Closure of The Window Workshop in Ramsgate after 26 years of trade

The Window Workshop in Whitehall Road

The Window Workshop in Ramsgate has closed its doors after 26 years of trade.

The family business, opened in 1997, was based in Whitehall Road and its yellow work vans have been a familiar sight around the isle

Directors say a drop in trade since covid and then the cost of living crisis has forced the decision to close.

A post on behalf of business owners, the Deal family, says: “We have regrettably made the decision to close our company after 26 years of trading. This was an emotional decision as we had staff and family members employed by us.

“Due to the current climate since lockdown/interest rates etc, we have been injecting our own money into our company to ensure we kept our valued employees in work, we honestly tried our upmost through these trying years.

“Unfortunately as our work was quietening down it was no longer viable for us to keep trading. As a company we never took deposits, so no customers have been affected by loss of monies. Existing customers will have their installations automatically covered by QANW, a national insurance company.

“We apologise to anyone who did have work scheduled to be installed and could not notify them, as we have instructed a company to act on our behalf, we were advised we could not contact anyone, again to emphasise no monies had exchanged from any customers.

“We have ensured sufficient funds and the value of machinery/stock etc will cover any surplus invoices for those companies who we did not pay.

“This has been a very hard decision and (we) thank everyone who has contacted us, friends, family and previous customers to send us their best wishes.”

Winding up and creditor details have not yet been published on Companies House.


  1. Sad loss. They did a brilliant job on my house and were always helpful, responsive and competitively priced . I wish them all well for the future.

  2. A shame but better to go in an orderly manner than be pushed. Not good in any way for their employees, but so long as the creditors get paid then hopefully they won’t drag other down with them.

    Anecdotally things are hard for small businesses right now, having to pay back covid loans is often cited as a bit of a headache. Along with frozen tax thresholds being felt by those completing tax returns this month. Not going to be a surprise to see a jump in those claiming benefits and realising they aren’t much worse off but have to do nothing for it.

  3. Good firm good workmanship, I wish them well. I blame the evil Tories they have ruined the U.K. and lead us up to the brink of war.

    • Bill – give it a rest and read the article – combination of things beyond politics eg Covid, Russia problems etc – try not to let your obvious dislike of a political party to impair logical judgement

    • Bill, other than an open border, let them all in policy, increasing national debt and woke virtue signaling, the Labour Party offers nothing.

    • Bold claim in the absence of being able to inspect the company accounts and knowledge of what’s happened, there are claims on social media that the landlord is owed not inconsiderable sums and the company has chosen to not pay some people and hoping that the liquidators are able to recover enough to cover outstanding debts , but as the insolvency practitioner will be taking their fees first you’d think the owners would have shut down and sold everything themselves and so kept those fees for themselves , plus of course it wouldn’t then be a “ fire sale” and better prices realised.
      But hey why miss the opportunity to try and score a few opportunistic unfounded anti tory points.
      They say they didn’t take deposits from customers, but everytime i ordered replacement units, i was asked for around 30% upfront.

  4. Window Eorkdhop replaced my windows in August. I chose them over 3 other companies due to their friendly staff, clear explanations and competitive pricing. They were brilliant, respectful and did a fist class job.
    Such a shame to hear this news.

    • Lets hope that your windows weren’t subsidised by any creditor that may eventually not be paid , anyone can undercut others prices if they don’t cover their real costs. Not suggesting that is what happened but the company isn’t wound up and all bills paid yet.

  5. It’s a great shame that a limited number of idiots try to turn the loss of yet another small local company into a political whitch hunt.
    Unless you have worked dam hard all your life and not had to rely on government support or you have owned your own business, you will never understand the amount of effort you put in to try and keep it alive.
    I genuinely feel for the owners that I did now many years ago as a fellow trader.
    They have lost far more than anyone making stupid comments that are just self centred
    I can assure all of you over the years of trading I had many different political parties controlling my business.
    They all try to do their best and at times no matter how hard you try it’s all uphill, with every local idiot trying to put you down.
    It’s going to take a generation to recover from covid and to pay back all the moment we had to borrow to give ‘everyone’ so we all had some money in our pockets, but so many people chose to forget this.
    Covid was evil, and will still be causing problems for a long time to come

    • Les K – very well put and an articulate piece. Some of the clowns frequenting this site have no idea, even to the point of questioning Mrs Bailes reporting integrity.

  6. Have used them a number of times over the years for large jobs and small, they were brilliant every time. A real shame to see them close

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