McDonald’s plan to open drive thru on land by Tesco in Manston Road, Ramsgate


Fast food restaurant McDonald’s is asking for public views on plans to open a new site at land by Tesco in Manston Road, Ramsgate.

The business says the new drive thru would redevelop vacant, brownfield land to provide the restaurant, a car park with 49 spaces including four disabled parking spaces, four Electric Vehicle (EV) charging spaces, and four motorcycle parking spaces as well as eight short stay cycle parking spaces with two dual access lockers and pedestrian links to the existing Tesco store.

In a statement on the consultation page it says: “Vehicle access to our proposed Drive Thru restaurant would be from the existing Tesco access roundabout on Manston Road.

“The access road will be extended through the car park to serve the restaurant, in addition to new pedestrian links between the restaurant and the front of the Tesco store.

“We are proposing 49 new car parking spaces to provide the restaurant with some minor alteration of the Tesco car park for the construction of the new access road.

“This would bring the combined number of spaces to approximately 350, to serve both Tesco and proposed McDonald’s restaurant. Parking surveys have been conducted indicating that there would be more than sufficient space to accommodate the demand for both uses.

“The Drive Thru lane has been carefully designed and can accommodate up to 29 cars to ensure that no queuing would occur within the Tesco car park.

“Deliveries will typically occur 3-5 times per week at pre-arranged times, where vehicles will unload from the restaurant car park. A Transport Assessment will be submitted as part of the planning application which will consider the anticipated impacts of the proposed development on the local road network.”

(Image McDonald’s)

The fast food giant says the development would result in approximately 100-120 new jobs in a range of full and part time positions and would generate between £50,000 and £60,000 per year in business rates to support local services.

The business adds: “All of our restaurants are powered by 100% renewable electricity. We recycle all our used cooking oil into biodiesel for our delivery trucks. We plan to source all our packaging from renewable or recyclable materials by 2024 (and) we are committed to sustainably sourced, quality ingredients, from local suppliers wherever possible.”

Ramsgate town used to have a McDonald’s branch

Ramsgate town’s McDonald’s, in King Street, shut in 2015. It was later taken over by the Haberdashery shop.

Find the consultation here


  1. If this plan goes ahead then Ramsgate can claim first prize for diversity.

    In the centre of town we have a yoga cafe offering healthy food and healthy exercise. While on the outskirts you can gorge yourself on junk food without even budging from your seat.

    This will certainly add to the strain on our NHS

      • Indeed – but the folk of Thanet choose to use them. Once again it is market forces that drive demand.

        Two drive through McD’s at Westwood and one at Mister are clearly not enough to cater for the insatiable desire for burger and fries (not forgetting similar products available from BK and Tim’s at Westwood).

        And as another commenter has stated – the town centres are dead but everybody is happy to drive out of town to get their burgers. The people of Thanet should be congratulated on their ability to sustain what must be the countries greatest proximity of burger joints in the smallest geographical area.

        ”Give the people what they want !”


        ”Don’t build houses – build drive-through food outlets !”

        • Rather pointless blaming the victims of decades of manipulative marketing. The US & UK were very slim until these places started popping up everywhere & television, radio, newspapers etc promoting them all the time.

          Just like Samoa was one of the healthiest countries until the US bombarded them with these places & other junk food-it didn’t take long to turn it into one of the Type 2 Diabetes capitals of the world.

          • Not really-there were plenty of cars around in the 1970’s & 1980’s when obesity was a rare sight-something people were embarrassed/ashamed about & the amount of exercise you have to do to lose any real weight is massive-standing still in a shop or factory or some movement isn’t going to make a great deal of difference & like a lot of people who go to the gym they burn off 200 calories & then go & consume 500 or more to celebrate.

            Weight loss is overwhelmingly from the diet & sadly the amount of these places has become astronomical from nothing-Margate didn’t even have a McDonald’s until mid 1983, there were no home deliveries of every food imaginable at any time of day or night like nowadays, the portion sizes of them has become obscene, plate sizes have increased & the amount of advertising bombardment has become insane in all forms-television, billboards, radio, social media, celebrity endorsements, sponsoring television shows, bombarding smartphones etc.

            Back then fish & chips, A KFC or a Pizza Hut was a treat, maybe once a week or once a month-now people eat at them every day & there are all these high sugar content frothy coffee places everywhere. Forty years back as a kid I remember the Ready Meal sections at supermarkets being very small/niche, a decade later they were starting to become quite overwhelming.

