The quadruple budget Parkway that Thanet didn’t need, and almost nobody uses was simply a ‘spade ready’ project that Roger Gale decided to dust off for his ego and for 4 x overspend for the almost bankrupt KCC to chip into.

          Why are some folks in Thanet obsessed with business development doomed to fail? When is anyone going to run this District with some sense and their eyes on the future, not the past. Why do people think that the resurrection of a port and an airfield will somehow stop housing?

          The more I think of it, the more madness there really is.

          • I don’t think it will stop housing, but it will provide jobs for those in the housing. Ferries and ports employ a lot of people.

    • Yeah. Makes perfect sense for a ferry company to move to Ramsgate which then involves a longer sailing across the channel, burning more fuel and cash in the process and a completely inadequate road network to transport goods around the country. £10m won’t even touch the sides of the infrastructure that is needed to operate cross channel ferries from Ramsgate.

      Like the airport, it’s geographically nigh on impossible to make money due to where we are situated.

  9. I don’t understand why the funds bid for are not being spent on the projects they were allocated to. Why siphon off funds for other levelling up projects to prop up the dead duck of a ferry operation? This is the real madness.

    I was delighted when Ramsgate was awarded the funds. I don’t care which flavour of administration managed to achieve that. But now, if the current administration are blaming the former one, and then shuffling the funds around to prop up projects least likely to succeed I’m quite sure the Leader and the TDC cabinet can make some sensible decisions.

    They don’t have to treble the port project budget.

    The labour led council can choose not to do so. The decision as to what happens next rests with the cabinet. They could choose, for example, to bin the port project and put all of the funds into the Clocktower/Smack Boys/Pier Yard project. Instead, they’re down budgeting those to continue on with the absurd ferry nonsense.

  10. Thanet needs to start living in the modern world.

    Like manston the port doesnt make money. Stop living in the past.

    Forget manston, forget the port and move forward.

    They is zero infrastructure a two lane thanet way M2 coping with manston and the port lol wake up and smell the coffee. It would need at least a 4 lane thanet way and M2

    Manston and the port are just holding back thanet

    • Why do you say that, in the 70/80s Ramsgate docks had hundreds of lorries and never had road problems and Thanet way was still a single road then

    • Agree let the albatross of Manston multiple times failed airfield go, we will never move forward until some people except its a non starter or sustainable in anyway.

  11. Levelling up and town deal are a joke! The officers that put these proposals to government need to be sacked. Officer Askew hasn’t a clue and needs to be held accountable as does Labour for proceeding with this joke of a port project.

  12. Was there not previously a report that suggested that there were effectively no vessels available to suit Port Ramsgate? Really can’t see any company building something for the venture. The costs will spiral, the government money will ne nowhere near enough, Thanet will be on the hook for the balance, it will most certain
    Y all go wrong and we’ll be bankrupt for ever more.
    If the council has even a smidgin of common sense, they’ll decline the money and forget about the whole thing.

    But whilst we’re talking about the port is there a current figure for the costs of getting Bretts birth up and running ? That must have gone well over budget, everything else seems to.

  13. Moan, moan whinge, whinge, whinge people always complaining and being negative about any slightly positive news or proposal put forward to try and drag Thanet into a moderately successful district. Maybe instead of carping on all the time get behind the Council or better still as you all seem to think you can do better put yourselves forward for election at the next District or County elections.

    • Such a project is well outside the councillors and council officers knowledge/skillsets to the extent that there’s effectively no oversight. Could I do better , no certainly not, but i’m quite prepared to acknowledge when i’m out of my depth and step away, but instead the excuses are being put in place about it being the fault of the previous administration , rather than having the confidence of their convictions to either establish the facts and so take responsibility if the decision is to press ahead.
      In the absence of an operator , that has the vessel and who’s willing to sign on the dotted line with a security bond in place should they later decide to not go ahead, the idea is pretty much a sure fire way to cost the areas residents a fortune and lose thanet any credibility it might have with central government fipunding bodies.
      This is more about playground politics than actually achieving anything meaningfull.

    • What would you prefer to see on the comments section of local media?

      Dancing unicorns of steadfast belief? All lined up whinnying pleasingly.

      Actually, now I think of it….

