Your views wanted for council review of parking across the isle

Parking in Thanet

Thanet residents and businesses are being invited to give their views in the first of two phases of public engagement around parking in the district.

Launching today (January 29) and running for five weeks until 3 March , external consultants are running two surveys to be completed by residents or people who own or manage a business in Thanet.

The surveys mean people can share their views of parking on-street or in council-owned car parks around their home, high street or business. The aim is to hear how people feel about parking facilities across Thanet and to inform the council’s review of parking.

The council is developing an updated parking strategy aimed at addressing the needs of the community as well as visitors to the area.

Both surveys can be found on Your Voice Thanet, the council’s online engagement site. While access to the surveys doesn’t require registration, further engagement such as commenting on or suggesting ideas or voting in polls in the future will ask people to sign up with the option of email updates as the project progresses.

Appointed consultants Ethos, who specialise in transportation and highways projects, are hosting a drop-in session on Tuesday 6 February at Droit House, Margate from 2pm to 7pm.

Cllr Heather Keen, Cabinet member with responsibility for parking said: “A review of parking for the district is critical for us to be able to plan for the future. I’d encourage everyone who lives or works in Thanet to make the time to participate. Hearing from the local community will help to give us a better understanding of everyone’s needs.”

There will be a number of further engagement opportunities when the second phase begins in May.

Thanet District Council owns or manages a number of car parks across the district. It currently provides free parking every Saturday at the multi-storey car park in Margate (Mill Lane), Cannon Road in Ramsgate, as well as at Harold Road Car Park, Cliftonville and St Peter’s Park Road Car Park in Broadstairs.

Your Voice Thanet:


  1. Bring in a permit system for all areas.
    Then make car parks a bit cheaper.

    Also mark out parking bays on the streets to make people park more responsibly, especially the side streets.

    • My view is that parking restrictions are starving the towns of business. There should be a hour free time in all towns and village centres

      • Yeah tried that, but yet again its a ridiculous, and unusable Online Contact form! Why don’t they get a visually impaired pensioner like me to try it out before they publish it, Duuurh!

    • I agree 100%. Ramsgate needs zoned parking everywhere to support residents and businesses and to keep it simple and affordable for tourists and visitors. The huge car parks need properly managing with proper facilities. Leopold St needs demolishing or leasing to a housing development or town centre supermarket.

      • Dear Emmeline. It requires drastic action immediately as every couple of weeks another bank , pub , shop, charity shop closes. It is like a creeping death of a town . Even the Parking Wardens are having a lean time and must be gagging for summer to make a living slapping tickets on cars on the seafront . The tax take ( business rates etc ) should boost TDC s coffers and allow free limited time parking in our desperate towns . High parking charges are a deterrent to shoppers . If our Councillors cannot understand it then they should attend a retraining course .

  2. i tend to agree with most of the other comments , although i do feel most parking charges are just a money making racket in towns and particulaly hospitals

  3. Why not carry on as usual. Ramsgate town has little to zero shops as no customers wish to pay exorbitant parking fees . The Local Plan never has had a plan for our towns future , so just up the charges and it is drinks all round because Ramsgate & Margate will be an oasis in a couple of more years. Job well done , hooray . In truth if no parking concessions then our traditional towns ( where visitors like to go ) are finished . So it is last chance saloon for TDC to use a tiny bit of common sense and if they wish to stop the rot as even HSBC ( gone ) and Barclays going as soon as they can manage , to bring in free parking or it will be to late to stop the exodus .

    • I agree. I do however think there should be a limited time on the free parking to stop people leaving cars in valuable spaces for long periods of time

  4. The survey is biased towards road vehicle users. This means that the views of pavement users (walking or using a mobility aid) and cyclists are not allowed other than the last text box in the survey.
    The lack of enforcement by the agencies who hasve the duties (TDC, KCC and the police) mean that pavements are frequently blocked, forcing people into the road to pass by. This enforcement failure impacts more severely on those with mobilty impairments or difficulties. In fact this means that the three enforcement agencies are unlawfully discriminating against people with “Protected Characteristics”.
    The fact that TDC opens a survey on “parking” without taking this into account is a serious failure. They could, and should, have included a question such as “do you park on a pavement – never, sometimes, frequently” with a text box to allow the person to say why they do this.

      • Helen, yes it’s for all residents but the only place you can comment for the parking issues I raised is in the text box at the end of the survey.
        Given how survey analysis is done free text is less likely to be added to the reported results.
        But there are only questions about road vehicles and parking. So the implication is that other road users are not of interest.
        If I’m wrong I look forward to hearing from TDC.

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