Four months of ‘extensive’ road works scheduled for part of the Thanet Way

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Part of the A299 Thanet Way  between Whitstable and Herne Bay will undergo extensive reconstruction work with closures and diversions running from  March to July.

Kent County Council (KCC) was successful in bidding for £4 million from the Department for Transport’s Challenge Fund, supported by an allocation of about £420,000 from KCC’s own road maintenance budget, which will be used to complete the works.

KCC say the ground below the coastbound A299 has expanded and contracted with hotter summers and wetter winters, meaning the road can be bumpy as a result of the underlying soil growing and shrinking.

Highways will excavate the road to a significant depth and rebuild it with a much stronger construction, using specialist geotextile materials, different sized aggregates and multiple layers of asphalt.

While work is being carried out, part of the road will have to be closed but a contraflow system will be installed between the turn off for Whitstable and the Chestfield Tunnel to minimise disruption to the travelling public as much as possible.

KCC’s Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, Neil Baker said: “These extensive reconstruction works are essential if we are to continue to keep this road safe, and to minimise future disruption.

“We realise some will be inconvenienced by this planned maintenance, but we have worked hard to come up with a way of doing this that minimises disruption to the travelling public as much as possible.

“Once this essential maintenance is completed we are confident there will be a noticeable difference in the quality of the surface, which I know will be welcomed by all road users.”

Roads Minister, Guy Opperman said: “Motorists and roads users in Kent deserve safe, modern and smooth roads they can rely on. That’s why it’s great to see Kent County Council now invest £4 million from Government to resurface the A299 Thanet Way between Whitstable and the Chestfield Tunnel and tackle potholes.

“These improvements come on top of £135 million we’re investing to resurface roads all across Kent over the next 11 years, as we continue to put drivers back in the driving seat.”

Term Services Director at GW Highways, David Gibbins added: “We are delighted to be completing this reconstruction of the A299 Thanet Way on behalf of Kent County Council.

“Through this partnership we will be delivering the construction phase of the work and dealing with the underlying ground conditions to ensure journeys on this strategic route are smoother.”

Project Timeline

From Monday 11th March to the morning of Friday 29th March

KCC will need to close the A299 in both directions overnight between Whitstable and Herne Bay while workers upgrade the crossover point for the traffic that the contraflow is expected to handle. Traffic will be diverted on the A2990 between 8pm and 5am each night. Lane closures may be required during the daytime but this will be kept to a minimum.

From Friday 5th April to Saturday 13th April

The London-bound A299 Thanet Way will be closed each night from 7pm to 7am to allow for the safe phased installation of the contraflow. A temporary 40mph speed limit will be in place 24 hours a day and lane closures may be required. Signed diversion routes will be installed and traffic travelling coastbound will be unaffected.

From Monday 15th April to Friday 12th July

With the contraflow in place, reconstruction works will commence on the coastbound A299 Thanet Way.

From Friday 12th July to Saturday 20th July

The London-bound A299 Thanet Way will be closed each night from 7pm to 7am to allow for the safe phased removal of the contraflow. A temporary 40mph speed limit will be in place 24 hours a day and lane closures may be required. Signed diversion routes will be installed and traffic travelling coastbound will be unaffected.



  1. Good job manston isnt open ! Can you imagine the grid lock with all the HGVs and aviation tanks trying to get to and fro manston lol.

    Like I say no infrastructure

  2. From London ,it’s motorway and then dual carriageway ,all the way to Manston ,or have you not driven that way for years.I bet in a few years with all ,the development there will be dual carriageway to and from Dover.So infrastructure you see

    • I drive all over the country. The infrastructure around the main cargo hubs in the Midlands are huge. 4 lane motorway huge railcard.

      Do you seriously think a 2 lane thanet way and M2 can cope with the UK’s biggest cargo hub lol

      • It won’t be the uk’s biggest cargo hub though. Given haulage and logistics firms would deem it highly financially irresponsible, given they have central access to the m6 from EMA and m25, m20, m1, m4 from Heathrow? Where as Manston would just add 120miles worth of extra fuel costs, per round trip…

        • Manston is not a sustainable business because of it’s location, and restrictions due to it proximity to Ramsgate, environmentally it’s a disaster with the quantity of lorries needed, to travel to the distribution hubs at West and North London and beyond, extra fuel, extra pollution of aircraft and lorries extra traffic extra delays on the roads with rotting goods in the rear while sitting in roadworks and traffic, extra inadequate diversions, and rail wouldn’t cope, it doesn’t now. It’s dead, use it for something worth having that will gereate excitement, jobs, sustainable environmental friendly diversification, stop flogging a dead horse. Plus now there will be even more homes being built as we speak even nearer the runway with aircraft 300 feet above there roofline, when kids are trying to sleep for health and regeneration for learning not to mention the workers that have to sleep days or nights based on shift patterns.

    • “I bet in a few years with all ,the development there will be dual carriageway to and from Dover”

      You mean like the a2, and a256 (besides that little section by eastry/wingham bypass)?

    • Infrastructure in this country is mediocre at best and a lot of the time does not cope, do not confuse road work and rail as being an improvement often it is poorly thought out or woefully short leaving it inadequate and not fit for purpose. I do travel the country often.

  3. The schedule for the work is ridiculous, as is the schedule was for the thanet way tunnels when the lighting was replaced and the M2 crash barrier works on the M2 between the A2 Brenley corner and toward the A249. There is not enough work being conducted quick enough, in European or countries such as Japan or Australia this work would be conducted properly in less than half the time, they are not working on shifts round the clock, there is slow progress and the thanet way was not conducted correctly to begin with, all that money, all those years spent constructing it, there is land heave causing uneven road surface areas and poor draining. Who knew, all the years of constructing roads in the country and no one thought of this, then there were the many half thought out and cheap fixes in isolated areas to try and cure it but no still happening. Poor very poor, and who are agreeing to the solutions and managing and monitoring the quality of the work, some of the repairs conducted really is of shockingly poor standards. Just by way of example drive from Monkton roundabout to the St Nicholas roundabout heading to London, there is a new surface of some 80m perhaps the surface appears OK at present at least until land heave has an effect on it again, the line markings applied by the KCC contractor, is another thing entirely, the centre line does not line up with the existing, the rumble line on the left edge is not straight and the rumble line on the right edge looks more like a large wiggling snake as opposed to a straight line. Who checks this stuff clearly not the KCC inspectors that drive round in there little white vans, even though dozens of them drive past this Dailey, and the local authority and KCC not to mention the Kent highways contractors that drive past this daily in great numbers, or the contractor that conducted it which pass it daily or there management. So ask again why should we have confidence that this is money we’ll spent I ask KCC, Kent Highways and the contractor for them and Kents MPS.

  4. Should add two things, firstly this is London bound immediately after St Nicholas roundabout, second, this is common throughout Kent.

  5. Not everyone can use a train for various reasons, most of all tradesmen with tools, plant and equipment, for work use at multiple sites each day all over the southeast. How many MPs use a train?

  6. Not everyone wants to use a train with the unreliability and replacement bus services not to mention the extortion they call fares.

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