  14. I can see why Peter Checksfield would think that I should be running Thanet because you can’t rebuild what was never there in the first place.
    The London Chatham and Dover Railway tried a ferry service from Ramsgate in the 1860’s but it never worked out, probably because the port needed constant dredging.Again during WW1 Richborough was selected over Ramsgate and had a rail connection which Ramsgate never had.Ramsgate harbour station did not extend to the harbour and the port did not exist at the time.Ramsgate port is on the other side of the harbour and even if you could bulldoze all the buildings in the way and lay a tramway by reviving the old tunnel railway, to what purpose?
    I think most people would see this port project as a repeat of the old Seaborne ferry no ferry debacle
    John Davis was quoting the wrong scientist,he should have quoted Carl Sagan who said to sustain an extraordinary argument.extraordinary evidence is required.Seeing who is providing that evidence for TDC, I think we need to see a lot of extraordinary evidence from the council.
    Hope springs eternal, but not with backward looking projects that will make a laughing stock of Thanet.
    If RSP want waste money on their barmy scheme that’s their privilege, but to waste public money on a no hope vanity project is quite another.What on earth is the current cabinet up to?

  15. It is ridiculous that they are considering spending over £10 million at the port without any heads of terms being agreed with a ferry operator, you might just as well burn £10 notes.
    However they need to make sure whoever was responsible for negotiation with Brett’s doesn’t get anywhere near any discussions. I cannot believe that TDC agreed to maintain a facility that was installed by Brett’s.

  16. I have heard that the trade negotiations with Canada; currently ongoing, make concessions for aviation, and that at least one seaplane company has enquired about the potential for the port to be used for cargo- can anybody confirm?

      • But I heard that one company is interested in that option. They are a much better option, as the planes would not have to land over the town, and the control tower and zero-hours pallet handlers will still get a job. Those planes are also much less noisy. This would offer the best of both worlds, at a fraction of the harm to the town. It maybbe quite picturesque to see the seaplanes landing from the Weatherspoon.

  17. Why not go completely bonkers and bankrupt the council by building a flying boat terminal, so that flights to the fulfilment centre in Rwanda can be operated.
    In the last 14 years we have seen,countless white elephant projects built,useful projects terminated, the same money spent over and over again,witless conspiracy theories supported by govt, cronyism, corporate malfeasance and illegality on an industrial scale that did real harm to innocent members of the public, and lies and false promises a plenty.
    It’s time to stop all this, it’s time for change.It’s time for the competent administration of affairs.If Labour at any level of Government cannot or will not get a grip,they should pack it in now.The TDC cabinet should consign this project to the dustbin of history and reassign any officer wasting time on it.

  18. Of course the Tory morons are calling a port regeneration at Ramsgate Madness and a vanity project, as it is in complete conflict with the Tories own Ludicrous Vanity project of the multiple times failed airfield at Manston. No-one has pumped more public money which would have been better served for genuine causes required in thanet than the UKIP and Tory not to mention a few loonies in the Labour administration and MPs of thanet to have reports written which have clearly stated one and all that it is not an airfield, it is not sustainable, it is a doomed to fail yet again for the 5th time now project. However the port is a different having issues with traffic, operation brock, and a requirement for another terminal on a small scale required near by. Ramsgate could do that, however another cargo hub for aircraft is not sustainable or even needed at least in the Southeast and passenger numbers do not exist as previously proven for holiday flights. Gale and Mckinley have lied, manipulated and suckered judges, MPs and the poor public into believing in there VANITY PROJECT, do they see a Ramsgate shipping port as a threat to there own failed scam.

  19. Ferry port , rubbish idea , a marine village is the best and only way to go. Village doesn’t mean lots of houses , simply tourist attractions, shops ect

      • I agree. A Council with real vision and business sense would turn Ramsgate town centre to housing, make provision for community style retail such as coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, greengrocers etc and design it as a new centre. Will prevent some of these houses being build on greenfield sites.

        It’s dying. High Street retail is dying for bigger outlets. Let’s not wait until it has totally died before we do something radical.

        • “A Council with real vision and business sense would turn Ramsgate town centre to housing,”

          How do you suggest they get the money to purchase all the private properties in the town centre, and then pay to convert it all ??

          Just one building in King Street is up for sale for £575k, another in Queen Street £410k – you are talking tens of millions to buy up a road !!!!

          • Designate the whole area as Housing in the next local plan. No new licences for retail premises. Retail values will drop like a stone and the owners will be looking to sell. If they want to relocate elsewhere in Thanet then offer Business Rates discounts to sweeten it.

            Just needs some radical thinking rather than just watching it die a little more every year.

      • Hang on, you support an airport which has failed several times before, yet you dont want more shops because shops have failed before…? Weird, but totally in line with the good thinking of the cargo lovers…

  20. Does ramsgate Port have the capacity to store and move around hundreds of trailers of all sorts. Presuming it will be trailer only at first. Then does it have the capacity to Park cars as well as trailers. It will need to shift loads of trailers every 24 hours to be viable. Trade to Europe has dropped by about 15% to 20% since Brexit. I think it is a dead horse in the water but let’s carry on and see what happens. Always up for a laugh.

