Maths is ‘marvellous’ at Ramsgate Arts Primary

Using shells for counting and halving

Maths is magical, marvellous and sometimes mystifying – that’s the verdict of children at Ramsgate Arts Primary after a special learning day when the whole school turned the spotlight on the subject.

The challenging initiative was built around all children taking part in exciting and engaging investigations, collaborating with peers, recognising how Maths is meaningful and, overall, inspiring young mathematicians by making maths fun.

Teachers planned a range of interesting investigations and activities allowing pupils to recall and apply previous skills taught.

Teacher Kiki Amin, the school’s Maths Lead, explained how the event was also linked to the nationwide NSPCC charity Number Day. She said: “The aim was to build a deeper enjoyment of Maths for all of our pupils outside of normal ‘classroom lessons’ and to get our children talking about the subject.

“I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how enthusiastic RAPS pupils were during each activity, whilst also displaying some super mathematical understanding. It was lovely to see them working with numbers in different contexts and applying their knowledge and skills with confidence and enthusiasm.”

In Early Years and Key Stage 1, children applied their number bond knowledge to go shopping for pirate paraphernalia, explored equal groups and halving with shells and other manipulatives, decoded the number ‘in the box’ and worked ‘systematically’ to build different robots and create Mondrian inspired artwork.

In Key Stage 2, the children explored logic problems, used pegboards to investigate scaling for area, created their own Tarsia puzzles and even completed several ‘impossible’ challenges featuring RAPS staff as footballers.

Head of School Nick Budge said: “There was so much energy, engagement and enthusiasm behind this special focus day that underpins our usual comprehensive teaching of Maths.

“And it was the perfect platform for us to embrace the brilliant NSPCC Number Day awareness campaign that highlights the extremely important role it plays in caring for children.”