Ramsgate man jailed for assaulting four police officers

Image Kent Police

A Ramsgate man has been jailed following an assault on four police officers in Dover.

In the early hours of Wednesday 14 February, Kent Police was called to a report of a disturbance at an address on London Road.

Officers arrived and attempted to negotiate with David Fabian to leave the property. He quickly became violent and threatened an officer before pushing him against a fridge and spitting at him.

Fabian grabbed another officer by the throat and forcefully pushed her away. He then lunged towards a third officer, punching her to the floor and then pinning her down.

He finally pushed a fourth officer before he was restrained.

Fabian, 34, of Pike Lane, Ramsgate was later charged with assaulting emergency workers.

He appeared before Folkestone Magistrates’ Court yesterday (February 15) and was sentenced to 208 days in prison after pleading guilty to all offences.

Dover’s Victim Based Crime Team Police Sergeant Jon Smith said: “Our officers are required to attend unpredictable, challenging and sometimes volatile situations every day. It is completely unacceptable that they are subjected to this level of violence for simply doing their job.

“David Fabian’s disgusting and violent behaviour was utterly abhorrent, and this sentence should be a warning that we will not hesitate to prosecute those who put the safety of our officers and any other emergency workers at risk.”


  1. An eye for an eye, hey? Yes, do let’s take Britain back to the good old days when everything was great including sending kids off to Australia if they nicked an important thing such as a handkerchief. (Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit about the handkerchief.)

    • A sensible, proactive suggestion. Thank you.

      We have become far too tolerant of of lawlessness, violence and antisocial behaviour.

  2. 208 days? How did ‘days’ become the unit of prison-term measurement? Why wasn’t the sentence seven months?

  3. When did they stop Birching? It was still around in my younger days I remember, although I wasn’t birched. I did get 6 strokes of the Head masters cane for a misdemeanour I did not commit, which still rankles 70 years later!

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