Public views wanted to help plan future of Dickens House Museum, Margate Museum and the Tudor House

Tudor House (photo Frank Leppard) Margate Museum (TDC Tourism Services) and Dicken House

A survey asking for people’s views on Thanet council owned and managed museums has launched today (January 29).

Last year Thanet council put out a tender to select and appoint a supplier to carry out a Strategic Review of Thanet’s Museums, with particular focus on Dickens House Museum, Broadstairs, Margate Museum and the Tudor House.

The authority appointed specialist team Haley Sharpe Design with support from Arts Council England.

Credit Tourism at Thanet council

Thanet council said: “The council owned museums need to be reshaped to ensure their security and sustainability in the future.

“The council is commissioning a short review of museums in Thanet, considering where the museums are positioned, whether this has any implications on content and/or how they should be managed.

“This strategic oversight is needed to help understand the future of the publicly owned museums.”

The review was commissioned to take place between June and December.

Thanet council says feedback received from the public will help to inform the strategy.

Dickens House Photo Frank Leppard

The online survey is open from Monday 29 January until 5pm on Friday 16 February, and should take around 10 minutes to complete.

The survey can be accessed via Your Voice Thanet,

Paper copies of the survey will be available for collection from the Visitor Information Centre, Droit House, Margate.

Cllr Ruth Duckworth, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Property, said: “Museums have an important role to play in the district’s cultural and heritage offer. Each museum has its own displays, collections and unique stories to tell.

“The strategic review will add to our understanding of how our council-run museums fit into the district’s broader cultural offering for residents and visitors. I would urge people, whether they’re passionate about museums or haven’t visited one in many years, to complete the online survey. A wide range of feedback will really help us to see the full picture.”

The Grade II* Tudor House is shut Photo Frank Leppard

Alongside the review, the council has commissioned full structural surveys of the three museum buildings, including estimated costs for repair works. The surveys will inform the level of capital investment needed to bring the museums up to modern standards.

A review of the museums was previously carried out in 2018 with plans to market the sites to be taken over by external organisations.

Grade II* Tudor House in Margate shut for more than one year due to need for repairs

Thanet council cabinet members due to make decision on the future of isle museums

Trust confirms it will bid for Margate Museum and Tudor House as councillors agree first step of asset disposal


  1. they will spend thousands on consultants fees , meetings visits to similar sites abroad , then let it all fall down anyway

  2. Sadly Real world hit the nail on the head. The old house in Margate is in a shocking state of disrepair and maintenance. It’s disastrous to leave TDC in control of any property let alone historic, given previous history it’s Disappoint all around. Perhaps soon to be a moronic art gallery if it’s even salvageable. 😔

  3. Why are TDC asking for residents views?? They never listen & just do their own thing anyway. They will be left to ruin because Thanet residents views won’t be & frankly never have been heard by TDC.

  4. Thanet is a perfect storm. Tory MP’s after tory MP’s. This area votes for tory cuts year on year decade on decade.

    Yes TDC are not great far from it and some of their decisions are mind blowing. Just the other week we found out TDC didbt have the correct green waste license. Just how that happ8is beyond me.

    But the people of thanet keep voting in the party of cuts. The party that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. So TDC have to cut back hence old buildings falling apart services being scrapped.

    Yes we can blame TDC and rightly so but that’s not forget the people of thanet also want the government that is guilty of cutting councils funding. The people of thanet support the Tories and have done for generations.

  5. Tudor House -has no future with TDC , way too much deterioration for it to be saved with any funds TDC may want to put into it. Margate Museum and Dickens House not too far behind. However losing them means the loss of what should really be cornerstones of any tourist destinations attractions.
    Whatever happens they can’t be passed over to any sort of pie in the sky community group unless they have proven access to verified funds that ensure the buildings will be looked after properly.
    The costs that have built up around these buildings and all the other disasters within TDC are all part of the new management team going through everything, as the skeletons keep being discovered ( Dane park waste, Commercial property department ( and the damage recent rent and repair demands are having on small busineeses), ) being two other recent expensive revelations.
    The councils housing stock that still doesn’t comply with the 2005 fire safety order act, another expensive piece of kicking stuff into the long grass.
    The state of Royal Crescent in Ramsgate
    The endless delays getting Hartsdown pool repaired.
    Winter Gardens, Theatre Royal.
    Getting rid of the Granville
    Seafront Shelters
    Port Ramsgate

    Being other less recent examples, all show that the councils liabilities from years of ineptitude and neglect are way in excess of any sort of ability to meet them , as a result lots of these need to be removed from the councils books. In the meantime we’ll be spending a small fortune on surveys, consultations , reviews etc.

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