  21. We seem to have been here before. TDC just seems to go round in circles-like the airport comedy show with TF, who promised vast local jobs when he shilled for Wiggins in the late 1990’s & is now doing so for RSP. Despite the fact it turned out to be nothing but gaslighting back then as it was largely automated-TF quickly kept down-scaling the numbers when it opened & will be white elephant once more, if it ever gets off the ground again.

    Maybe the next thing will be the return of talks for the supposed saviour of Thanet in the 2000’s & beyond-The always doomed Chinese Gateway project?

  22. We have a first class airport with road infrastructure in place and a first class port with again the road infrastructure in place, I’m sure local folk and I’m talking about those born here, not outsiders who’ve moved here, can remember the days when trucks rumbled through the town on their way to the busy port and how the roads are now a thousand times better.
    Trouble today is there’s too many outsiders living here now who know nothing about the history of this town and how good it used to be.
    There’s no decent Jobs here anymore, we desperately need both the port and airport open to provide these quality jobs, we don’t want anymore houses, that’s for sure. If you don’t like it, then move back where you came from.

      • Goodness me, how xenophobic can someone get? Perhaps rather than blame people who have moved to Ramsgate fairly recently, the blame should be laid on the Ramsgate residents who stopped shopping in town even when many shops were still open, and transferred their shopping habits to Westwood Cross with its so-called free parking.

      • I expect it’s the proposed provision for hydrogen powered electric barges, which will carry air cargoes arriving at Manston down round the North Foreland into the Thames Estuary, and then, many hours later, transfer them onto trucks or trains for forward transportation to somewhere like the East Midlands.

    • Usual xenophobic comment which will not be censored. Also, why did you all ‘local’ people let the old airport collapse? Why didnt you all fly more from Manston? We out of towners were not here, so the collapse is on you.

      Also, are you looking for a job at the airport?

    • Yet it never provided local jobs as promised & the companies there lost over 100 million from 1998-2014. How many reports from experts stating there is no viability for an airport there do you need?

      How many times do you need to listen to the same guy promising jobs that never materialised there in 1998, when he got his way based on those broken promises, to work out you are being gaslighted? I was born here by the way.

    • Wow first class, that’s a far fetch claim from someone’s imagination. Not only is it not first class but it’s not an airfield, shut for a decade, that’s how much it’s been missed.

  23. Imagine. You get on the plane in Malaga, using Mama Airlines (thats the airline owed by the MP), and land in Manston. From there, you either get a bus to Thanet Parkway (15 mins? but would there be any, considering theres no current service?) or Ramsgate (20 mins?).

    We know from data in the past that 75% of people in Thanet never used the airport, even to fetch a traveller. So the bulk of airport users would have to be those out-of-towners so despised round here.

    In Thanet Parkway, people 1h-ish to London, for £40-£50-ish pp. In Ramsgate, 1h18m and £30-50ish (fast train, off peak, 1 per hour).

    Those DFLs can also fly to Gatwick, or Stansted, or Heathrow, and be home quicker and for less money.

    Besides the handful of Thanetians who did not use the airport enough and now they claim they will use it a lot, anybody else here see the problem…?

    • As I’ve always said, Manston should be used for internal UK flights – including connections to Gatwick, or Stansted, or Heathrow. Far quicker than driving or multiple trains.

      • What an stupid idea. The famous project of national significance and the much-peddled passenger blah blah blah, used for internal flights and transfers…oh dear…
        So electric barges up the river for cargo, and electric scooters for the passengers to commute from Manston to Southend…sorry, that one also closed…

  24. People here don’t get it, a marine village isn’t somewhere to live, it’s a tourist area with shop, restaurants , entertainment etc , use your imagination or go look at Cardiff Bay , Bournemouth Great Yarmouth, they have great ideas to turn thing around. Look at Portsmouth and London dock lands, York to name a few.

    • Again, there’s pleenty of already-struggling shops and restaurants in the town centre. As for Great Yarmouth, the town centre is even worse than Ramsgate.

    • Ramsgate already has shops , restaurants, pubs and bars with music, a music hall, the Granville
      Why invent a totally unnecessary “Marina Village”?

  25. Who do you think you are,that you should tell people not to post on this public forum? Do you think that the Isle Of Thanet News’ “Comments” section is your own personal playground, with you as the chief bully?
    I note that recently you have made atrocious and libellous comments about Ms Rees (I took the liberty of making screen shots, for posterity). Small wonder that she wants to have nothing to do with you.
    It seems that generally you are incapable of behaving in a reasonable sort of way. The majority of the myriad of your comments are (mercifully) brief, snide, unpleasant ad hominid remarks, intended to upset people.
    The world would be a better place if you managed to restrict your remarks to on-topic, fact-based logical arguments.

  26. this harbour / port is going to be used to process the illegal immigrants coming into england , watch this space

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