          • Apparently everything is someone else’s fault these days – no-one can be responsible for their own well-being. I’m in my 60s and in a finacial position to eat exactly what I like, yet I do things in extreme moderation (it’s been years since I’ve had more than 1 pint of beer in a single day) and go for at least a couple of miles walking EVERY day – no matter what the weather. If I can do it, anyone can. But they don’t want to.

          • Of course we all have personal responsibility, but most people are susceptible & many people have very addictive personalities. You & I have strong willpower & are not easily influenced by peer pressure & advertising-many aren’t.

            Where is the responsibility of the junk food industry? The gambling companies? The alcohol companies? The tobacco companies? This problem was barely a problem forty years back-it has been allowed to become an epidemic via horrendous levels of marketing-even targeting gambling addicts that have demanded not to be tempted with offers of free spins, free betting amounts etc to get these people back losing money to them.

  2. No, No, No. Thanet is awash with fast food outlets, especially around the Westwood area and town centres. Keep McD away from the Manston road site and keep the area clear on all the usual rubbish that ALWAYS gets strewn across neighbouring areas.
    This has nothing to do with all those unwanted houses being built on the doorstep by any chance? A new doctor’s surgery would be far more advantageous to the new owners of those unaffordable (to locals) houses springing up as I write rather than yet another junk food outlet.

  3. All these people moaning about McDonald’s,no one is asking you to use them ,STOP moaning ,get a life ,and let others get on with theirs,because,you live perfect lives i bet

  4. Yeah let’s all be negative about this, as they are going to create 100-120 much needed jobs and bring in £50k-£60k per year in business rates to support local services, shocking

      • Please, the same guy Tony F who made the same promises in 1998 for Wiggins & then kept backtracking on those unrealistic promised figures, it was overwhelmingly automated & most employees were part-time only. Here he is saying the same rubbish for another company paying him to do so 25 plus years later & people still believing this shameless shill-despite multiple expert reports saying an airport there never has & never will be viable.

        As for being healthier-the cost to human health for both air & noise pollution, if this latest farce of an airport ever gets off the ground will be huge. Very few jobs as from 1998 onward when the different operators making all sorts of stupid projections & promises all bled money before collapsing & the old asset stripper bought it for a quid because it was so worthless. Then suddenly SHP & then RSP are bizarrely throwing tens of millions at it-why didn’t they want it for a quid a decade back?

        • It would be healthier if they allowed passenger flights so we could more easily get to somewhere half-decent.

          • Ah yes, I remember that incredible passenger flight thing they did in the 2000’s, with insane projections that couldn’t possibly happen-where they were on Meridian & BBC South East telling us how busy they were, while the video camera showed an empty or near empty airport.

            Then when the company went bust none of these shills were anywhere to be found, just like Kemsley at Dreamland when it went wrong not that long after the reopening-she was on television all the time talking it up despite the obvious reality & then as soon as the poop hit the fan she was gone to London for another job & some other shill took her place.

    • I guess the question is how much it will cost the East Kent NHS trust to treat them for type 2 diabetes, heart problems, surgeries etc.

      • Not forgetting the risks associated with childbirth, development in the womb and likely effects of growing up in an obese household, next 20 years should see the issues of excess weight being seen in ever younger people. ( thanet has one of , if not the, highest rate of births to obese women)

          • Number 34 creaks badly, but there is hardly ever anybody on it. Guess they didn’t have to bother reinforcing it like they did the Loop fleet a few years back.

  5. Seems like hunter gathering has gone out of fashion,in Thanet.Instant gratification…future saturated arteries.
    Still,if it satisfies the slothful masses.

    • If only we still had those old farm shops that have closed over the last 20 or so years (Birchington, Cliffsend, Monkton). How long before the one in Haine Road goes?

    • Hunter gathering went out with the introduction of supermarkets & market stalls. None of us are going round with spears or guns hunting animals for food,

  6. Hahaha, the array of different comments, just because McDonalds are thinking of opening another branch, unbelievable, let’s latch onto something and run with it !

  7. We don’t need another burger bar in Thanet. No wonder there are a lot of very over weight people here. We need proper restaurants like an Italian or a Chinese eat in

    • French or Polish would be better. There’s Italian and Chinese (and Indian, Turkish and Greek) everywhere.

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